Pantone Fall 2009 Color Forecast

Every fashion week, Pantone surveys the designers of NY fashion week to identify the 10 most directional colors. Read the full report here. This is what's coming in 2009:

And here are a few things in the up and coming colors for a steal:

*American Beauty Red Crocodile T-Strap Buckle Heel $16.99 (orig. $22.99) from GO Jane
*Purple Heart Flowy Silk Top $27.99 from Pink Ice
*Honey Yellow Fab Fringe Scarf $6.50 from Forever 21
*Nomad Button Front Shirt $9.99 (orig. $26.50) from Old Navy
*Rapture Rose Sleeveless V-Neck Top $15.00 (orig. $19.50) from Old Navy
*Iron Mary Janes $14.99 (orig. $29.50) from Alloy
*Burnt Sienna Zig Zag Jacket $15.50 from Forever 21
*Warm Olive Satin Pleated Bow Flat $14.99 from GO Jane
*Majolica Blue Faux Stone Elastic Bracelet $5.80 from Forever 21
*Crème Brûlée Stretch Twill Skinny Jeans $15.00 (orig. $64.00) from 15 Dollar Store

For Fall 2009, the colors will be very simple, muted, and a bit on the understated side- a BIG difference from the rich jeweled tones of seasons past. What does this mean? According to the Budget Fashionista classic colors like cream, gray, soft red, and black will dominate, which is a good thing because these are classic colors which will have a place in your closet for years to come.

Budget Tips for Fall 2009 Colors (courtesy of TBF) :
*Head out to the end of the winter season sales and stock up on black wool, red, brownish- orange (aka sienna), and muted purple. - If you’re sick of black (and let’s face it can get old), navy or midnight blue is a great alternative. Wear it the same way as you would wear black (as a neutral base).
*If you do decide to go for a camel or cream colored winter coat- make sure to scotch guard (which you can pick up at any drugstore/Target/Wal-Mart) it before wearing. You might also want to scotch guard cream pants as well. Make sure to test fabric BEFORE spraying the entire garment
*It might not be a good idea to wear a color like Warm Olive head to toe, instead use it as an accent piece- it would make a great hat, scarf, etc.

What do you all think of the colors to come? Are you in? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Weekend Round-Up

Here are a few sales and offers to share:

This weekend is the last weekend for BOGO over at Payless (sale officially ends Monday, March 2). Visit the sale here. I wrote a post about some of my favorite styles here.

We are getting a new Forever 21 in the valley! They are having their Grand Opening at South Towne Center mall in Sandy on Saturday, March 7. The first 400 people in line by 9 a.m. will get a free gift card valued between $10 and $210. Details are here.

Plato's Closet (in Taylorsville) is having a Birthday. Monday, March 2, they are having rotating sales all day.

10AM - 12PM 25% off everything in the store
12PM-2PM Spend $35 and get a $10 coupon for April
2PM-4PM Buy 1 pair of shoes get the second %50 off
4PM-6PM Buy 1 spring item get the second 50% off
6PM-8PM Buy any accessory and get the second FREE

1763 W 4700 S (at Redwood Rd)
Next to Albertson's
Taylorsville, UT
Phone: 801.968.0084

Uptown Cheapskate is a new consignment store, and it's grand opening is today. I am so excited. I have been waiting for months for a consignment store this close to home. I found a deal to buy (2) $25 gift certifiates for just $25. You can get that deal by going here.

353 W. 200 S.
Salt Lake City,
Phone: 801.931.3388
Store Hours: 12 to 7, Mon-Sat

I don't know if any of you love Rachael Yamagata, or like her, or have even heard of her.... but I love her. You can find out more about her here. But, since I am such a ridiculous fan, I am on her mailing list, and I got a sweet deal. You can 20% get off merchandise using COUPON CODE: RYFEB09. Some of my favs:

Rachael Yamagata Hair Lashes Tee $15.19 (orig. $18.99)

Rachael Yamagata "Lyric" Tote Bag $11.99 (orig. $14.99)

That's all I have for now. If any of you know of any great deals or events going on, please leave a comment.

I will be putting up another post later today, rather than an Under Twenty series. I am really excited about it the post, so please check back for it!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Body Type: Hourglass

The measurements of the Hourglass Figure are:

Waist / Hip & Waist / Bust ratio of .75 or less and Hip & Bust measurements within about 2" of each other. (These are not hard and fast rules.... if it's close, you are probably in this category)

According to Reachel at Cardigan Empire, the hourglass figure is an illusive thing. Envision the likes of Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Lynda Carter. Imagine my surprise that I found out that I am an hourglass (and no, I do not look like Sophia Loren). Each body type has it's own upsides and downsides. Some of the difficult things about dressing an hourglass are the standard short waist and the scarcity of apparel that shares hourglass proportions. If every button on a blouse is closing without pulling, it is sure to billow around the torso (perhaps this is why I have a built-in avoidance for button-up blouses). And to find trousers that comfortably fit both seat and thighs, the waist band consistently gaps.

According to C.E., belts are like duct tape for an hourglass figure, a wardrobe cure-all. (I discovered this on myself several months ago, and put a belt on with nearly everything I wear)

Here are a few items that work well for this shape:

Ruffle Pointelle Top $24.99 from Charlotte Russe

This top might be best for slimmer hour glass figured ladies. I like the cute pointelle pattern and the belted waist.

Safari Wrap Top $22.80 from Forever 21

This top may not have been something I would have been drawn to on its own (although I do harbor some serious love for animal prints). The great thing about this top is the lack of buttons, and the flattering wrap to show the smallest part of your middle.

Boot Cut Jeans $15.00 (orig. $75.00) from 15 Dollar Store

A Boot Cut jean will balance the width of the hip. Look for a curved yoke and a midrise that embraces the narrowness of the waist.

Multi-Colored Tie Front Dress $29.80 from GO Jane.

The pattern on this dress is not for the faint at heart, but if you can pull it off, it will show off all the best parts of your figure.

Plaid Belted Turtleneck Dress $21.80 (orig.$25.99)

Can you say, "Va Va Voom"? Show off those curves with this belted dress.

Read Cardigan Empire's full Mythical Curves post here, for even more tips on how to dress your shape.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Tote Bag {Reader Update}

My long time friend (and former 4x100 team mate and roomie) Mandy, tackled the DIY Tote project, and sent her pictures along to share.

I love the idea of using a tote bag with colored straps. Looks amazing. I am so glad that she made the bag, and that she was kind enough to share her results.

Thanks for reading, Mandy!

If any of the rest of you get through a project posted on the blog, please send us your pictures!

Thanks for reading!

Old Navy Sale on New Arrivals

First, have you done your measurements? I am really excited to start posting on dressing for your body type, but you need to know what your body type is first. So, if you haven't done it, go do it!

Now, on to the post. I know what you are thinking, "Why isn't this blog called I heart Old Navy?" Ok, so I love Old Navy. They have cute styles, reasonable prices, and incredible clearance racks. So, I say it loud and proud, I LOVE OLD NAVY! Anyway. The store is having yet another sale.


Pleated Hem Top $17.15 (orig. $24.50)

Scoop Neck Sweater $10.50 (orig. $15.00)

Ruffle Button-Front Cardigan $17.50 (orig. $25.00)


Small Canvas Hobo $8.75 (orig. $12.50)

Floral Canvas Hobo $11.55 (orig. $16.50)

Pleated Canvas Hobo $11.55 (orig. $16.50)

This sale ends Thurs (2/26). So, if you want some spring items, go grab them! Shop all women's New Arrivals here.

Check back tomorrow for our first Body Type post!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Dress for you Body Type

My good friend Erin (who inspired me to write this blog) told me about Cardigan Empire, a great blog written by a personal stylist, with great tips on dressing your sweet little bodies. She has done posts on different body types as well as how to handle the ever changing pregnant body (and the transformed post-partum body). I love what she does, I just want to put a budget spin on it. (Most of her fashion finds are full priced items from Anthropologie.)

The first step in the process is getting measurements.

1. Strip down to your undergarments. Measure while wearing all of the things you usually wear under your clothes. While measuring, keep the tape taut (not too tight, not too loose). This may require asking a friend of an intimate nature (mother, sister, or husband) to help you.

2. Measure your bust - across the fullest part of your of your bosom and straight across the back.

3. Measure your waist (the most narrow part of your body)- somewhere in the vicinity of your navel.

4. Measure your hips - navigate the tape around the fullest part of your bottom, around the curve of your hips, and straight across to the front.

5. Now the calculations:

Divide the hip number by your waist number (hip/waist)
Divide your bust number by your waist number (bust/waist)
Divide your waist number by your hip number (waist/hip)
Divide your waist number by your bust number (waist/bust)

Put these measurements away for the next few weeks coming posts on how to best dress your body on a budget.

{I found these directions here.}

Under Twenty: Bamboo Flats

Shoes Under Twenty all day!

Throw these on to run errands in Jeans in a T-shirt. Why not wear shoes you love every day, even if you are picking up dry cleaning and groceries?

Get these for just $9.89 (orig. $10.99) from Cutesygirl here.

Under Twenty: Pleated Buckle Wedge

Shoes Under Twenty all day!

These are the type of shoe that I would buy and not take off for a week. These would take me anywhere and everywhere. They are must haves for a fun pop of color.

Find them at GO Jane for $10.70 (orig. $18.99), here.

Under Twenty: Grey Cut Out Flat

Shoes Under Twenty all day!


I have a blatant love affair with the color gray. Pair it with a pattern and a flat, and I just can't say no.

Find these for just $12.70 (orig. $14.80) at GO Jane, here.

Under Twenty: Floral Wedge

Shoes Under Twenty all day!

There is no denying it, I have a shoe fetish. And, truthfully, I think I have a patterned shoe fetish. Nothing makes me happier than looking down and seeing a cute print all over my shoes.

Get these for $16.50 at GO Jane, find them here.

Under Twenty: Orange Knot Flat

Shoes Under Twenty all day!

These awesome orange flats offer a bright pop of color at the bottom of any outfit.

They are only $13.50 from GO Jane, find them here.

Weekend Round-Up

I actually don't have a lot to share as far as sales and such go. In fact, I can only think of one thing I want to share:

Find a Savers near you.

If any of you know of any good deals, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

PS- Shoes Under Twenty all day! Check back for new posts.

Old Navy: Kids & Baby Sale

So, I don't have any little kiddos. This, however, does not stop me from admiring all the cute little baby things at Old Navy, every... single... time I am there. Old Navy is having a sale that expires TONIGHT! Also, Free Shipping on baby, kid, and maternity purchases over $50 Coupon Code: BABYMAT

Sweet Things for Baby Girls:

Floral Smocked Top $8.00 (orig. $14.50)

Flared Jeans $9.90 (orig. $16.50)

Floral Print Dress $9.90 (orig. $16.50)

Awesome Things for Baby Boys:

Patterned Pilot Shirts $8.00 (orig. $14.50)

Knee-Stitch Bootcut Jeans $9.90 (orig. $16.50)

Faux-Leather Deck Shoes $5.00 (orig. $8.50)

Don't forget these prices are good today only!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Anthropologie: The Look for Less

{Find all my Anthropologie related posts here}

Some of you may remember my first attempt at recreating an Anthropologie outfit, you can see that post here. I wasn't completely satisfied with my last post, so I thought I would try it again. So, here is Round Two:

The Breakdown:

Sluice Gate Blouse - Anthropologie

Crinkle Blouse - Walmart (which offer $.97 shipping)

Motor Boat Trousers - Anthropologie

Light Wash Wide Leg Jeans - Kohl's

Dumaine Scarf - Anthropologie

Leela Smocked Scarf - Forever 21

Whisker Wedges - Anthropologie

T-Strap Peep Toes Flats - 15 Dollar Store

Sun- Warmed Earrings - Anthropologie

Jewel Bubbles Hoop Earrings - Forever 21

If you have a look you want to see for less, drop me a line at uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

One Outfit, Under $50

Is anyone else completely revolting against winter? No? That's just me? I am ready for bright colors, florals, and flats. Here's an outift that will get you ready for singing birds and blooming flowers:

Tiered Floral Tank - Charlotte Russe $9.99 (orig. $19.99). Nothing screams spring like this flirty flowy tank. I am totally in love the pattern and the tiers.

High Buttons Cardigan - Pink Ice $12.99 (orig. $17.99) - Also available in Black, Charcoal, and Fuscia. This Cardigan would be very versatile, and it's thin enough to wear well into spring.

Pleated Knot Flat - Go Jane $10.99. These are available in Gun Metal (shown) and Bronze. Talk about a sweet deal!

Skinny Zip Ankle Corduroy Pant - Forever 21 $13.50. Part of the Fabulous Finds, and available in Grey (shown), Black, Purple, and Navy.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Federal Style Tote

I spotted this tote in the editor's picks of March's Domino Magazine (it's rumored that this will be the last ever issue of this well loved magazine.) I have been digging the John Adam's mini series on DVD, and since it is President's Day, I thought I would share a craft, Federal Style.

I actually went to the listed website to find the tote, because $11.95 is a pretty good price. But I couldn't find this product anywhere! I couldn't find anything similar anywhere else either. So, here' a quick DYI.

You can do this craft a couple of ways. You can use the iron on method that I give directions for in this post from January (this link also lists the best places to buy totes.) Or, you can use the Freezer Paper Stencil method posted here just last week. I am supplying an 18th Century Silhouette for you to use.

If any of you complete this craft, send a picture along to uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks for reading,

Happy Crafting!

Under Twenty: Ruffled Front Grey Blouse

Anthropologie inspired items all day!

I am completely in love with this super lightweight, sheer grey blouse. (shocker!) It has short, bubble sleeves and a shallow scoop neck. It's covered in cute details and hits slightly above the hips. Go get it and be fabulous in grey.

It's 17.99 from Heavenly Couture. Find it here.

Under Twenty: Cut Out Bell Sleeve Blouse

Anthropologie inspired items all day!

This super sheer beige blouse is fabulous. It has great details from the scalloped bell sleeves to the emboroired cut-outs. It hits at about the hips. This is one of those things that I would buy and wear EVERYWHERE, the dentist, the office, church, grocery shopping, you name it! Go get one!

Circular Cut Out Short Bell Sleeved Beige Blouse from Heavenly Couture, $17.95

Under Twenty: Ruffle T-Strap Heel

Anthropologie inspired items all day!

These heels have that funky school girl / librarian thing going on. Plus, they are incredibly similar to these from Anthropologie (at a $100 savings).

Ruffle T-Strap Heel, from Delia's, $19.99 (orig. $39.50)

Under Twenty: Shannon Knit Top

Anthropologie inspired items all day!

Super-cute draped knit top with 3/4 sleeves, a bodice trimmed with floral designs, and a banded hem.

Shannon Knit Top from Forever 21, $19.80

Under Twenty: Pleated Cap Sleeve Blouse

Anthropologie inspired items all day!

This solid black, lightweight blouse has so many great details. It has small pleats below the chest, back and cap sleeves There is lace detailing at the ends of the sleeves, along the upper back, around the small collar, and the front of this blouse. The back has a bold cutout lace design resembling that of a flower.

It's so sweet, I just want to eat it for dessert.

It's 17.99 from Heavenly Couture. Find it here.

Weekend Round-Up

Just a few sales and offers to share:

According to this post at YHO, Shade Clothing is having another great sale. Their Five Dollar Sale is going on at Provo High School on Monday. Every item will be priced at just five dollars, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Provo High School’s IB CAS Club. So you can feel good about your shopping binge, too.

Shade Clothing President’s Day Five Dollar Sale
Monday, February 16, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Provo High School Commons Area
1125 N. University Avenue, Provo

Over at One Cheap Chick, I read about another sale. Kid to Kid, a provider of resale children's apparel and toys, is having a fill-a-bag sale Friday (Feb. 13) through Monday, February 16th at its Ogden, Layton and Bountiful locations. Customers can stuff a bag with clearance items for $7.

Ogden - 394-3464
Layton - 773-3323
Bountiful - 397-0010

The BOGO sale is still going on over at Payless, read my post here.

And American Eagle is offering free shipping thru Monday, Feb. 16. Coupon Code: 78946018. Also, all styles of denim are now $30 and under (all denim styles used to start at $49.99). So if you fancy getting yourself some distressed denim, head on over to AE.

I am doing another set of Under Twenty today, so check back often for more posts!

If any of you know of any great sales going on this weekend, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Payless: BOGO

Payless Shoesource is having their semi- annual Buy One Get One 1/2 Off Everything (items of equal or lesser value) sale. The offer ends March 2nd, 2009.

Also, Payless offers free in-store shipping.

Here are some of my favorites:

Grey Wedge $14.99 (orig. $22.99 - if discounted $7.49) I love this one, big surprise, it's grey.

Platform Peeptoe $16.99 (orig. $29.99 - if discounted $8.49)

Woven Wedge $19.99 (if discounted $9.99)

Mary Jane Wedge $24.99 (if discounted $12.49) Also, completely in love with these, picturing all the things I could wear with it...

I didn't realize I was so into the wedge, I don't even own a pair of high heel wedges (yet!), but payless has some great styles.

Thanks for reading and as always,

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Freezer Paper Stenciling

{image from Artful Parenting}

I have seen blog's mentioning this craft everywhere (including say YES! to Hoboken) so I thought I would pass it along to you.

According to this post from Angry Chicken, it's very simple.


Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Something made of fabric

Trace a silhouette on freezer paper and then cut it out with an x-acto knife. Iron it on the fabric. Then, (according to Angry Chicken, this is the key), iron another piece of freezer paper on the inside of the fabric, so the grain of the fabric can't shift and the paint can't soak though the back. She used fabric paint (Jacquard) and dabbed it on. Let it dry over night, heat set it, and you are good to go.

I haven't made this craft yet, but I actually have a basic shirt that I bought at the Down East Warehouse (Don't know what I am talking about? Read this post.) that would be perfect for this.

I think this bird from this DIY post from January, would be the perfect kind of image to use.

If any of you have done this craft, do you have any tips? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading, and

Happy Crafting!

Anthropologie: The Look for Less

Anthropologie is a store I only go in to look at. It's filled with beautiful quirky things at price tags that literally take my breath away. I find myself perusing their website from time to time to inspire my looks. I found an outfit recently that I liked, and thought I would try to recreate for less. I will disclose this by saying that this task was much more difficult than I anticipated, and even though I spent more hours than I care to count up doing it, I know it's not dead on. Hopefully, it can inspire you anyway!

The Breakdown:

I think the shirt may be my favorite part of the ensemble as well as the hardest part to get right. The Old Navy version is missing many details, but with a $170 price difference, that's something I'll get over.

Uncharted Oceans Top - Anthropologie

Striped Ruffled Placket Shirt - Old Navy

Museum Wings Blouse - Anthropologie

Fuscia Floral Top - LuLu's

These necklaces don't even compare, and I know it. But, I looked and looked and found nothing for less then $40, so I just decided to get something that I thought matched the colors, and was a steal, ta da!

Skystones Necklace - Anthropologie

Tammy Beaded Necklace - Forever 21

Scarlet Dark Vintage Jeans - Anthropologie

Stretch Stitched Pocket Denim - 15 Dollar Store

Frankly, I think these shoes without pants to cover the tops aren't that great. So, I didn't feel bad when I didn't find an exact match. I thought these wedges from Buckle were a fun choice, a similar feel, and honestly, better looking. You can't beat that $165 price difference either!

Jolly Joe Wedges - Anthropologie

Down to Earth Wedges - Buckle

Hope you enjoyed my attempt at this look for less! If you have a look you want to see for less, drop me a line at uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

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