Spied: Mauve Bauble Statement Necklace

I saw this pretty lady and just had to share.

I think both the color and shape are lovely, don't you?

Here are a few other pretty statement necklaces (all under $13!)

Inspired: J.Crew for Spring

I do not generally pine for spring. Not because I don't like spring (it's amazing) but in this neck of the woods spring last about 7.4 seconds and we rush right on to the hot & humid summer.

What I am excited for are springy styles. Pinks, pastels, and prints, oh my!

I'm especially loving the sheen & structure J.Crew is showing. And how about that striped wrap pencil skirt? So chic.

Our Life: Blogging Hiatus is Over

I hope you can all excuse my recent absence. My time has been full of a lot more of this, and a lot less of my face shoved in my lap top - it's been lovely.

My little break started at the beginning of February. I received a call from the Architecture firm that has been giving me contract work for the last year. Things are slow & they don't currently need my help. At first I was sort of devastated. It is the closest I have ever coming to being let go from a job & it really got me down. But then I found it liberating.

I have spent the better part of the last year so busy I didn't know what to do with myself. I have been working 20+ hours a week, blogging, and I am in charge of the women's organization (Relief Society) at my church. And of course, somehow I was trying to squeeze parenting Tate & keeping up with running the house & making meals too. That phone call felt like a big release.

I have taken this time to get my bearings, be a more involved parent, & a more present wife. And now I am happy to be back to blogging.

I want you all to know how much your sweetly concerned emails, tweets, & comments mean to me. You are all why I write this blog. Thanks for being amazing.
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