A Picture Is Worth {No. 23}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I'm currently in a very determined state of denial. I love summer, and the idea that fall is just around the corner is so sad to me that I'm choosing not think about it at all. I mean, It's August! August is a summer month! Our family still has our annual beach trip coming up! Summer can't be close to ending yet.

However, all of the clothing catalogs that have made their way into my mailbox recently have all featured fall clothing, and in the back of my mind I've been evaluating new purchases: will this transition well into cooler weather? This week's inspiration image is such a great transitional outfit. The feel is still totally summer, but the long skirt and jacket (click the above link for more pictures) would work well in an autumn wardrobe.

Here's my version on a budget, for just under $125:

purse, $28 || top, $35 || skirt, $37 || sunglasses, $3.80 || sandals, $21

o p t i o n s
purse: one || two || three
sandals: for $30 || for $37 || for $43 || for $48

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Must Have: Old Navy Graphic Tees

I have been keeping my eye on the graphic tees from J.Crew since spring. I loved the clean text and french themes but I had a hard time ponying up $40+ to get my hands on one. I was really happy to see these at Old Navy.

If only Old Navy hadn't closed their store that was blocks from my house! I would have already walked over and snatched one of these babies up.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 22}

By fashion contributor Mary.

The sad truth about fashion (at least, when you're shopping on a budget) is that some pieces are truly one of a kind. When searching for look-a-likes this week, I found blue floral skirts and pleated skirts and striped skirts, but none that put all those qualities together exactly like the inspiration image:

However, I did find pieces that echo the feel of the above outfit. (Even though you can't see the model's feet, I threw in a pair of nude wedges. Wedges are easy enough to ride a bike in, right? What shoes would you add to this ensemble?)

blouse, $45|| skirt, $49 || wedges, $55

o p t i o n s
blouse: one || two || three
skirt: stripe || floral || white || embroidery || pin-tuck
wedges: for $19 || for $30 || for $31 || for $34

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Sale: J.Crew Factory (Extra 50% Off)

J.Crew Factory's sale section is so so so good right now. Clearance is 50% off online (and possibly more in store - I got 60% off last week). Here are some fantastic finds. Don't miss this sale, these are some of the best prices of the year!

1 | printed skimmer pant | $17.25 (Orig. $74.50)
2 | charley sweater in geometric print | $17.25 (Orig. $74.50)
3 | jeweled triangle necklace | $14.75 (Orig. $64.50)
4 | colorblock scoopneck tee | $11.50 (Orig. $39.50) **
5 | printed cropped blazer | $41.50 (Orig. $138) **
6 | charley sweater in colorblock | $17 (Orig. $69.50)
7 | firework earrings | $6.25 (Orig. $32.50) **
8 | short-sleeve jeweled sweatshirt | $22.50 (Orig. $79.50)
9 | anya suede ballet flats | $24.75 (Orig. $89.50) **
10 | short-sleeve quilted sweatshirt | $17.50 (Orig. $59.50)
11 | charley sweater in retro floral | $22.50 (Orig. $74.50)
12 | tiered lace tank | $24.75 (Orig. $59.50)

I bought #4, #5, #7, & #9 last week for a bit of birthday shopping (as well as this double serge pencil skirt in natural). There are still a few things I wouldn't mind snagging before the sale is over.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 21}

By fashion contributor Mary.

When I first heard of track pants, I thought it was a joke. I saw a post title pop up in my Bloglovin' feed that said "6 Ways to Wear Track Pants" and when I clicked through, I fully expected to see an outfit featuring the bottom half of a velour jumpsuit. (Insert awkward emoji showing all its teeth here.) But I have since learned my lesson.

If you too are feeling a little confused, here's the rundown: track pants are basically a socially acceptable way of wearing pajamas in public (seriously, Merrick even has a tutorial on how to turn actual sleepwear into track pants). They're loose and made of comfortable material, and look like heaven to wear:

I loved this week's inspiration image so much, I did my best to recreate down to the last accessory. My total this week is a little higher than usual (due to the number of items I'm including), but I still managed to scrape in under $180:

necklace, $22 || tee, $20 || tote, $17 || pumps, $28 || pants, $30 || blazer, $37 || watch, $19 || sunglasses, $5

o p t i o n s
pants: one || two || three || four || five || six

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Must Have: Vibrant Prints

Geometrics and bright colors have been everywhere this year. Forever 21 has a great collection of bold prints right now and everything is under $30. Here are my favorite finds.



Spied: Audrey Sandal

I snagged these sandals last week before heading on vacation and they are pretty much perfect. They are super comfortable and I just love the gold details.

Mossimo Audrey Braided Strap Sandal - Target - $23

A Picture Is Worth {No. 20}

By fashion contributor Mary.

This week's inspiration image comes from what is possibly my new favorite fashion blog, Unfancy. Caroline is all about having a minimalistic wardrobe full of items that you just love, which is something I aspire to (and fall short of, constantly. I pare down my wardrobe often, trying only to keep my favorite versatile pieces, but I still end up looking at my closet and wondering why I hate all my clothes).

I love how, in the outfit below, she pairs neutrals together in a way that feels fresh and urban instead of boring. And I think it's a genius move to help different black and brown pieces get along together by throwing in an animal print.

Here, I've put together a similar look for under $100:

glasses, $9.75 || clutch, $26.98 || tee, $14.94 || skirt, $21 || booties, $26.24

o p t i o n s
skirt: one || two || three || four || five
booties: for $40 || for $45 || for $70

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Sale: J.Crew (Up to 50% off Clearance)

J.Crew is having a killer sale right now. They are offering 40-50% off the seemingly endless clearance section. With all my picks under $50, these are some of the best prices you'll find all year long.

1 | metallic-trim linen scoopneck tee | $24 (Orig. $49.50)
2 | patio skirt in leaf print | $35 (Orig. $88)
3 | linen ringer tee in oui mon cheri | $12.50 (Orig. $45)
4 | photo floral underwire tank | $42.50 (Orig. $115)
5 | floral border scarf | $17.50 (Orig. $55)
6 | ruched bandeau tank | $35 (Orig. $102)
7 | jacquard back-zip sweatshirt | $39 (Orig. $78)
8 | lightweight bermuda short | $21 (Orig. $49.50)
9 | marled linen v-neck sweater | $25 (Orig. $69.50)

Make sure to enter SHOPMORE at checkout to receive the extra discount.
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