Easy Halloween Costumes

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume that doesn't make you look like a sexy (insert noun here)? Good. Because sexy nuns are boring. And gross. Jessica Quirk has once again compiled a great collection of costumes that are (mostly) modest (not a sexy version of anything in sight), easy, with most pieces easily found in your closet.

Click here to find the collection from 2011, and here to see some of her options from years past.


  1. Madeline, these are such fun ideas! My husband and I are having a Halloween party this weekend and still are deciding what to be! :)

  2. The hambulglar is amazing! Thanks for these great ideas! :) Sadly, I purchased a Minnie Mouse costume from Amazon because it appeared to be non-slutty and non-frumpy. But when I received it in the mail, I realized how short and tight it actually is! Good to know there are still non-sexy costume ideas out there!!


  3. Mostly? There isn't a bare shoulder or stomach in sight?! Sure, you can argue that the Hamburgular could use leggings instead of tights, but I think it's kind of a slam to put this qualifying "mostly" on what really is a fantastic showing on non-sexualized Halloween costumes.

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