A Picture Is Worth {No. 10}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I know you'll love this week's Pinterest image as much as I do. It's so feminine and also so cool, which is a balance I aspire to in my own wardrobe. It's like girl-next-door-ish, if the girl who lived next door to you was the coolest person on the planet. 

The image came from an older collection of Madewell's Looks We Love (you won't find it there now), and none of the pieces are currently available online. I can't say for sure how much the original outfit would have cost, but I know it would have cost more than $98.62, which is the price of the outfit I've recreated here:

cardigan, $23.58 || skirt, $15.80 || flats, $25 || pendant, $11.29 || top, $22.95

o p t i o n s
cardigan: one || two || three || four
pendant: my favorite alternate

P.S. If you're wondering why I linked to so many pairs of coral flats, it's because coral flats are my Achilles heel and they're absolutely gorgeous and I just could not choose a reasonable number to share. So I'm sharing them ALL. ;)
P.P.S. If you're looking for a crown braid tutorial, I think this is a great one.

DIY: Bra Fitting (Because You Are Wearing the Wrong Size)

If someone had told me at 12 that I would someday I would wish for a smaller chest, I would have laughed at them. I'm totally kidding. I would have cried and not spoken to them for a week. I was a late bloomer. Up until my sophomore year of high school, I was wearing a bra solely for the purpose of being able to change in front of the other girls in gym class.

From the time I actually needed a bra, I have been wearing the wrong size. And if I can guess, you probably have been too. Bra companies (especially in the US) make and sell such a small selection of the variation of sizes that many women feel they have no good options. And to make matters worse, employees at stores like Victoria Secret will fit you in the best size that they carry in stock. Which is basically the worst.

After ordering my third 32DD and having it be comically small for my chest, I got desperate. When I fit myself (using this video and this post as guides), I discovered I should be wearing a 30F. And I was mortified. Why? Because our culture tells us anything larger than a DD is freakishly large and something to be embarrassed of. Well, I refuse to be embarrassed. As an embarrassed consumer, we agree to put on ill fitting bras that make us feel normal (and have terribly sad boobs). Can I make do with a 34D? Yes. Should I? Absolutely not. 

It is so easy to do this simple fitting, you'll be amazed you haven't tried it sooner. All you need is a bare chest, a measuring tape & something to write with.

s  t  e  p     1
Exhale and measure your ribcage just below your bust line. If the number is odd, such as 29, round that number up to the next even number. In this case, 30. This is your band size.

s  t  e  p     2
Lean forward at a 90 degree angle (see picture above). Measure around the largest part of your bust. Write this number down. Mine is 36 inches.

To calculate your cup size take your bust size and subtract the band measurement
36" - 29" = 7"

Now use this number to determine your cup size below.

With these measurements, I found that I am a 30F (UK sizing -  which is definitely the way to go if you have a larger chest).

Great! I am a size I have never laid my eyes on at the store. What do I do? Well, firstly, you start shopping online. I have had the best luck finding my size at prices that aren't crazypants at ASOS.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

If you are looking at ASOS, make sure to use your UK size because they are a UK company (and frankly, if you are above a DD, just use UK sizing. All stores that carry larger sizes seem to use UK sizing). ASOS carries band sizes as small as 28 and cup sizes up to J & you can search by size which is a total necessity.

Do the bra fitting! I promise you won't regret it. In the comments, leave the size you actually should be wearing & the size you have been wearing. It's cathartic (at least, that's what I have been telling myself).

Go Get It: Old Navy {No. 8}

 Old Navy is currently offering 15% off (online only). Here are my favorite finds.

1 | Striped Crepe Blouse | $21
2 | Printed Gauze Scarf | $13
3 | Boat-Neck Jersey Top | $11 (Orig. $20)
4 | Pixie Bermuda Shorts | $23
5 | Buckle Demi-Wedge Sandal | $25.50
6 | Graphic Terry-Fleece Sweatshirt | $11 (Orig. $20)
7 | Patterned Chiffon Top | $17 (Orig. $30)
8 | Printed Slub-Knit Tee |$11
9 | Raglan-Sleeve Rashguard | $17

Make sure to enter ONSAVENOW to get the discount.

Have you picked up anything good from Old Navy lately? Leave it in the comments.

Hello: Sheinside

Sheinside sent me this blouse & dress and I wanted to share.

The dress is fun but the slit is going to need to be tacked shut. I really like the blouse. It fills a huge color gap in my closet & I've already worn it twice this week.

This Week {No. 36}

Here are a few snapshots from this week:

new blouse || easter family pic
simone || attaching this applique to its third shirt

here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
this floral sweater (kicking myself for not buying it)
this pretty necklace (a dead ringer for this pricey option)

c  o  v  e  t

m  a  k  e

d  o

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d
we'll be spending time as a family. what are you up to?

Spied: Skater Dress With Waist Tab Detail

I stumbled on this flirty red dress and just had to share.

Asos has a selection of knee length dresses right now. 
Here are my favorites (under $40):

Don't forget ASOS offers free shipping both ways.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 9}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Today's image features another beautiful floral jacket (I still can't get over this one), but this time with more of an edge. A black bomber jacket is tough, and I love how the print gives it just a touch of sweetness. Paired with chunky accessories, black jeans (I think leather leggings would also work well), and a couple pops of color, it makes for a perfect casual and fun outfit:

The jacket that she's wearing in the image above costs more than $250, but I've recreated the entire outfit for under $115. (Now to try and recreate her hair. I mean, really, it's gorgeous.)

top, $12 || jacket, $39.99 || necklace, $10.80 || tote, $15 || jeans, $9.95 || loafers, $25.50

o p t i o n s
top: one || two || three
jeans (all under $25): from Forever 21 || from JC Penney || from H&M || from Target
shoes: for $39 || for $39.95 || for $50

Spied: Three-Quarter Sleeve Textured Top

I can not walk into Target without walking out with a new top. It's an unofficial rule. A few weeks ago, I brought this home and I can't stop wearing it.

Here are a few other Target tops I would have a hard time saying no to:

Have you gotten anything good at Target lately? Who am I kidding - of course you have. Leave it in the comments. 

Inspired: J.Crew Factory (+50% Off!)

I am loving J.Crew Factory's lastest batch of spring outfits. The that polka dot dress & navy blazer!

J.Crew Factory is having a great 50% off sale (prices as marked on the website). 

Here are my favorite finds (all under $30!):

 Hop on over because the sale ends tonight!

Go Get It: Forever 21 {No. 7}

Forever 21 is killing it this spring. I've already gotten my hands on this sweater and these perfect tees, and now have my eye on these pretty things:

1 | Pleats & Lace Midi Skirt | $22.80
2 | Favorite Short Sleeve Sweatshirt |  $15.80
3 | Classic Drop Leaf Earrings | $6.80
4 | Sweet Surrender Wide Leg Pants | $19.80 
5 | Goddess Floral Maxi Dress | $27.80
6 | Woven Paisley Blazer | $27.80
7 | Angular Geo Bib Necklace | $8.80
8 | Soft Florals Boxy Top | $13.80
9 | Button-Front Midi Skirt | $17.80

Have you purchased anything good from Forever 21 lately? Let us know in the comments!

This Week {No. 35}

Here are a few snapshots from this week:

new print from my friend, miriam || new blouse
two babes in a sink || behind the scenes

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
 these rad anthro heels (on sale)

c  o  v  e  t
 these lovely heels

d  o
this easy bedhead hair tutorial

r  e  a  d
this book on women (loved it)

w  a  t  c  h
this life-changing video on correct bra sizes
(seriously, watch it)

t  h  i  s   w  e  e  k  e  n  d
We have a busy weekend ahead with Easter activities.
And I am finally getting my hair lightened. Hip Hip Hooray!

Sale: BOGO Target Dresses

As Mary pointed out yesterday, dresses are a fantastic perk to warm weather dressing. 

Target is having a great buy-one-get-one half off sale on their dresses this week. Here are my favorite options:

I'm a sucker for 1 & 6 because they are nursing friendly. Which is your favorite?

A Picture Is Worth (No. 8}

By fashion contributor Mary.

There comes a point in springtime when the weather is warm and I start to think, "enough with the layers already!" I'm ready to put away my jackets and cardigans, and I start to look for tops that don't need a tank underneath to make them to be modest. I just want to wear one layer, because I can, because it's warm, and because fighting through multiple layers when my babe needs to nurse is an inconvenience.

Enter this week's inspiration image, which features a breezy and elegant shirt dress. Dresses are kind of the ultimate in one-layer outfits (there's not even a top/bottom overlap!), and are incredibly easy to wear. Just pair with neutral accessories, a classic red lip, and go.

watch, $20.70 || shoes, $39 || dress, $41.99 || sunglasses, $7.95 || belt, $12.95 || bag, $29.99

o p t i o n s
shoes: for $39 || for $49.95
bag: one || two || three || four

Winner: Sheinside Giftcard Giveaway

The winner of the $100 giveaway is Lauren Eggers. Please email me to collect your prize.

Sheinside sent me this blouse I have had my eye on for months & it's pretty fantastic.

blouse c/o sheinside
inherited necklace (similar here)
payless heels (similar here | here | and here)

Sale: J.Crew 30-50% Off

J.Crew has quite a few pretty things for sale right now (and a great extra discount to boot). I especially love the amazing deals on swimsuits. Here are my favorite finds.

1 | Drapey crepe pencil skirt | $42 (Orig. $120)
2 | Prima jersey drop-shoulder tee in stripe | $21 (Orig. $49)
3 | Lattice medallion popover | $28 (Orig. $88)
4 | Ruched underwire swing topGlamour-girl bikini $28 (Orig. $102) 
5 | Flower fan necklace | $28 (Orig. $49)
6 | Vintage cotton silk-back tee | $28 (Orig. $55)
7 | Polka-dot swing top + Polka-dot hipster | $46 (Orig. $112)
8 | Piped Andie chino | $25 (Orig. $98)
9 | Peasant top in flowerpatch print | $28 (Orig. $90) 
10 | Watercolor ruched halter tank | $32 (Orig. $98)
11 | Pearls and ribbons necklace | $21 (Orig. $40)
12 | Lattice medallion underwire tank | $24 (Orig. $115)

Don't forget to enter FRESHSALE to get an extra 30-50% off.

Inspired: Braided {No. 3}

There is something about warmer weather that gets me itching to twist and braid my hair away from my face. Here are a few lovely images for inspiration:

{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }

I am sure I'll be pulling out the double twist (and single twist) gibson tuck soon. 

What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?

Follow my hair inspiration board on pinterest.

This Week {No. 34}

Here are a few snapshots from this week.

sitting up in the cart for the first time | saying "cheese" while helping in the yard
new blazer + day 3 hair | our little plum tree in bloom

 Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
this Anthro dress (on sale)
this pretty gold necklace
this lovely floral top
this perfect raglan tee (I bought three)
these springy floral shoes

c  o  v  e  t
this dreamy maxi dress 
this amazing lace top
this pretty floral blazer

r  e  a  d
this amazing book based on true story

 t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n d
We'll be working in the yard & spending time with friends this weekend.
What are you up to?

Spied: Asos Pencil Skirt in Stripe

Spring brings me all sorts of wardrobe tendencies. Floral and more floral, maxi dresses, and every pencil skirt I can get my hands on. Here's a pretty one I wanted to share. 

Asos Pencil Skirt in Stripe | $29.35 (Orig. $52.68)

ASOS has quite a few knee length skirts around $40 right now.
Here are a few good ones: 

High Waisted Pencil Skirt

Asos is offering an extra 20% off sale items right now with code XTRA20 and
they always offer free shipping and returns.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 7}

By fashion contributor Mary.

This week's image is one of my favorites. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to recreate an outfit, only to be stopped in my tracks when I can't find items that look enough alike. Gorgeous pieces are sometimes too unique to duplicate on a budget.

Luckily, I found a floral jacket so similar to the original above that I've spent several minutes trying to figure out if they're actually the same jacket. They're definitely not from the same store, and I think they're not the same? Question mark? But if you told me one way or the other with any conviction, I'd believe you. It's a tough call.

jacket, $38.99 || t-shirt, $8.80 || pants, $24.99 || heels, $41.99 || bag, $39.99 || bangles, $7.80

o  p  t  i  o  n  s

Must Have: One Piece Swimsuits {No. 2}

One of the things I miss most about living near the beach is having a good excuse for owning 10 swimsuits. Not having an excuse to buy a new swimsuit in no way keeps me from looking for one.

I posted some great one pieces a few weeks ago, and was excited to find a bunch more good ones. Here are (more of) my favorite swimsuits under $50:

I think #1 is my favorite, but I kind of love them all.

Refashion: Crochet Pencil Skirt

I have been waiting for almost two years to do this refashion. I stumbled on this beautiful crochet tube dress and bought it without a second thought. It was only $10 and I happened to be shopping in  Houston (a rarity when I lived in South Texas) and I just couldn't help myself. Did I need a mini tube dress? No. Could I see it's potential as a pencil skirt? Yes, I sure could.

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