Store Spotlight: eShakti

Some of you may remember the review I did for eShakti a year and a half ago. They sent me this incredibly rad skirt and I still love it.

As a refresher, eShakti is an online store that offers customizable (that's what I said, completely customizable) clothing in an array of sizes and styles. You want that skirt to be knee length? Absolutely. You want sleeves on that dress? Done. You're 5'-11" - and want a garment that's tailored to you? You found the right place.

Here are some of my favorite things they have in stock right now:

1 - Crepe Faux-Wrap Skirt - $39.95
2 - The Birds Who Gossip Dress - $69.95 {How stinking cute is this dress? Love the colors + print}
3 - Monte Carlo Jacket - $69.95
4 - Birds in the Air Dress - $59.95
5 - Bows and Whistles Skirt - $59.95
6 - Sash Waist Fleece Dress - $59.95

Why I think it's worth shopping eShatki: All styles are available in all sizes {0 - 26W} at all times. All orders {including custom orders} ship within three days, and even custom orders are returnable. How's that for customer service?

And my favorite thing? eShakti has provided all my fabulous readers with a coupon code.

Enter code UBERCHIC0811 to receive $20 off your next purchase!
(Expires December 31)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow thanks, I will have to check it out. I love that blazer.

  2. The bird dress is one of my favorite of their new items!


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