Spied: J.Crew Wedding & Party for a steal

If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, I discovered something everyone should know. The Sugarhouse DownEast store carries discontinued J.Crew wedding and party dresses for a steal. The wedding dresses are $100, and the party dresses are $50! (There was an extra 30% off deal on them too, but I think it might have been the last day of that promo).

I stared at the most beautiful antiqued eyelet wedding dress for 15 minutes today, and wanted to buy it because it was amazing and my size. I'll just wear it around the house as I am already married and only intend to do that once. If someone is a size 2, go get that dress for me, and let me know.

If you are getting married, know someone getting married, or just need a LBD (and who doesn't need one of those?) this is the place to go.

Has anyone checked out the selection here? Bought a one of theses dresses? Leave a comment!

Happy Shopping!

Check it Out: Sales & Such

A few things worth mentioning before the weekend:

According to a few sources on the web, Old Navy is offering 30% off every single item in their store, Today and Tomorrow (Jan. 29-30)

I don't know about you guys, but I am thinking I will go grab the Ruffled-Neck Cardigan in Papaya Pop (it'll ring in at $18.55).

Also, Shade is having a warehouse sale in Pleasant Grove:

Shop for great deals on their modest styles including layering camis & tanks, long & short sleeve tees and a variety of discontinued styles and colors.

Shade Warehouse Sale
864 S. 490 West, Pleasant Grove

Also, Uptown Cheapskate is having their semi-annual clearance sale:

Buy 2 get 1 free on all marked down items, plus an extra 10% off. Also, take an extra 20% off the lowest marked price on hoodies, jackets, and coats. The sale goes through Saturday.
Uptown Cheapskate has parking spaces in the AMPCO parking lot behind the store {map} and offers free 1 hour parking, so don't waste your money at the meter!

Uptown Cheapskate
353 W. 200 South, SLC
Phone: 801.931.3388
Hours: Mon-Sat 10 AM - 9 PM

And last but not least J.Crew's Extra 30% off Clearance promo has been extended through Sunday. A few things were added to the sale section yesterday, so go see if you want to take advantage of the deal before the weekend is over! Find the online sale section here. This deal is also available in stores. (As seen on JCA).

Any happenings you want to share? Planning on hitting any sales? Leave a comment!

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Friday Wishlist: Neapolitan Pencil Skirt

I have a thing for pencil skirts. And as I have stated before, I would love one with some pattern.

I really like the muted colors, and obviously the shape is just my speed.

Neapolitan Pencil Skirt - J.Crew - $98.00

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Spied: High Waisted Jeans

Maybe I watched 500 Days of Summer again last week, and maybe it reminded me that I really want some high waisted pants, and I think these are awesome:

High-Waist Stretch Jeans - Alloy - $19.99 (Orig. 39.50)

What do you think? Would you swing a high waisted pant? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Reader Request: Stylish Diaper Bags

I got a request a few days ago from Laura saying,

I've been looking for a cute practical diaper bag for weeks. Can you please help?!

Here's what I came up with:

Carter's Tote Diaper Bag - Kohl's - $36.00 (Orig. $48.00)
Eddie Bauer Shoreline Diaper Bag - Kohl's - $37.50 (Orig. $50.00)
4 Piece Fashion Tote Diaper Bag Set - Baby Universe - $24.99
Eddie Bauer Heritage Tote - Babies R Us - $36.99

What do you guys think of the picks? Any tips for finding attractive, functional diaper bags? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Inspired: Anthro Look {Toffee & Olive}

Last week, I did a post on an Anthropologie outfit. You all seemed to really like the post and Rachel asked me to take a stab at this outfit:

This cardi, blouse, belt, & earrings ring in at $322

I love the look of this! I did have a hard time finding another striped cardigan, so I substituted a solid white one. Here is what I came up with:

Ruffle Front Cardigan - Macy's - $29.99
Python Blouse - Charlotte Russe - $39.99
Stretch Double-Buckle Belt - Old Navy - $10 (Orig. $16.50)
Intricate Tassel Earrings - Forever 21 - $5.80
TOTAL: $85.78

What do you think of the inspiration look? How about the pieces I found? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Spied: Gray Dot Cardigan

Remember my post obsessing over dot cardigans? If you read the comments, I was pointed to this cardi at Target, alas the site claimed it was sold out. But, look what popped back!

Gray Dot Cardigan - Target - $19.99 (also available in pink & ebony)

What do you think? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Check it Out

A couple of days ago an anonymous commenter pointed me to a DIY tutorial for this:

Want to know what it's made of? Two DownEast Wonder Tees! I am so excited to make one of these that I ran to the DownEast Warehouse to find two tees of the same color (which turned out to be more difficult than one might think).

If you want to learn how to make one for yourself, find the tutorial at Tea Rose Home. I'll let you know how mine turns out.

Any DIY's you have been eyeing lately? Leave a comment!

J.Crew: Extra 30% Off Clearance

J.Crew sent this sale announcement out this weekend:

I find an extra 30% off of their clearance especially tempting. Here are a few goodies I found:

1 - Ruffle & Roses Tissue Tank - $20.99 (Orig. $42.50)
2 - Tissue Sparkling Rose Tee - $10.49 (Orig. $42.50)
3 - Silk Bouquet Sash - $17.50 (Orig. $35.00)
4 - Silk-Rose Tissue Tee - $13.99 (Orig. $36.50)
5 - Silk Tiered Cami - $27.99 (Orig. $88.00)
6 - Luxe Tux Tissue Tee - $13.99 (Orig. $49.50)

Make sure to enter coupon code: EXTRA30 at checkout to receive your discount.

What do you guys think of the picks? Is 30% off enough to get you to order? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Spied: Melba Peeptoe Pumps

I really need some black peeptoes, and I would love if it were this pair.
Aren't they fab?

Merona Melba Peep-Toe Pumps - Target - $26.99

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Friday Wishlist: Buds & Stripes Top

Isn't this lovely?

I love the pattern, sheen, and especially the tie at the waist.

Buds & Stripes Top - Anthropologie - $78

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Inspired: Anthro Look {Blush & Ivory}

Anthropologie has some wonderful inspiration in their outfits section right now. They are all based on the concept of tone on tone, and I am loving it. This one was one of my favorites:

This top, cardi, and necklace ring in at $384

I was especially inspired by the tonal combination and ruffles. I found a few pieces that I think echo the feel:

Tiered Ruffled Tank - Gap - $29.99
Fantasy Pearls with Floral Clusters Necklace - Forever 21 - $8.80
Angora Blend Cardigan - Forever 21 - $26.90
TOTAL: $65.69

What do you think of the inspiration look? How about the pieces I found? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!

Spied: ON Ruffle Neck Cardigan

Holy smokes! I was just wandering around the Old Navy website and lookie what I found:

Want. Need. Must Have.

The best part? The new batch of subtle colors! Every time I go in the store I shake my head at the brightness of every item, and they finally toned it down just in time for my favorite new Old Navy item since... the ruffle neck tee? I like a ruffle, so sue me.

Judging on the fabulousness of this, if you want one, run (don't walk) to your nearest Old Navy.

Ruffle Neck Cardigan - Old Navy - $26.50

Happy Shopping!

Spied: Rolling Fog & Ruffles Dress

I am in loooovvee with this:

and for $30, who wouldn't be in?

Rolling Fog and Ruffles Dress - Ruche - $29.99

Look for Less: Fiona Paxton Necklace

Do you guys ever watch 'Accidentally On Purpose'? I do, but I have to be honest, the plot is only so-so for me. The real reason I have watched is to see the main character, Billie, seamlessly navigate her way through maternity wear. She mixes maternity basics with pre-maternity sweaters and jackets, and I am just in love with her style (with child or otherwise).

A few weeks ago she was wearing the most amazing necklace:

I saw this feature in Entertainment Weekly, giving the brand and price of the necklace after the episode aired. Then, I stumbled onto this look-a-like:

Fiona Paxton "Sylvie" Necklace - Bloomingdales - $300
Sequin Strap Draped Necklace - Forever 21 - $14.80

What do you think of the look? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!


Everyone is looking for ways to help with the devastation left in the aftermath of Haiti's earthquake. I am sure that most of you have heard about the text campaigns through the Red Cross and Yele (Wyclef Jean's organization). As I was looking for different ways to donate, I came across an organization that struck a cord with me. It's called Architecture for Humanity. According to their website,

"Architecture for Humanity is a nonprofit design services firm founded in 1999. We are building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design.

By tapping a network of more than 40,000 professionals willing to lend time and expertise to help those who would not otherwise be able to afford their services, we bring design, construction and development services where they are most critically needed."

As I work in architecture, this seems like the perfect way to help. Much of this devastation wasn't just because of the magnitude of the earthquake but because of the lack of infrastructure in the country. There was a similar earthquake (7.0 on the Richter scale) in San Francisco in 1989, and as devastating as it was, only 63 people died.

Here is a list of other ways you can give (link):

1) Text "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross. Apparently this only works in the US.

2) Text "Yele" to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele Haiti -- Wyclef Jean created this foundation to permanently improve the lives of the most impoverished in his home country of Haiti. Check out more on Yele Haiti.

3) Donate to Partners in Health (click here) -- PIH is already on the ground in Haiti and mobilizing their relief efforts.

4) Donate to charity:water (click here)

I hope you can all find a way to donate!

Old Navy: Extra 50% off Clearance

On Friday, I lost my wallet. In retracing my steps I ended up back at the restaurant where I ate lunch (where they had located my wallet, thank goodness). On my happy stroll back to the car, wallet in tow, I spied one of my favorite retail signs around, plastered in the Old Navy windows:

My husband and I went on what is best described as a 'spree'. The men's section was especially good this time (I am talking pants for $3-$10 and sweaters from $2-$5). The women's section was also good, it was just picked over in the smaller sizes. If you happen to wear M-XXL, please go down there and find a killer deal in my place, k? Oh and hunt the store for sneakily placed clearance items, they seemed to be in places other than just where you would think.

Also, Gigi over at Gigi's Gone Shopping mentioned in her post about this Old Navy sale, some hints for the coupons at Old Navy Weekly (I've written about this here). So, you could really get an amazing deal, if you stop by and get a coupon before you go.

Today is the last day for this sale, so don't wait.

Let me know if you find any sweet deals!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping.
Besides the noble art of getting things done,
there is the noble art of leaving things undone.
The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.

-Lin Yutang-

Excuse my absence this week, it's a bit hectic. I'll be back soon.


Spied: Shimmer Tank + New ON Clearance

I saw these in store awhile back and was intrigued, but they were picked over and full price.

Shimmer Tank - Old Navy - $5.99 (Orig. $10.50)

Now they are discounted, (along with A TON of new stuff - check out the Old Navy clearance section here), and available in pretty much every size. These two colors are shimmery, but there are also solids at several price points.

I bought a shimmery shirt from the Gap over the break and love it more and more every time I put it on... What are your thoughts on the shimmer? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Have a Happy Weekend!

Friday Wishlist: Dapple Dot Cardigan, etc.

I am craving some dots on a cardigan.

1 - Ombré Dots Cardigan - J.Crew - $88.00
2 - Dapple Dot Cardigan - J.Crew - $98.00
3 - Iris Cardigan - Fossil - $64.00

I am especially in love with that lovely lady in the middle. Isn't it so fantastic? Even if I would drop $100 on it, it's sold out in my size.

What's on your wishlist today? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Reader Request: Pregnancy Transition Tops

I got this email request from Kelsey,

Hi, I absolutely adore your blog! You are a genius. Just wondering if you could help me find some clothes. I'm 5 months prego but not really showing, and I'm wondering if you could find some flowy, baggy...not form fitting tops that are cute! I can't seem to find anything I'm needing! I don't want it to hug my body, cause then I just look like I ate too much :) But I don't want to look like a fatty either. AGHHHHHHHHHH HELP!!!

a.k.a. still wanting to stylish prego

First, how jealous am I that she is hardly showing at 5 months? I have about 3 inches of torso, and am sure this will not be the case for me! Anyhoo, here is what I found for Kelsey.

Pretty Poinsettia Top - Down East Basics - $9.99 (Orig. $24.99) (use coupon code YEAR END)
Perfect Portrait Top - Down East Basics - $10.99 (Orig. $22.99) (use coupon code YEAR END)
Box Pleat Top- Shade Clothing - $14.99 (Orig. $36.50)

Water Painted Floral Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
Whispy Rosette Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
Metallic-Jacquard Gauze Keyhole Top - Old Navy - $10.99 (Orig. $26.50)

Pleated Split-Neck Tunic - Old Navy - $26.50
3/4-Sleeve Tops - Old Navy - $9.99 (Orig. $26.50) {look at the 'tall' sizes, more color options are available, and it will allow for more panel coverage}
Gauze Shirt - Old Navy - $9.99, $7.99 (Orig. $24.50) {same tip as above with 'tall' sizes}

What do you think of my picks? Have any pregnancy clothing transition tips to share? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Spied: Metallic Bow Belt

I have been eyeing this sweet metallic belt for months. And now its on sale!

Metallic Bow Belt - $5.99 (Orig. $14.50)

Unfortunately, the silver option is gone, but it's still available in bronze and gold. The belt is 100% leather and is well recieved by reviewers online. If it tickles your fancy, I wouldn't hesitate to snatch one up!

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: Anthro Top

I actually spotted this top in Forever 21 a few weeks ago while Christmas shopping (and seriously considered buying it). Then I stumbled on this look-a-like at Anthropologie this weekend.

Stepping Out Tee -Anthropologie
Beaded Shoulder Design Top - Forever 21

What do you think of the look? Is it something you would wear? What about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Tulle's Day starts at Midnight PST

January's Tulle's Day starts tonight at midnight, PST.

Let us know if you find anything worth buying!
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