Review: Sheinside Florals

I got a new batch of goodies from Sheinside this week, and they are my favorite things so far. It doesn't hurt that they are all floral, because floral print is basically my love language.

This maxi dress is pretty much the best addition to my closet this year. It's feminine, floaty, and freaking breastfeeding friendly. Do not be surprised to see me wearing this for the rest of the summer.

It does run really small (I ordered the XL), and is sheer.

This floral blazer is similar to this one that Mary posted on a few weeks ago. It's just really bright and fun.

FIY, I ordered a medium.

To round out the floral trifecta I got this blouse. The cut is really similar to this blouse & I love the feminine print & zipper at the back.

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