What I did last night

So, I don't really have a post for you. I was up late painting pumpkins for my upcoming church Halloween party that my husband and I are in charge of. My craft group got together and made pumpkins resembling these:


We used spray paint (gold was my favorite) and used small cans of paint and brushes to add the designs. They turned out beautiful. Many thanks to Ali, Amanda, Kristyn, and Karina for all their help. Goodness knows I couldn't do all this nonsense myself.

Everyone should try this! It makes a show stopping centerpiece (or 20).


  1. i love them. beats the snot out of the glittery, tinsely, pom-pom ones me and the kids did. but my company was pretty outstanding.

  2. OOh that is so fun!! Those are gorgeous!

  3. This is honestly the prettiest, freshest, coolest autumn display I have ever seen! I am seriously impressed.

  4. Oh, I love the polka dots. I wasn't even going to do a pumpkin this year. Just changed my mind.


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