Look for Less: Chanel

I recently got a request from April saying:

"If I could afford any designer in the world it would be Chanel! I would like to see if you could find something like this outfit for less. It seems impossible to replicate Chanel on a budget, but if anyone can do it you can! -Thanks-"

Chanel certainly is an ambitious undertaking, but here is my best shot:

1 - Chiffon Mesh Floral Necklace - Forever 21 - $10.80
2 - Bead Trim Jacket - Forever 21 - $32.80
3 - Turtleneck - Victoria Secret - $19.00 (Orig. $28.00)
4 - Plume Motif Ring - Forever 21 - $4.80
5 - Flared Cuffed Trousers - Charlotte Russe - $22.99
6 - Textured Patent Pumps - Forever 21 - $22.80

TOTAL: $113.19

So, is this a look you dig? Would you wear it? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

PS - Looking for a kick in the right direction for Cyber Monday deals? Check out the (chloe) conspiracy, she is fabulous at gathering that sort of information. I am more of a "one deal at a time" sort of a gal. I think I have Black Friday/ Cyber Monday induced anxiety (actually, I know I do).

PPS - You may notice some tweaks to the layout of my blog (I went from a 2 column layout to 3), this is all thanks to my ridiculously awesome brother, Aaron. Thanks again! I couldn't have done it without you.


  1. gorgeous and YES i'd wear--completely chic and beautiful.

    and the blog looks great :)

  2. This is amazing! I`d totally wear it :)

    And the new layout is great! I love your bog, keep up the good work :)

  3. mmm... i love! you have quite a knack for envisioning outfits. thanks for the posts.

  4. Awesome finds here!! I adore the chiffon necklace and Bead Trim jacket- so Chanel, so gorgeous!


  5. I'm in love with that necklace! (obvi b/c I love any necklaces with ribbon)
    Great finds!

  6. That jacket is so awsome!! Thanks for your help? How can you go wrong in black :)

  7. i found a belt that may work http://www.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=1524585


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