Tulle Black Friday Sale

I got this in my inbox last week:

50% off all Tulle goods PLUS free ground shipping! Someone must take advantage. (Mary did a post on this last week, see her picks here.)

A few things for yourself:

1 - Chambray High Rise Trouser - $17 (Orig. $68) I am dying for some high waisted trousers, Summer Finn's influence just won't go away!
2 - Denim Canvas Pencil Skirt - $35 (Orig. $70) {ooh-la-la, on my wishlist}
3 - Linen Paper Bag Pants - $14 (Orig. $70) I know it is winter, but for that price you can wait 'til summer to break these babies out
4 - Square Cotton Tulip Skirt - $13 (Orig. $65) Another summer find for a steal
5 - Vintage Wool Double Breasted Coat - $42.50 (Orig. $85)
6 - Zigzag Wool Skirt - $18.75 (Orig. $75)

A few things for the menfolk:

1 - Button Neck Sweater - $17.60 (Orig. $88)
2 - Two Pocket Cardigan - $34 (Orig. $68)
3 - Fisherman Collar Cardigan $37 (Orig. $78)
4 - Two Pocket Cardigan with Contrast Trim $15 (Orig. $75)

You may notice a few men's cardigans, this is because I have been on the hunt for some, and they are not so easy to find for a reasonable price. I may or may not be trying to dress my husband like Mr. Schuster on Glee. Who doesn't want their husband to be able to sing, dance, and dress like that guy? Ok, maybe that's just me. But my husband is student teaching in the spring and it's time for professional clothes every day. I love cardigans and I think he will too once he has a few. And trust me when I say, these are good prices for men's cardigans, I have looked.

Anything catching your eye enough to buy? Half price plus free shipping.... there has to be something! Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping !

(and don't get hurt or in some sort of scuffle over a sweater for $5, I promise it's not worth it)

(I'll post again Friday)


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  2. We love how you posted great cardigan finds for men! We don't think enough men wear them. You might also love Jaclyn Smith's cashmere cardigans at Kmart. Fab style, great price! http://ow.ly/Fxmd

  3. I love the "blue-ish" coat!
    Lovely blog!



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