Friday Wishlist: Wool Ribbon Script Coat

I have a red coat. But I want this red coat. Isn't that ribbon detail divine?

Wool Ribbon Script Coat - J.Crew - $275

What's on your outerwear wishlist as it gets crisp outside? Leave a comment!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I want an awesome pair of wedge boots -- I think they're the only thing missing from my fall wardrobe.

    Love the coat!

  2. BEAUTIFUL coat. Wowza. Can't stop staring at it.

  3. Same as mary- since last fall I've been needing a pair of wedge boots. That coat is gorgeous, btw.

  4. I am a BIG coat lover. I think there's nothing smarter than a well-styled ladycoat, with perfect detailing. I mean you can slip it over anything and instantly look like a million bucks.

    I too, own a red winter coat - however it's ages old, from Banana & although I still love the lines, it's time for retirement... :-/

    Now, if you could just put together a selection of fab winter coat options, that would be great, k? Thanks :-)


  5. Oh man! I LOVE that coat. I need one that's not black...


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