A Picture Is Worth {No. 12}

By fashion contributor Mary.

For me, this week's image is all about the shoes. The clothes by themselves are a winning combination, a solid formula of gray top + white jeans + neutral accessories = good summer ensemble. But the silver shoes make everything more interesting.

Here I've recreated the outfit for under $115.

(P.S. Have you noticed? Short-sleeved sweatshirts without any embellishments or graphics are rare. I found two that I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe, but if you're looking for a top with more interest, I've included links to some with details as well.)

bag, $24.95 || sunglasses, $12 || heels, $15.99 || sweatshirt, $29.50 || jeans, $24.95 || belt, $5.80

o p t i o n s
sweatshirt: from Everlane
sweatshirts with details: leather sleeves || mesh & rhinestones || jeweled front || quilted sleeves
jeans: for $22 || for $27 || for $44.50 || for $46.90
belt: from Lands' End || from Madwell || from Urban Outfitters || from J. Crew
+ for you fellow high heel avoiders: a flat shoe option


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