Modest Party Dresses: Shabby Apple

In a continuation of last week's post on how to make a sleeveless party dress modest, I thought I would show you guy's some party dresses that come with sleeves. These are all from local Utah company, Shabby Apple, and are beautiful. And they are all under $100!

Check out the goods:

1 - Antiquated - $93
2 - Coney Island - $93
3 - Tender is the Night (also in plum)- $93
4 - Casablanca - $86
5 - Saffron (also in black and teal) - $86
6 - Jitterbug - $76

I love #5 (in Gold), what's your favorite? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. ooo, i love number five. number three looks like tons of fun to wear too.

  2. I'd love to see more of these!!! Especially ones with longer (3/4 length) sleeves.

  3. yes all their dresses are so feminine, modest, and chic. my favorite shop;)

  4. I got dress number one for my birthday and it is MAGIC! I had a baby 2 months previous but you couldn't tell! I just left off the sash which accentuated the waist I don't have and people constantly tell me they can't tell I jsut ahd a baby! It travels like a dream, doesn't wrinkle easily, and gives me lovely curves where I need 'em and hides the rest. It's HEAVEN!

  5. Okay, I'm really wondering if these dresses are comfortable. They are styled very tight on the models, and some of them don't look very giving as far as bending down, reaching, etc. Any feedback from anyone? I'd like to try a Shabby Apple dress, but I have to be able to move a bit.

  6. I have the 80WPM dress and it fits really well. Not to tight.

    I am loving the Casablanca and the Coney Island Dresses!

  7. I have wondered the same thing, are the dresses tight or thin??? Some of the material looks thin..... I would love to hear feedback from someone who has one! I am eyeing a houndstooth one they have on their website!

  8. #2 is exquisite; love the color and the details..

  9. Wow, it is so hard to find attractive, modest dresses, and you did it! I love them all, and am so happy they are under $100


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