Friday Wishlist: Dapple Dot Cardigan, etc.

I am craving some dots on a cardigan.

1 - Ombré Dots Cardigan - J.Crew - $88.00
2 - Dapple Dot Cardigan - J.Crew - $98.00
3 - Iris Cardigan - Fossil - $64.00

I am especially in love with that lovely lady in the middle. Isn't it so fantastic? Even if I would drop $100 on it, it's sold out in my size.

What's on your wishlist today? Leave a comment!

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  1. These cardigans are very tempting... I saw one similar to #3 on the Target website, but they were out of stock. Bummer.

    So, after reading this post, I was looking around at cardigans, and I found this one: and I immediately fell in love. Why, why, why do cardigans do this to us?

  2. Love that cardigan/polka dots! I can't bring myself to spend $100, but (as always with JCrew) SO TEMPTING.

  3. I have always loved cardigans and lately they seem to be absolutely everywhere! I guess we have Michelle Obama to thank.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Oh Mary, to see that grey dotted cardigan on Target's website, and not be able to buy it is heart wrenching. $19.99! Arrg!

    And that cardi you posted is amazing!

    Kelly, I have been obsessed with cardigans for years, but I do think Lady Obama is bringing attention to the under used under appreciated cardigan. Can I tell how much I love her style? Well, I love Michelle Obama's style!

  5. I love the first one!!!I'm not a fan of ombre but you can hardly tell it is in that cardigan!

  6. I too love the second one. I am a sucker for ruffles but $98.00 is too much for me to spend on a cardigan.

  7. FYI: The gray sweater from Target that looks like #3 is on sale this week for $15!


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