Reader Request: Anthro Look

I received another request from Lizney. The rest of you know I am taking requests right? Lizney gets it. She's all over it.

So, she sent me this awesome outfit from Anthropologie. I don't know it's original total, because most of the items have actually sold out. Except the dress. The charmed life dress is on sale for just $89.95 (but is also only on available in 2P, any takers?)

Anyhoo, here's my look for less:

Multicolor Fuzzy Scarf - stitchforward's etsy shop - $18.00
V-neck Ruffle Dress - Overstock - $29.99
Dapper Trench Coat - Forever 21 - $29.80
Chevron Knit Tights - Kohl's - $6.99 (Orig. $10.00)
Ludlow Boot - Alloy - $39.90
TOTAL: $124.68

Did you all know there is an astounding collection of dresses at Overstock? I figured this out when my friend Amanda was looking for modest bridesmaid dresses. I wasn't sure where to go, and I stumbled to Overstock and this, my friends, is the jackpot of modest cocktail length dresses. Check out the selection here.

What you do you think of the look? Would you wear it? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I would totally wear this, minus the scarf because I'm kind of not feeling either one. I'd probably sub in a different scarf or just wear a necklace instead. Otherwise, it's awesome!

  2. Thank you! I love when you put together my requests and today is extra special since it's my bday!!!! off to shop! You are the best, my very own personal uber chic for cheap girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Lizney! I am glad I picked today to do your post.

  4. love the dress, hate the scarf. i like the anthro scarf a lot better. other than that though, it's a great outfit and i would wear it in a minute.

  5. Thank you for posting about the dresses from come true!!!

  6. i love the boots. and i'd never heard of alloy. went over to check them out, saw some cute skinny jeans in the clearance too....but the shipping seems high. any suggestions for cheaper shipping options?

  7. I love the original scarf- too bad everything there is so pricey. Nice work on the look for less though- it's pretty darn spot on.

  8. Heidi Jo- I hadn't noticed that Alloy had high shipping costs. There are similar slouchy boots at Target for $34.99 and buckled boots at Charlotte Russe for $39.99.

    Hope that helps!


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