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Do you all remember the Dare to Design contest from Shabby Apple I posted awhile back? Well, the top 15 entries are in! I think you should all go and vote on your favorite here. Mine? #12! Check out that neckline and you will see why! Let me know what your favorite is, and don't forget to vote, this will be an amazing opportunity for the winner.

DownEast Basics sent me this promotion today:

Here are some of my favorite bargains (all of these things are available in more than one color, so make sure to check the website):

(Do or Tie Top 9.99, Fine Line Turtleneck 7.99, Closer Look Cardi 9.99, L'Amour Coat 17.49, Curtsy Coat 17.49)

And many thanks to Angie who commented on my Vintage post from Wednesday that Moriarty's Antiques Curiosity's is becoming Capital City Antique Mall. To commemorate the name change, there will be a huge sale on Saturday 10 am to 10 pm, this means even better prices! Also, all purchases for that day go towards benefiting a music scholarship fund (a good cause to boot!).

Visit their new Facebook page or if you want more details.

Oh! And J.Crew is offering 20% off of all knits & tees. Find them all here.

Happy weekends to all!

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  1. I liked #12 too but I voted for #3, I just loved the sleeves and the idea of the little bows across the chest, super cute. I hope I can still buy it from someone if #3 doesn't win! :)


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