Look for Less: Anthropologie Overachiever Sweatshirt

I spotted this look for less and just had to share:

Ella Moss Overchiever Sweatshirt - Anthropologie - $138 {sold out}
Holiday Sparkle Sweater - American Eagle - $59.50

I, personally, prefer the AE version The fabric is a bit more delicate. I also think this look could be a pretty good DIY if you had some time to bead or came across the right applique.

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?


  1. Great find! I do like the AE version better! (and from a different post, I hated my target nursing bra b/c it was too thin but hated rolling down a thicker bra). Also, I found the most gorgeous coat and was wondering if you've seen a cheaper version (probably not hard to get cheaper than $750!) http://pinterest.com/pin/377965020/

  2. 59.50 Isn't soo cheap but much better than Anthropologie's version. Also I agree, the AE version doesn't look like a mens sweater with an applique stuck on it. I love your finds

  3. Based on the photo, I like the AE version better as well... it loots more tailored and softer... the Anthro sweater seems too oversized for such a delicate applique.

    xo Teresa
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  4. Can't believe how similar these are! Such a bargain!



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