Must Have: Loft

I'm not sure when it happened, but I basically only want to buy pants at Loft now. Part of it is style, but the other part is that they carry petite styles in the store. I don't have time to be ordering pants online anymore and I am sick and tired of tailoring every single pair of pants I buy.

After deciding I needed some new work pants and riding out a month long spending fast, I swung by Loft and came home with these:

Essential Skinny Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit

A few more marisa fit pants I have my eye on: petalwork | rust pink | foulard

They fit perfectly. They are tailored, but not too tight, and they move like a dream. I bought a pair in navy but am seriously considering picking up another pair in black. They are currently $20 off regular price!

Must Have: Perfect Curvy Petite Skinny Jeans

I have been on the hunt for the perfect dark wash petite skinny jeans for an eternity. I don't think I have ever been able to just buy a pair that didn't need some sort of alteration. And then I found these:

Petite Curvy High Waist Skinny Jeans - $70 ($42 with the current 40% off promo)

I have worn them about 12 times in two weeks. They are so perfect, 

I found a few other things that I'm loving at LOFT right now:

Blocked Merino Wool Jacket
Lace Sleeve Tee (on sale)
Roped Crystal Statement Necklace
Drapey Split Neck Blouse
Curvy High Waist Sailor Pencil Skirt

Get an extra 40% off on everything at LOFT with coupon code: FALLYALL

House Tour: 625 West

I promised to post a house tour months ago. And then the house sale got complicated. Super complicated. And I just couldn't find the mental energy to post about our house that had "sold so quickly" when the entire thing seemed to be crumbling under my feet. It only took 5 good offers and 3 different contracts to get this house sold.

I loved this house so much but by the end of it, I couldn't even look at it anymore. The process of selling it began to feel like an active betrayal. "I loved you so much! I put my blood sweat and tears into you. Why are you doing this to me!?" Which sounds completely insane. But that's the thing, you guys. Selling a house makes me insane. They can pull my corpse out of the next house when I am dead and gone.

So, many months later, here is the house tour. There were many projects I hoped to complete and didn't get to, but I am incredibly proud of the things we accomplished.

Sale: J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory is having a killer sale right now. If I weren't currently on a self-imposed shopping hiatus, I would probably blow my entire paycheck.

1 | mixed-media chord necklace | $15 (Orig. $65)
2 | one-piece swimsuit in floral | $40 (Orig. $85)
3 | skinny calf hair belt | $15 (Orig. $40)
4 | shirtdress | $49 (Orig. $98)
5 | colorblock leather pouch | $20 (Orig. $45)
6 | woven-back swing tee | $19 (Orig. $45)
7 | pencil skirt in tipped wool | $30 (Orig. $95)
8 | colorblock crepe top | $34 (Orig. $70)
9 | metallic wedges | $40 (Orig. $118)

I have those wedges in the bronzed clay color and they are far and away my most comfortable work shoes. Do you have your eye on anything great?

Instagram Closet Sale

I am selling another round of clothes from my closet. 
I have things from Anthropologie, Ann Taylor and more. 

You can find the sale here:

If you are interested in something but don't have an instagram account, don't hesitate to email me.

Spied: Raglan Sleeved Knit Dress

I was perusing Forever 21 this morning and stumbled on this dress. I think it is such a great find, I decided to break my radio silence to share it.

Raglan-Sleeved Knit Dress - $23

Forever 21 is also having a buy one, get one free sale on clearance. I just couldn't help but snag this sweater and this blazer. (I came really close to pulling the trigger on this quilted sweatshirt and this peplum top too!)

Must Have: Graphic Sweaters

It's sweater season, and y'all know how much I love a graphic sweater. Here are some of my favorites:

1 | Striped Polar Bear Sweater | $20
2 | Roaring Lion Graphic Sweater | $23
3 | Grey Wool Blend Dog Graphic Crewneck Sweater |$34
4 | Porcupine Graphic French Terry Sweatshirt | $45
5 | Puppy Holiday Sweater | $20
6 | Shaggy Sheep Sweater | $23
7 | French Bulldog-Print Sweatshirt | $35 (Orig. $60)
8 | Patterned Long Sleeve Sweater | $30 (Orig. $59)
9 | Tommy Hilfiger Camera-Print Sweater | $40 (Orig. $80)

A Picture Is Worth {No. 28}

By fashion contributor Mary.

One of my favorite fall trends is mixing plaids. This week's inspiration image is a great example of just how awesome it can look:

Here's my more affordable version, all for under $175:

sunglasses, $5.80 || scarf, $10.90 || coat, $37.80 || tee, $12 || bag, $22.90 || jeans, $48 || boots, $35

o p t i o n s
scarf: one || two || three || four || five || six
tee: from Old Navy || from Forever 21 || from Express || from LOFT

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Inspired: J.Crew Factory Looks for Fall

Some of my favorite fashion comes at the transition of seasons. I love how cozy a sweater feels after the leaves begin to fall and how great a new pair of boots are just as it starts to snow. I am getting jazzed for cold weather fashion. After two long years in the land without seasons, I am still excited that I actually get to experience fall and winter. Don't take the seasons for granted, kids.

I am especially loving that toggle coat, printed dress, and fabulous gold cap toe pumps.

J.Crew Factory is offering 25% off everything right now. 
Here are a few of my favorite things right now (all under $50):

Make sure to enter EXTRA25 at checkout to get the discount! 
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