A Picture Is Worth {No. 14}

By fashion contributor Mary.

When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I have a simple formula. I use it every day. High waisted denim leggings in a dark wash + a top with some kind of interest + this necklace. Since my goal is to get ready (dressed, with makeup on, teeth brushed, and my Instagram feed checked) in under ten minutes, this formula works for me. It's easy, if sometimes a little monotonous.

So I'm always impressed when someone turns my formula on its head and goes for the statement pant. This week's image isn't a look that I would feel comfortable in, but I think it looks incredible on other women (see also: dramatically high heels, bracelets, leather leggings, and structured jackets). I especially love how she's paired floral pants with a floral shoe - it kind of screams "I'M NOT SHYING AWAY FROM THE FLORAL!" and I think it's amazing.

Here's my own version for under $150 (yeesh, floral shoes are expensive!):

sunglasses, $5 || clutch, $19.99 || t-shirt, $19.99 || pants, $28.99 || necklace, $22 || pumps, $49.95

o p t i o n s
necklace: one || two || three || four || five || six
pumps: for $39.95 || for $49.98 || for $59.95 || for $65.99 (the originals!)

Must Have: Floppy Hats

I am so excited to get dressed for summer. After a few harsh summers in coastal Texas, I have realized a summer hat is an absolute must have. They are chic and keep the sun off your face - heaven knows I don't need another sun spot.  

Here are a few floppy hats I am loving (under $25):

Instagram Closet Sale

I have purged a few things from my closet and they are up for grabs at instagram.com/uberchicforsale.

The sale is auction style so if you are late seeing it, you still have a chance to buy. Sale ends on Monday, so hop on over!

This Week {No. 40}

here are a few snapshots from the week:

shade garden in front of the bay window || baby joy
new photographer || DIY sprinkler system

links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
 these minty sandals
this beautiful red maxi dress
this textured stripe tee (have & love it)
this fun graphic tee

c  o  v  e  t
 this amazing embroidered peplum top

d  o

r  e  a  d
 this fun novel

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d
 We are having a small birthday party to celebrate Tate turning 3. I can hardly believe it!
We will also keep slogging away on the yard. I am so over it.

Must Have: Floral Dresses

A few weeks ago, when I posted this about this floral pencil skirt, a reader asked me to do a roundup of floral dresses. Here are a few of my favorite knee length options:

1 | Floral Twist Front Dress | $35 (Orig. $59)
2 | Floral Print Long Sleeve Midi Skater Dress | $26 (Orig. $40)
3 | Midi Dress With Kimono Sleeve In Bird Print |  $43 (Orig. $88)
4 | Vintage Floral Dress With Half Sleeves | $27
5 | Floral Print Bodycon Midi Dress | $23
6 | Elbow Sleeve Floral Fit and Flare Dress | $33 (Orig. $69)
7 | Floral Printed Dress | $39 (Orig. $65)
8 | Leaves and Girls Print Midi Dress | $27
9 | Blue Floral Neoprene Pencil Dress | $49

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be #4. Or #1. Or #3 or #6. I kind of like them all.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 13}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Here's the thing about Tumblr: I hate it. I hate it and I hate it and I hate it. Part of the reason (or all of the reason) I hate Tumblr is that I'm fastidious about finding the original sources of images on the Internet so I can cite them properly, and Tumblr is the place where original sources go to die. Everyone's just re-posting everything from everyone else. It's anarchy. (Pinterest isn't perfect either, but at least it isn't total chaos.)

This week's image is one of my all-time favorites. Natalie is gorgeous and hilarious and I've been following her blog since I've been following blogs. But I can't for the life of me find the original source of this image. Pinterest leads me to this Tumblr account, a reverse Google image search takes me to several different travel Pinterest boards (I'm not sure what about this image screams travel - the bag? the hat?), and a search of Natalie's blog leads me to this post, which looks like it should contain the image but doesn't. It's all a huge headache, and of course I blame Tumblr.

Let's focus on the positive, though, shall we? This outfit is pretty dreamy. I love that it's brimming with interest - stripes, pleats, texture, a floral print, a pop of color - it's just perfect. And here I've recreated the outfit on a budget:

hat, $12.95 || bag, $40 || tee, $45 || skirt, $39 || belt, $18.84 || pumps, $44.99

o p t i o n s
skirt: for $38 || for $54 || for $55

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Review: Sheinside Florals

I got a new batch of goodies from Sheinside this week, and they are my favorite things so far. It doesn't hurt that they are all floral, because floral print is basically my love language.

This maxi dress is pretty much the best addition to my closet this year. It's feminine, floaty, and freaking breastfeeding friendly. Do not be surprised to see me wearing this for the rest of the summer.

It does run really small (I ordered the XL), and is sheer.

This floral blazer is similar to this one that Mary posted on a few weeks ago. It's just really bright and fun.

FIY, I ordered a medium.

To round out the floral trifecta I got this blouse. The cut is really similar to this blouse & I love the feminine print & zipper at the back.

Inspired: J.Crew Factory Looks {Pink & Paradise}

I am not exactly sure why, but I find myself way more in sync with J.Crew Factory than J.Crew right now. The mothership's outfits feel a little too slick or masculine for my taste, but the factory is hitting the sweet spot this month.

J.Crew Factory is having a 50% off everything sale right now. 
Here are my faves (all under $50):

Go Get It: Target {No. 10}

Target's clothing section is always on point. I mean, you know this, we all know this. It is simultaneously the reason I both always want to go to Target for diapers and avoid the place at all costs.

1 | Short Sleeve Colorblock Top | $23
2 | Shauna Huarache Sandal | $16 (Orig. $20)
3 | Tulip Maxi Skirt | $20
4 | Floral Print Scarf | $17
5 | Woven Maxi Dress | $33
6 | Printed Longsleeve Blouse | $17.50 (Orig. $25)
7 | White High Waisted Skinny Denim | $33
8 | Simone Block Heel Sandal | $28 (I have and love these)
9 | White Faux Leather Jacket | $45

I am especially into the dress (a nursing friendly maxi with sleeves, yes please). And those heels... the proportions are pretty much perfect (they also have a great name).

This Week {No. 39}

here are a few snapshots from this week:

yet another trip to lowes || my two babes
morning wrestling match || new floral maxi dress

links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y

c  o  v  e  t
this striped dress (with pockets!)

r  e  a  d

"she never looked nice. she looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; 
it was supposed to make you feel something."

amazing words from the best book I've read in a long time.

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d

we have a jam packed schedule of yard work, book club, a birthday party, and a soccer game.
what are you up to?

Spied: Paneled Balconette Swimsuit

I stumbled on this incredibly flattering one piece suit this week. And I just love it so much. The contrast panels couldn't be more flattering if they tried.

Balconette Swimsuit | Old Navy | $33

Here are a few other pretty one pieces (for less than $50!)

A Picture Is Worth {No. 12}

By fashion contributor Mary.

For me, this week's image is all about the shoes. The clothes by themselves are a winning combination, a solid formula of gray top + white jeans + neutral accessories = good summer ensemble. But the silver shoes make everything more interesting.

Here I've recreated the outfit for under $115.

(P.S. Have you noticed? Short-sleeved sweatshirts without any embellishments or graphics are rare. I found two that I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe, but if you're looking for a top with more interest, I've included links to some with details as well.)

bag, $24.95 || sunglasses, $12 || heels, $15.99 || sweatshirt, $29.50 || jeans, $24.95 || belt, $5.80

o p t i o n s
sweatshirt: from Everlane
sweatshirts with details: leather sleeves || mesh & rhinestones || jeweled front || quilted sleeves
jeans: for $22 || for $27 || for $44.50 || for $46.90
belt: from Lands' End || from Madwell || from Urban Outfitters || from J. Crew
+ for you fellow high heel avoiders: a flat shoe option

Must Have: Gauzy and Embroidered

This spring, I am head over heels for all things gauzy and embroidered. Here are a few of my favorite finds right now.

1 | Embroidered Cotton Blouse | $23
2 | Free People Dreamweaver Maxi | $50 (Orig. $148)
3 | Embroidered Peasant Top | $25
4 | Marketplace Peasant Top | $28
5 | Sabine Embroidered Mexicali Top | $40 (Orig. $79)
6 | Whimsical Embroidered Peasant Top | $23
7 | Embroidered Gauze Tops | $27
8 | Paisley Embroidered Woven Top | $23

I am loving that dress! It's not often you see a free people dress under $50, especially one so pretty. And I think #3 & #5 have my heart. What are your favorites?

This Week {No. 38}

After asking Tate to pose for a million pictures, he decided to turn his "camera" on me.

"I take a pitcher a you, mommy"

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
this anthro dress (75% off!)
this sweet floral tee
this summery coral hat 

c  o  v  e  t
these hot high rise jeans
this fabulous maxi dress (with sleeves!)
these rad floral shorts

d  o
these easy spin pin hair tutorials

r  e  a  d
kenna's story about being diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer at 28.

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d
we will be celebrating mother's day with our family. what about you?

Spied: Therapy Floral Pencil Skirt

You guys, when floral goes out of style, I'm going to be so heartbroken. Right now, it is kind of my favorite thing about getting dressed in the morning. I want to wear it every day. I spotted this skirt and just had to share.

the top is also available (and on sale) here

Here are a few other floral skirts that I definitely want to have (under $40):

Are you as into floral as I am this spring?

A Picture Is Worth {No. 11}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Here's the thing, you guys: I love putting these posts together. Love love love. It's seriously so much fun for me, and it's my favorite when someone tells me they enjoy reading my posts. But every week I dread Tuesday at 10:00 pm, when I sit at my laptop with a post in front of me that's been designed and formatted but not written. The writing is the hardest part. I always feel like such a cheeseball, and more than once I've texted Madeline, "Not my best words this week." And then the emoji with squinty eyes that's showing all its teeth.

It shouldn't be as hard as it is. I'm going to work on writing like you guys are sitting next to me on the couch, watching a rerun of Parks & Rec and eating doughnuts while browsing Pinterest. If that were the case, and I came across this image, I would probably turn to you and say, "I could never pull this outfit off, but I think it's totally elegant and gorgeous." 

I have a hard time with heels - I admitted on Twitter last week that talking to women shorter than I am makes me the most awkward ever, and heels only add to that problem - but I think I might attempt them if I could look this sophisticated, especially if it cost me less than $150:

clutch, $17 || blouse, $39.99 || skirt, $40.76 || necklace, $28 || pumps, $19.99

o p t i o n s
clutch: one || two || three
necklace: for $10.99 || for $29.95 || for $45

Inspired: J.Crew Factory (+30-50% Off)

J.Crew Factory's latest group of outfits have me itching to wear skirts and shorts every day. We are so close, I can taste it. This emerald floral is one of my favorite prints from J.Crew this year and the factory options (here, here and here) are machine washable (hooray!).

Right now, J.Crew Factory is offering 30% off  (with select items 50% off) their sale items. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

I know it's a bit late to buy sweaters, but I find working in an overly air conditioned office is a great place to wear spring sweaters all summer long.

DIY: Nursing Bra

If you think finding a bra that fits correctly is tough, try finding a nursing bra that fits. It's so hard. The sizes are limited, the styles are weird. After two babies and almost 3 years of wearing a nursing bra, I was fed up. I finally found a few bras (this and this) that fit me well at my local Nordstrom Rack and I got to work.

Let's get started:

w  h  a  t    y  o  u    n  e  e  d

nursing bra clasps - A&B (I took mine from an old nursing bra but they can be purchased here)
ribbon or elastic - C
and a bra that fits like a glove

w  h  a  t    t  o    d  o  

1 . cut the straps an inch above the connection at the front of the bra
2 . sew the strap (E) to clasp (B)
3 . sew the strap (D) to clasp (A)
4 . sew the ribbon (C) to the bottom of clasp (A)
5 . determine the length of ribbon (C) needed. sew ribbon to the interior of the bra.

It's actually a really quick process & I am over the moon with how it turned out. I recommend a soft cup bra although it will work a formed cup bra as well.

Have you ever made your own nursing bra? Are you ready to get started?

Go Get It: Loft {No. 9}

Loft has really stepped up their game lately. They are always running a sale and today they are offering 50% off all full price styles:

1 | Paisley Print Ankle Pants in Zoe Fit | $34.75 (Orig. $69.50)
2 | Drapey Chambray Softened Shirt | $27.25 (Orig. $54.50)
3 | Stripe Maxi Skirt | $34.75 (Orig. $69.50)
4 | Tab Sleeve Henley Blouse | $24.75 (Orig. $49.50)
5 | Tie Neck Shirtdress | $34.75 (Orig. $69.50)
6 | Mini Ikat Print Sunwashed Tee | $12.25 (Orig. $24.50)
7 | Crochet Trim Cotton Tee | $17.25 (Orig. $34.50)
8 | Paisley Softened Shirt | $29.75 (Orig. $59.50)
9 | Star Anise Print Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit | $34.75 (Orig. $69.50)

Don't forget to enter MUSTSHOP to get the discount. 

I love so many of these things, but that shirt dress is fabulous. Have you bought anything good at Loft lately? Leave it in the comments. 

This Week {No. 37}

Here are a few snapshots from the week:

date night with a handmade clutch from melissa || simone is 7 months
tate working on his aloof selfie || view from the jsmb

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y 
this hip boucle pullover
these pretty gold heels
these cute triangle earrings
this fabulous self-tanning face gel

c  o  v  e  t
this beautiful floral maillot
this gorgeous floral panel sweater
this insanely flattering shift dress

m  a  k  e
this box pleated skirt

d  o
this quick curl hair tutorial

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d
we are hanging out out with friends & hopefully going out to dinner down town.
what are you up to?
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