Look for Less: Chanel

I recently got a request from April saying:

"If I could afford any designer in the world it would be Chanel! I would like to see if you could find something like this outfit for less. It seems impossible to replicate Chanel on a budget, but if anyone can do it you can! -Thanks-"

Chanel certainly is an ambitious undertaking, but here is my best shot:

1 - Chiffon Mesh Floral Necklace - Forever 21 - $10.80
2 - Bead Trim Jacket - Forever 21 - $32.80
3 - Turtleneck - Victoria Secret - $19.00 (Orig. $28.00)
4 - Plume Motif Ring - Forever 21 - $4.80
5 - Flared Cuffed Trousers - Charlotte Russe - $22.99
6 - Textured Patent Pumps - Forever 21 - $22.80

TOTAL: $113.19

So, is this a look you dig? Would you wear it? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

PS - Looking for a kick in the right direction for Cyber Monday deals? Check out the (chloe) conspiracy, she is fabulous at gathering that sort of information. I am more of a "one deal at a time" sort of a gal. I think I have Black Friday/ Cyber Monday induced anxiety (actually, I know I do).

PPS - You may notice some tweaks to the layout of my blog (I went from a 2 column layout to 3), this is all thanks to my ridiculously awesome brother, Aaron. Thanks again! I couldn't have done it without you.

Just Kidding

Remember when I said I would post again Friday, I lied.

I hope you are all stimulating the economy to your heart's content, and having lovely holiday weekends with friends, family, and new consumer goods.


Tulle Black Friday Sale

I got this in my inbox last week:

50% off all Tulle goods PLUS free ground shipping! Someone must take advantage. (Mary did a post on this last week, see her picks here.)

A few things for yourself:

1 - Chambray High Rise Trouser - $17 (Orig. $68) I am dying for some high waisted trousers, Summer Finn's influence just won't go away!
2 - Denim Canvas Pencil Skirt - $35 (Orig. $70) {ooh-la-la, on my wishlist}
3 - Linen Paper Bag Pants - $14 (Orig. $70) I know it is winter, but for that price you can wait 'til summer to break these babies out
4 - Square Cotton Tulip Skirt - $13 (Orig. $65) Another summer find for a steal
5 - Vintage Wool Double Breasted Coat - $42.50 (Orig. $85)
6 - Zigzag Wool Skirt - $18.75 (Orig. $75)

A few things for the menfolk:

1 - Button Neck Sweater - $17.60 (Orig. $88)
2 - Two Pocket Cardigan - $34 (Orig. $68)
3 - Fisherman Collar Cardigan $37 (Orig. $78)
4 - Two Pocket Cardigan with Contrast Trim $15 (Orig. $75)

You may notice a few men's cardigans, this is because I have been on the hunt for some, and they are not so easy to find for a reasonable price. I may or may not be trying to dress my husband like Mr. Schuster on Glee. Who doesn't want their husband to be able to sing, dance, and dress like that guy? Ok, maybe that's just me. But my husband is student teaching in the spring and it's time for professional clothes every day. I love cardigans and I think he will too once he has a few. And trust me when I say, these are good prices for men's cardigans, I have looked.

Anything catching your eye enough to buy? Half price plus free shipping.... there has to be something! Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping !

(and don't get hurt or in some sort of scuffle over a sweater for $5, I promise it's not worth it)

(I'll post again Friday)

Spied: Ruffle Tank

Sheer Striped Ruffle Tier Top - Forever 21 - $17.80

I have been admiring ruffle tanks for awhile, but the thing I really like about this one is that it doesn't completely obscure your shape. You may or may not have noticed that I am kind of attached to my waist (and I guess I better show it off while I still have one, right?) So this, I believe is the answer to that particular dilemma. And its got a little shimmer in case you want to wear it to a fancy or not-so-fancy party.

Reader Request: Harness Boot Styling

I got a request from Lindsey a few weeks ago saying:

I received [a pair of Harness] Fryes last year for Christmas, but I am having a problem feeling feminine in them. Could you give me an idea of how I could wear these tough boots, without looking like a tough cowboy myself?

I honestly never wear or look to wear these type of boots because they are more masculine, and frankly just slightly out of my comfort zone. But, I have a very good friend (Ali) who has a pair of these boots, and they are her go-to footwear option for winter. So, I am taking cues from things I have seen her pair with her boots.

Harnesses look great paired with skinnies (denim, pants, or leggings) tucked in. Here is an option I like:

Skinny Stretch Pant - Forever 21 - $17.80

Also, a great tip to help balance out the heaviness of the boot is to keep the top light and flowy in a feminine fabric. Here are a few choices:

1 - Ethnic Print Tunic - Forever 21 - $24.80
2 - Geo Shapes Silk Top - Forever 21 - $29.80
3 - Water Painted Floral Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
4 - Luciana Floral Chiffon Top - Forever 21 - $17.80

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: J.Crew Ruffle Pumps

I can't take the credit for this look for less. I got an email from Mary from Mary's Wishlist (a blog you should all be reading, because it is fabulous, seriously, I mean it. Read it! :D) She found this look for less and thought it was so good and my readership would love to see it, and I quite agree.

Ruffled Suede Platform Mary Janes - J.Crew $182.40 (Orig. $228.00)
Ruffled Mary Jane Pump - Newport News - $34.00 (Orig. $44.00)

Pretty similar no? Mary has a good eye, yes? Go check out her blog. What do you think of the shoes? Something you would wear? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Friday Wishlist: Wool Ribbon Dress

I spied this dress in store.

I stood in front of it for 15 minutes, touching the neckline. Isn't it just perfect? I believe this would be the most amazing little black (or grey) dress.

Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress - J.Crew - $198.00

What are you dreaming about this weekend? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Hope you all have lovely weekends!

DownEast Basics: Things to Come

DownEast Basics has come out with a digital version of their Holiday Catalog (view it by clicking). They have a few things that I am eyeing pretty seriously.

Silky Snowflake Cardigan - $39.99
Must-have Matchstick Jean - $44.99
Matchstick Cords - $36.99
Timeless Trench Coat - $49.99

You guys seeing the J.Crew inspiration I do? I really want that cardigan. No, I need it. None of these things are in stores yet, but hopefully they will be soon.

What's your favorite? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy dreaming, I mean drooling, I mean shopping!

Look for Less: Plaza Cardigan

I got another request from Chloe (for whom I did this request), looking for a cheaper version of the Plaza Cardigan from Anthropologie. I, of course, didn't find a dead ringer, but I was surprised to find this cardigan with a similar feel from Ruche.

Plaza Cardigan - Anthropologie
Ruffles and Lace Sweater Cardigan - Ruche

If you are a big fan of Anthropologie (and, really, who isn't?) I hope you have checked out Ruche. They have a similar aesthetic at a fraction of the prices.

What do you think of the cardigan? Would you wear it? What about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Also, just as a heads up, my work schedule is a wee bit hectic this week. I think I will post every day, but it's doubtful that I will be doing more than that. Thanks for being such wonderful readers you guys. I love you all, and I adore your comments.

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Modest Party Dresses: Shabby Apple

In a continuation of last week's post on how to make a sleeveless party dress modest, I thought I would show you guy's some party dresses that come with sleeves. These are all from local Utah company, Shabby Apple, and are beautiful. And they are all under $100!

Check out the goods:

1 - Antiquated - $93
2 - Coney Island - $93
3 - Tender is the Night (also in plum)- $93
4 - Casablanca - $86
5 - Saffron (also in black and teal) - $86
6 - Jitterbug - $76

I love #5 (in Gold), what's your favorite? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Spied: ON Sequin Tank

First, this is my 300th post, which is kind of wacky to me. So, um, yay!

Second, I spied this today:

I have no idea how this is the first time I have seen this tank, as I generally know Old Navy's inventory like the back of my own hand. But, somehow it's already in the clearance section! It'll go with everything with all that multicolored sequinage. And I just really want one. Apparently I have a sequin craving that should be satisfied, and that's cool, because apparently sequins are "in" or whatev.

Find it for just $7 (Orig. $14.99) here (limited sizes also available in black).

Check It Out

Do you all remember the Dare to Design contest from Shabby Apple I posted awhile back? Well, the top 15 entries are in! I think you should all go and vote on your favorite here. Mine? #12! Check out that neckline and you will see why! Let me know what your favorite is, and don't forget to vote, this will be an amazing opportunity for the winner.

DownEast Basics sent me this promotion today:

Here are some of my favorite bargains (all of these things are available in more than one color, so make sure to check the website):

(Do or Tie Top 9.99, Fine Line Turtleneck 7.99, Closer Look Cardi 9.99, L'Amour Coat 17.49, Curtsy Coat 17.49)

And many thanks to Angie who commented on my Vintage post from Wednesday that Moriarty's Antiques Curiosity's is becoming Capital City Antique Mall. To commemorate the name change, there will be a huge sale on Saturday 10 am to 10 pm, this means even better prices! Also, all purchases for that day go towards benefiting a music scholarship fund (a good cause to boot!).

Visit their new Facebook page or capitalcityantiquemall.com if you want more details.

Oh! And J.Crew is offering 20% off of all knits & tees. Find them all here.

Happy weekends to all!

Friday Wishlist: Ruffled Trench

This came to my inbox in a Tulle Holiday promotion:

Do I need another coat? Absolutely not. Do I really want my next coat to be orange with a ruffle detail down the front? Heck yes.

Checkered Ruffle Coat - $70

Check out the rest of their Holiday goods here.

What's your obsession this week? Leave a comment!

Have a lovely weekend!

Look for Less: Express Cardigan

I got an email from Kaley looking for this Express cardigan for less, here's what I found:

Supersoft Shaker-Stitch Sweater - Express
Open Front LS Cardigan - Forever 21

She was also hoping I could put together an outfit. As I am putting this together I am laying in bed sick (which I seem to be doing a lot lately). So, I am in a funny mood.... desiring to wear something fancy and slightly out of my comfort zone. So, here it is:

1 - Open Front LS Cardigan - Forever 21 - $13.50
2 - Dripped Sequin Top - Forever 21 - $12.50
3 - 5 Pocket Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 - $9.50
4 - Ankle Boot with Boot - Newport News - $44.00 (Orig. $64.00)
TOTAL: $79.50

What do you think of the look for less? What about the outfit? Would you wear it? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Shop Local: Vintage Finds

I have admired vintage clothing for years. Especially 60's dresses and skirts. As a child I would go through my mother's patterns and picture myself wearing the fabulous sheath dresses on the models.

I have looked for vintage clothes a handful of times at some of the local shops but had trouble finding something worth taking home. I say 'had' because I found the most beautiful chartreuse wool tweed pencil skirt at a little shop called Abode this weekend. It's not really a clothing store, though it has tons of fun vintage goods (including vintage buttons cards for just $1.... this discovery has all but curtailed my new button purchases).

I was helping my friend Ali look for suitcases for a photoshoot (for Bella Photos). I happened by a clothing rack and saw a few skirts. As soon as I pulled that skirt out I knew it was going home with me. I even tried it on over my pants in the middle of the store. It was $28, which is a lot for me, but I am sure I will use it for years to come.

Reasons to buy vintage (link):
• A positive effect on the environment, as you are effectively recycling garments.
• Unique fashion: These items cannot be found in any department store.
• Quality: These clothes are well cut, well made and have generous seam allowances for alterations.
• Better value: Buying vintage can be cheaper than buying new from designers.
• Detailed finish: When a vintage item is examined closely, the craftsmanship is evident. Many items were hand-stitched with superior fabric. Embroideries, unique buttons, beading, crochet, handmade lace and appliqué are all indications of solid craftsmanship. The styles tend to be more imaginative and the creativity is clearly seen.
• The story: Wearing a vintage piece is like wearing a living piece of art. Clothing from a different era tells stories about the women who came before us. Certain pieces have heritage attached. This intimate knowledge is priceless.


My purchase got me thinking that sometimes people are interested in buying something vintage but don't know where to start.

The ladies at Your Heart Out have been posting about local Utah hot spots for years (this is how I stumbled on to some of my favorite places). Click on the links below to read the full YHO posts on each place:

Moriarty's Antiques and Curiosities (spotted)
Everyone should visit this store. It's name says it all. I have yet to purchase any clothing here, but the costume jewelry and accessories are to die for (and so are the prices - killer earrings for $3, don't mind if I do).

959 S. West Temple Salt Lake City
(801) 521-7507

Vintage housewares, furniture, chandeliers, typewriter keys, buttons, etc. Fun odds and ends from days gone by. You never know what you will find!

And Abode is offering 20% off all purchase made after 5PM this week! Go check it out.

1720 South 900 East Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 486-2633

Vintage clothing, shoes and accessories only. I haven't spent much time here, but I have a hankering to get back.

627 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah

Budget-friendly vintage wardrobe pieces in the heart of Salt Lake's vintage district. The layout is more minimalist than overcrowded clothing store.

corner of 300 South and 200 East Salt Lake City, Utah

Coal Umbrella
EDIT: Coal Umbrella recently lost it's physical location in Provo, due to a problem with their landlord, but you'll be pleased to know they aren't out of business! They are planning to open an online shop soon. Check out the details at their website below (thanks for the heads up, Elaine!)


If you live in another community, I suggest you hunt for a few vintage shops and try them out. There is no shopping like rummage shopping!

Have you tried to shop for vintage things? Have you found success? If so, leave your tips!

Look for Less: Anthro Belt

I got a request from Rachel (of Shoes & Sewing) weeks ago asking for this Anthro Snakebite belt for less. The truth is, it slipped through a crack in my system, and I forgot about it. Until I stumbled upon a pretty convincing look-a-like by accident. I remembered the request, and the rest is history.

Here's the match-up:

Snakebite Belt - Anthropologie
Teardrop Buckle Belt - Charlotte Russe

What do you think of the belt, is it something you would wear? What about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Like a Star: Taylor Swift in Plaid

Aubrey asked for this Taylor Swift look for less:


Here are my bargain finds:

Elastic Waist Plaid Shirt - Forever 21 - $17.80
Double Loop Buckle Belt - Charlotte Russe - $12.99
Fab Color Twill Pant - Forever 21 - $13.50
Classified Hinet Flats - Cutesy Girl - $16.19 (Orig. $17.99)
TOTAL: $60.48

What do you think of the look? Of the look for less? Would you wear it? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Holiday Dresses? Already!?

I got an email request from Angela awhile back, asking for a little accessorizing help for an upcoming holiday party. She couldn't find a modest cocktail dress that wasn't black, so she sent me a few sleeveless options with some more pizazz, wondering what to wear with them in order to maintain the formal/semi-formal feel.

Here are the dress options (all from Overstock) she sent to me:

1 - Ellen Tracy Women's Sleeveless Stretch Satin Dress - $59.99
2 - Cachet Women's Silver Beaded Neck Dress - $114.99
3 - Suzi Chin Sweetheart Dress - $84.99

For fun, I have a little poll to the right, so tell us which dress is your favorite. (My favorite is #2, isn't that neckline to die for?)

Next, she was wondering what to pair it with to keep it modest. My go-to modesty-maker is always the cardigan. There are a million shapes, colors, and cuts, so they can work with anything, in my humble opinion.

Here are a few options I think would work well with a nice dress:

1 - Women's Embellished Faux-Gem Cardigan (in white & black) - Old Navy - $34.50
2 - Beaded Cardigan (in black) - Charlotte Russe - $28.99
3 - Liz Claiborne Crew Neck Cardigan (in black, grey, & pink) - Macy's - $18.74 (Orig. $38.99)
4 - Cardigan (in white) - Old Navy - $26.50

(I would pair #3 Cardigan with #2 Dress)

How about some shoes?

1 - Kate Flower D'Orsay Pump - Payless Shoesource - $26.99
2 - Jane T-Strap Sandal - Payless Shoesource - $24.99
3 - Jade Satin Knot Slingback - Payless Shoesource - $26.99

What do you all think? What's your favorite combo? Do you have a holiday soiree to attend? Do you know what you are wearing? Me either. Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Ramblings on a Saturday

I don't usually post on Saturdays, because I am really important, and I do important things, like laundry. hahahaha.

But I did want to let you know about a couple exciting things:

Use coupon code: EXTRA20 for an Extra 20% off of clearance items at J.Crew (such as those shirts I posted on Thursday... 20% off of $29.99 is $23.99, appetizing, no?)

{Ends Tomorrow}

And my new obsession is 8tracks.com. It's internet radio, but with people playing DJ and assembling mixes you can find and listen to. You can join and make mixes of your own, and follow people with similar music tastes. It's seriously addicting. If you want to see what I am listening to lately, find my mixes here. Let me know what you think and what you're listening to lately!

Keep Enjoying your Saturday!

Get to it! Old Navy Outwear Sale

A few weeks ago Arlynn of Fleur De-licious mentioned that I should do a post on winter coats, and I kept meaning to, and kept putting it off. Then, I got this little gift in my inbox this morning:

It is part of my personal philosophy that this is the way outwear should be purchased. And, Old Navy does this every year. I suggest you run to Old Navy and take advantage of it before all the good ones are gone!

My favorites:

1 - Women's Removable-Hood Wool-Blend Coat - $65.00 (Orig. $79.50) (Looks like this J.Crew Winnie Jacket, no?)
2 - Women's Wool-Blend Tab-Waist Coat - $44.75 (Orig. $89.50)
3 - Women's Belted Wool-Blend Jacket - $34.75 (Orig. $69.50) (A-dor-able!)
4 - Women's Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Coat - $75.00 (Orig. $90.50)
5 - Women's Wool-Blend Cadet Jacket - $34.75 (Orig. $69.50)
6 - Women's Wool-Blend Funnel-Neck Coat - $44.75 (Orig. $89.50) (Best deal, in my opinion!)

What are your favorites? Are you going to take advantage of the sale? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday Wishlist: Lorrick Pencil Skirt

Be still my heart:

I don't usually wear skirts with pattern. I suppose this is because my hips are the widest part of my body. Usually patterned skirts are also cotton and A-line, and I am just not down with what that shape does to my American hips (Is this a real phrase? That's what my husband calls them... he probably made it up... or got it from a country song). But this glorious confection of fashion is a patterned pencil with some structure, can you say perfect? I can.


Lorick Pencil Skirt - $175 (Orig. $350)

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment?

{As seen on le quaintrelle}

Community Knowledge: Mens Bargain Fashion

I got an email recently from Jared looking for some help,

"Your blog doesn't cover men's fashion at all! Where do you suggest we go?"

First, I had no idea that fellas other than my dad, brother, and husband ever read this blog. So, let me say Hi Fellas, if any of you are still reading.

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on men's clothes, for one obvious reason, I am not a man. I do on occasion shop for my husband, but I was wondering if any of you know of some great resource similar to my blog, for the men folk.

Or if you want to leave your best resources on finding men's clothes for reasonable prices, I am sure we'd love to read those too!

Leave your wisdom below.

J.Crew's Graphic Tee Sale

I was looking over the sale section at J.Crew this week, and I saw quite a few shirts I was eyeing this summer and early fall that have made their way to the clearance section. Many of them have that made-at-home by someone with amazing skill look. And someone should take advantage, and then tell me about it. I love living vicariously through you guys!

1 - Slub Cotton Embroidered Flowers Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $42.50)
2 - Carnation Cluster Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $45.00)
3 - Slub Cotton Embroidered Floral Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $45.00)
4 - Slub Cotton Crystal Necklace Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $49.50)
5 - Tissue Sparkling Rose Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $42.50)
6 - Textured Jersey Silk Corsage Tee - $24.99 (Orig. $39.50)

My favorite? #5, hands down. What's yours? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Reader Request: Lace Pencil Skirt Outfit

I got a request from Amy a few weeks ago:

Hey! I just want to tell you that I love your blog. I love the things that you put together and I was wondering if you could help me with an outfit. I bought this lace pencil skirt from Walmart, yes, Walmart... It really is quite adorable, but i can't think of what to put with it... I'm really lost on this one. I could really use your help!

First, I do not discriminate against a cute bargain. One of my favorite shirts is a cream colored tee with a pintucked neckline, and I got it for $7 from Walmart. I loves me a deal.

Here's what I came up with for Amy:

1 - Fab Buttoned Down Shirt - Forever 21 - $10.50
2 - Pom-Pom Brooch - threadfashion's Etsy shop - $4.00
3 - Wool Blend Cardigan - Forever 21 - $22.90
4 - Lace Pencil Skirt - WalMart - Sold Out
5 - Hilt Patent Pump - Payless Shoesource - $19.99

What do you think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Spied: Snakeskin Peeptoes

I wish I were wearing these, right now. Utah's always pretty cold at the beginning of November. And even if the high temp is in the 60's this week, by the time I recieved these in the mail, there is no doubt in my mind that snow would fall, just to spite me.

Anyhoo. Somebody somewhere should be wearing these with ankle cropped pants (sigh):

Kelly & Katie Wavy Peep Toe Pump - DSW - $29.94 (Orig. $69.00)
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