Ramblings on a Saturday

I don't usually post on Saturdays, because I am really important, and I do important things, like laundry. hahahaha.

But I did want to let you know about a couple exciting things:

Use coupon code: EXTRA20 for an Extra 20% off of clearance items at J.Crew (such as those shirts I posted on Thursday... 20% off of $29.99 is $23.99, appetizing, no?)

{Ends Tomorrow}

And my new obsession is 8tracks.com. It's internet radio, but with people playing DJ and assembling mixes you can find and listen to. You can join and make mixes of your own, and follow people with similar music tastes. It's seriously addicting. If you want to see what I am listening to lately, find my mixes here. Let me know what you think and what you're listening to lately!

Keep Enjoying your Saturday!

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  1. I seriously love, love, love your blog. I just love your sense of style. Thanks for keeping me hip.


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