Store Spotlight: eShakti

Some of you may remember the review I did for eShakti a year and a half ago. They sent me this incredibly rad skirt and I still love it.

As a refresher, eShakti is an online store that offers customizable (that's what I said, completely customizable) clothing in an array of sizes and styles. You want that skirt to be knee length? Absolutely. You want sleeves on that dress? Done. You're 5'-11" - and want a garment that's tailored to you? You found the right place.

Here are some of my favorite things they have in stock right now:

1 - Crepe Faux-Wrap Skirt - $39.95
2 - The Birds Who Gossip Dress - $69.95 {How stinking cute is this dress? Love the colors + print}
3 - Monte Carlo Jacket - $69.95
4 - Birds in the Air Dress - $59.95
5 - Bows and Whistles Skirt - $59.95
6 - Sash Waist Fleece Dress - $59.95

Why I think it's worth shopping eShatki: All styles are available in all sizes {0 - 26W} at all times. All orders {including custom orders} ship within three days, and even custom orders are returnable. How's that for customer service?

And my favorite thing? eShakti has provided all my fabulous readers with a coupon code.

Enter code UBERCHIC0811 to receive $20 off your next purchase!
(Expires December 31)

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: Marc Jacobs Hopper Tab-Waist Dress

I already posted on this target dress, but I just realized that it is a spot on look-a-like of this Marc Jacobs ponte dress:

Hopper Tab-Waist Dress - Bergdorf Goodman - $258.00
Tab Waist Ponte Dress - Target - $29.99

Would you wear this? Leave your thoughts below.

Inspiration: J.Crew {Fuchsia + Fedora}

This image has been floating around pinterest, and I just had to post on it.

My version:

Shirred Shoulder Top - Gap - $24.99 (Orig. $59.50)
Slub Knit Cardigan - Forever 21 - $15.80
         I also like these options {one | two}
Cuffed Dress Capris - Old Navy - $36.94
Miss Me Zeal-1 Slip-On Loafer - Endless - $24.95

        And if you want to throw a fedora into the mix: {one | two | three}

I am kicking myself for not posting the pants last week as they were on sale for $15! I am also kicking myself because I once owned a pair of ankle length slacks this very color. I got them for $10 at Nordstrom in 2005. I stopped wearing them after a year or two, at the time the color seemed too loud. They were beautifully lined too. Ok, enough kicking. To whoever bought those pants at the DI for $6, you're welcome.

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

Spied: Henley Pocket Long Sleeve Blouse


I am loving this blouse. The color + shape are fabulous, and the henley + pocket details make me happy. And it's on sale, which makes me really happy.

Henley Pocket Long Sleeve Blouse - Loft - $24.75 (Orig. $49.50)

The Loft is currently offering 50% off their Must-Haves with coupon code | SHOP50. Make sure to check it out! {Available online + in-store}

Look for Less: Anthropologie Overachiever Sweatshirt

I spotted this look for less and just had to share:

Ella Moss Overchiever Sweatshirt - Anthropologie - $138 {sold out}
Holiday Sparkle Sweater - American Eagle - $59.50

I, personally, prefer the AE version The fabric is a bit more delicate. I also think this look could be a pretty good DIY if you had some time to bead or came across the right applique.

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

Easy Halloween Costumes

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume that doesn't make you look like a sexy (insert noun here)? Good. Because sexy nuns are boring. And gross. Jessica Quirk has once again compiled a great collection of costumes that are (mostly) modest (not a sexy version of anything in sight), easy, with most pieces easily found in your closet.

Click here to find the collection from 2011, and here to see some of her options from years past.

Babble Posts

I write daily for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

My Baby is Bald? You Don't Say.

This week, Tate has been sharpening his sitting skills and I caught a bit on video. It's ridiculously cute.

Do you hate nursing bras as much as I do?

As a stay at home mom, sometimes I feel like I am coming up short.

New Baby Styles

I did a round up of my favorite winter arrivals for baby at Babble.

Click here to see them

Look for Less: Kate Spade

I saw this Kate Spade look and fell in love with that. The glasses pendant, especially.

Here is my take:

Tab Waist Ponte Dress - Target - $29.99
Book Worm Pendant - Holliezhobbiez Etsy shop - $19.95
Black Cuban Heel Panty Hose Stockings - Amazon Marketplace - $12.99
Chunky Bead Stretch Bracelet - Charlotte Russe - $6.00
Pleaser Ankle-Strap Pump - Amazon Marketplace - $27.50
total: $97.43

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

Spied: Lined Canvas Trench Coat

My sister-in-law, Olivia, sent me a fantastic tip. She scored this lined trench for a song:

Canvas Trench Coats - Old Navy - $13.99 {in store only} (Orig. $49.94)

Old Navy has a lot of great deals going on in store, make sure to check them out!

Babble Posts

I write daily for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

Last week, Tate was all Look Mom, I'm Using My Hands

I Don't Know How Other Moms Do it

I got up on my soapbox and proclaimed, Breastfeeding Isn't Sexy - I promise.

Whenever I think about having another baby I get Premature Mom Guilt.

Friday Wishlist: Double-Cloth Townhouse Trench

You know what I miss? Tailored clothes. As I mentioned here, the only parts of my closet that fit right are the stretchy things. All of my tailored clothes are too snug. The few that I can get on make me feel like a stuffed sausage. Sigh.

I saw this coat, and I let out an audible "ooohhh". The fit is insanely perfect.

Double-Cloth Townhouse Trench - J.Crew - $350.00

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Weekend.

Store Spotlight: Stitched + Adorned

Yesterday, Melissa pointed out this awesome online boutique, Stitched + Adorned, and I fell in love. Such good stuff. Here are a few of my favs:

Green with Envy Cardigan | $32.50
Love in Fall Dress | $36.50
Caped in Lace | $22.00

That dress is especially fantastic. I love the idea of it paired with boots and tights.

The best thing about their store? Nothing is over $50, and it's all fabulous. Seriously, check it out. Also, I noticed that Anna is hosting a S+A giveaway. Make sure to click through and enter!

J.Crew: 30% Off Clearance

J.Crew extended their Columbus Day Sale through tomorrow (Thursday). Here are my favs:

1 - Chambray-Stripe Tee - $20.99 $29.99 (Orig. $45.00)
2 - Featherweight Cotton Cardigan - $27.99 $39.99 (Orig. $62.00)
3 - Rowboat Dress - $27.99 $39.99 (Orig. $88.00)
4 - Stripe Swingtime Sweater - $20.99 $29.99 (Orig. $89.50)
5 - Vintage Matchstick Cord - $13.99 $19.99 (Orig. $79.50)
6 - Finespun Blouse Tee - $20.99 $29.99 (Orig. $39.50)

Don't forget to enter coupon code | musthave at check out for the 30% discount. 

15 Dresses You Can Nurse In

I did a round up of my favorite breastfeeding friendly dresses at Babble.
Click here to see them.

Guest Post: With an I.E.

Ali from with an i.e. did a style feature on me today. 

Babble Posts

I write daily for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

The story of none of my clothes fitting, an attempt at exercising, and the lure pumpkin muffins.

I am a bit of a name enthusiast (yes, that is a real term), and I discuss the 6 subtle naming trends that are shaping the current naming landscape.

Time to ditch the nursing pads, right? 

Don't have a costume for your baby? (Me either). Try one of these 8 Easy Peasy Costume Ideas.

Make sure to check out the Columbus Day Sales - specifically Forever 21, Gap, and J.Crew Factory.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Spied: Colorblock Boatneck Tee

I am loving all the colorblock shirts going on right now. I love the color combo of this one.

Boat-Neck Tee - Old Navy - $17.94

Here are a few more similar options all under $16 I wouldn't mind have hanging in my closet:
{one | two | three}

What do you think of the colorblock trend? Leave your thoughts below.

Outfit Under $100 {Robots + Leather}

I saw this discounted top and built this outfit around it.

3/4 Sleeve Colorblock Top - Forever 21 - $15.99 (Orig, $22.90)
Robot Pendant Necklace - Old Navy - $9.06 $12.94
{30% off at Old Navy through tomorrow, use coupon code | 48HOURS}
Stretch Skinnies - Forever 21 - $10.50
Merona® Kasia Tall Genuine Leather Boots - Cognac - Target $69.99
{Free shipping on orders over $50 | buy one get on half off deal}

total: $105.54

I know the outfit total is a bit on the pricey side, but that is because of the boots. The genuine leather boots. The investment.The top reminds me a bit of this anthro look, in an understated kind of way. And I am mildly obsessed with the robot pendant, and at 30% off it's hard to pass up.

What do you think?
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