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Hope your Holiday is fun, safe and fashion faux paux free!

Chic Trends: Argyle

One of the funnest patterns around right now is argyle. This geek chic print is EVERYWHERE! Anyone can wear it, and I think everyone should! Here are some argyle finds on the cheap.

From Kohl's:

Green Argyle Cardigan $21.99 (orig. $40.00)

Argyle Boyfriend Vest $16.80 (orig. $28.00)

Grey Argyle Turtleneck Sweater $17.99 (orig. $36.00)

Kohl's is offering 99¢ standard shipping per item through Jan. 1st!

From Heritage 1981 (via Forever 21):

Faye Diamond Check Cardigan $12.99 (orig. $26.90)

Argyle V-Neck Sweater Vest $9.99 (orig. $19.90)

Emily Cropped Cardigan $13.99 (orig. $28.90)

From Forever 21:

I love love love these Argyle Tights and they are only $7.80!

Argyle Turtleneck Sweater $22.80

Thanks for reading and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Sale Watch!

There are so many great deals right now, I couldn't possibly begin to assemble outfits with all of it. So, I am just listing some of my favorite items.

From Wet Seal:

Stretch Crew Neck Tee $3.00 (orig. $6.50)

Polka Dot Satin High Neck Top $10.00 (orig. $15.50)

Pleat Trim Drape Neck Top $10.00 (orig. $21.50)

(Don't forget FREE SHIPPING from Wet Seal with coupon code: 1107WLCE)

From Gap and Charlotte Russe:

Belted Boyfriend Cardigan $19.99 (orig. $50.00)

Smocked Swing Jacket $18.49 (orig. $36.99)

Short Sleeve Cardigan $9.99 (orig. $19.99)

From Charlotte Russe:

Sateen Swing Coat $12.49 (orig. $24.99)

Herringbone Vest $10.49 (orig. $20.99)

Pleated Satin Stilettos $12.49 (orig. $24.99)

Ruffle Chiffon Top $9.99 (orig. $19.99)

From Forever 21:

Sleeveless Floral Top $11.99 (orig. $24.80)

Safari Tights $2.99 (orig. $6.80)

Pointelle Tights $4.99 (orig. $9.80)

I realize that I post a lot of sleeveless shirts. I also realize that some of us don't go sleeveless (and its also winter!) I have a few cardigans that I wear with all my fun sleeveless things. Keeps me in style and covered up.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading, and as always

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Feather Slip

This feather trimmed slip from Your Slip is Showing is a really fun idea.

The slips from this company are such a great idea. They are meant to show under your dress, and are great for those of us that are modesty conscious (especially with the popular skirt length being as short as it is these days). The only problem with this slip is it's $300!

I have a do-it-yourself plan to make yourself a similar slip for not a lot of dough.

First, buy a half slip (in black or white, depending on what kind of dress you plan to wear it with) from your local Wal/K/Tar/Shopmart. You should be able to get them for less than $12.

Then, buy feather trimming to match from a craft store (or you can buy 1 yard increments online here.) Depending on how full you want your slip, you may need more than a yard of trim.

Attach the slip using a sewing machine, or a glue gun. Use what you have.

For less than $20 you can have a fun accessory that can go with many dresses and skirts and will add life to every outfit.

If any of you complete this project, take a picture to share! Email me at uberchicforcheap at gmail dot com.

Thanks for looking, and as always

Happy Shopping!

What are you wearing on New Years?

Do you have a New Year's obligation and nothing to wear? Here are some ideas. You may notice that not everything is on clearance (and no, the sky is not falling), it's just hard to find fabulous holiday digs on clearance. I did my best to find pieces at regularly low prices. Hopefully we'll all be stepping out in style for a night on the town.

The Purple Smocked Cardigan is from Go Jane. Now $16.80 (orig. $20.99). Find it here. (Right now, Go Jane is offering free Ground Shipping on orders of $50 or more.)

This Sequined Tank is also from Forever 21. And it's also $19.80. Find it here.

The Silk/Cotton Sequined Cardigan is from Ann Taylor. It's $39.44 (orig. $99.00). Find it here.

The Ruched Satin Pencil Skirt is from Forever 21. It's $19.80. Find it here. (Picture to right shows the back of the skirt)

The Satin Bow Heels are from Charlotte Russe. They are now $12.49 (orig. $24.99) Find it here. (Right now Charlotte Russe is offering free ground shipping on orders of three items or more.)

You can pair the sequined tank with the smocked cardigan, and if you tuck the tank into the skirt, you can create slim silhouette. Or you can pair the skirt with just the sequined cardigan.

As maybe you have noticed, I am loving all things grey and purple this season, and I think the colors I have here work wonderfully for a party setting.

Thanks again for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Old Navy Clearance on Selected Styles

There are some great deals on the clearance items at Old Navy.

Shop Old Navy Clearance here.

Here are a few things I found that are great deals:

Women's Wool-Blend Swing Jacket $29.99 (orig. $69.50)

Women's Satin 3/4-Sleeve Tops $6.99 (orig. $29.50)

Women's Twisted Knit Tops $2.99 (orig. $14.50)

Happy Shopping!

Merry Christmas (and another Wet Seal Sale)

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope your holidays are filled with wonderful deals and clothes... hahaha. I do hope you all enjoying your Holiday Season with family and friends.

Also, Wet Seal has a 20% on-line only sale (valid Christmas day only):

Did you miss out on something you really wanted? Buy it for yourself. Shop Wet Seal.

Happy Shopping!

In Store Wet Seal Sale

You all might have to put up with a lot of posts for the next while (make sure you scroll down and read all that you've missed). It's Christmas time and the retailers are rushing to get their bottom lines into the black before the end of the year. The means they use to entice us into their stores are great news for us.

The latest is an In Store Only Sale at Wet Seal

To find a store near you: Click Here.

Happy Shopping!


AMI Clubwear is having a Christmas sale. 50% off their entire website! The sale goes through Christmas Day. So, buy yourself a little something festive... Coupon Code AMIHOL50

Here are a few more favorites (and I did my best to check that they were in stock this time :D):

Brown Ruched Heel Boot (orig. $51.99, AMI price $9.99) discounted to $4.99

Black Pointy Toe Knee High Heel Boot (orig. $48.99, AMI price $9.99) discounted to $4.99

Red Pointed Toe Ankle Boot (orig. $27.99, AMI price $9.99) discounted to $4.99

Camel Suede Pointed Toe Lace Up Low Heel Boot (orig. $27.99, AMI price $9.99) discounted to $4.99

Brown Western Cowboy Pointed Toe Pull On Boots (AMI price $13.99) discounted to $6.99

Orange Suede Fringe Mid Calf Pointy Toe Boots (orig. $79.99, AMI price $12.99) discounted to $6.59

Black Ruched Rhinestone Stud Pointy Toe Heel Boot (orig. $88, AMI price $23.75) discounted to $11.88

Brown Pointy Toe Hidden Platform Ankle Bootie (AMI price $37.99) discounted to $18.99

Black Knee High Buckle Strap Pointy Toe Heel Boot (orig. $46.99, AMI price $26.99) discounted to $13.49

Something to remember when buying online is shipping costs. AMI charges $9.95 for standard shipping. But, I think in the end it's a great deal!

If you buy anything, please leave a comment so we can all know about it.

Merry shopping and Happy Christmas!

One Outfit from YHO

I found this "one outfit for $100" at Your Heart Out.

You can read the full Your Heart Out post here.

I probably would buy the basic long sleeve tee at Down-East Basics. This long sleeve tee is available in 11 colors for $12.99.

Find a Down East Store near you.

The patterned tights YHO lists are fun, but they are also $28. You can find fun tights at Ross and even WalMart for less than $10. I found these at Wet Seal for $12.50. Find them here. And remember, by using the coupon code 1107WLCE you can get free standard shipping from Wet Seal.

Thanks for looking and Happy Shopping!

Wear to Work

I have assembled a 'wear to work' outfit for those of us who need to dress it up for the 9 to 5. (Or for anyone who wants to look amazing! ha)

Cardigan from Old Navy. Available in Yellow, Red, Aqua, Sage, Black, Grey, and White. $8.99 (orig. $17.50). Find it here.

Blouse from Wet Seal. It's available in Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Ivory. It's not actually on sale (shocker!) but, it's ridiculously cute and regularly priced at $22.50. (See below for free shipping code.) Find it here. 20% off entire Wet Seal site TONIGHT only!

Necklace from Forever 21. Available in Yellow, Teal, Black, and White. It's just $4.80- Find it here.

Forever 21 pants - This heathered trouser is offered in Brown, Carcoal, Dark Grey, and Black and is regularly priced at $15.50. Find it here.

These pumps are from Wet Seal are just $5.00! This pump is available in other colors, but for $22.50. By using the coupon code 1107WLCE you can be able to get free shipping. Find it here. 20% off entire Wet Seal site TONIGHT only! If you order these shoes tonight you can get them delivered to your house for $4.27 (including tax)!

Happy Shopping!

Mervyn's is Closing it's Doors

The Department store Mervyn's is closing it's doors. After filing for bankruptcy in July, the store announced they would only stay open through the holidays. Going out of business sales are an excellent place to find great deals (60% off or more!). So, head over to your local Mervyn's and do me proud.

PS- Rumor has it that Forever 21 (a personal favorite of über-chic) has acquired some of Mervyn's stores. So, sometime soon we could all have some Forever 21 near and dear to us.

Happy shopping!

Store Spotlight: AMI Clubwear

Ok, so I know what you are thinking, "she's sending me to a site called clubwear, oh dear." And if I was telling you to buy anything but footwear here, you would be right. Even some of the shoes are less than desirable... unless you are really looking for some patent leather thigh high boots, then this is a great place to look. But, the deals on boots here are amazing! Here are a few of my favorites. Some of these come in more than one color, but you may have to look around the site a bit to find the other listings. Believe me, these deals are worth digging for!

Brown Flat Boot $13.08 (orig. $35.99)

Black Flat Boot with Lace-up $9.99 (orig. $27.99)

Brown Heeled Boot $9.99 (orig. $26.99)

Grey Heeled Boot $12.99 (orig. $59.99)

Brown Flat Boot with Stud detail $13.99 (orig. $21.99)

And don't forget AMI is giving an extra 25% off all purchases until Dec. 20th (coupon code: AMIWHOLE25). If you act fast, you will get a screaming deal.

Happy shopping!

2 Great Outfits, One Pair of Jeans

I thought I wouldn't be making many posts as I am very busy at work and all, but I just can't help myself!

Here I have assembled two outfits on a budget.

Outfit one: The tank is from Old Navy, it's available in 5 prints. And it's only $6 (orig. $14.50) Find it here.

The cardigan is from Alloy, and is available in both green and red (how festive!). It's now $9.99 down from $24.50. Find it here.

The boots are from AMI Clubwear. The are just $12.80 down from $54.99! Find them here.


Skinny jeans are very in right now, and it's hard to get a good deal on them many places. My advice? Go to Ross! If you can't find a pair of skinny jeans at Ross, you aren't looking. Just go to the Juniors jeans section, go to your size and grab 5 pairs in your size and try them on. I got my favorite pair off the clearance rack for $6.99. My guess is that you can get a pair for less than $15.

Find a Ross Dress for Less near you!

Outfit Two:

This skinny belt is from Forever 21 and is just $4.80. Find it here.

The top is from Old Navy, and is available in 3 patterns. It's $15.00 (orig. $29.50). Find it here.

These rosette ballet flats are also from Old Navy, they are available in pink, blue, black, and gray. They are now $10 down from $19.50. Find them here.

That's all for now. Hope to be back with another post soon!

Shoes, Anyone?

So, I don't have a ton of time to make posts right now, but I have found a few killer deals on shoes this week.

These are amazing heels are from Forever 21, and are only $13.99 (orig. $28.80)

Find them here http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=sale&product%5Fid=2052639621&Page=1

These bauble flats were everywhere this season! They are still available in pink and blue. $9.99 down from $24.50. Find them here http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=42477&pid=594614

I love these kitten heels, and they are available in 5 colors. And would you believe they are $6.99 (orig. $39.50)? Find them here http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=42477&pid=606381

I love a flat grey boot, in fact I tried to order these (but they didn't have my size). Hopefully one of you can benefit from my search. $12.80 down from $22.99. Find them here http://www.amiclubwear.com/shoes-boots-premier-01greysu.html

These cowboy boots are great. And only $8.99 (orig. $54.99)! Find them here http://www.amiclubwear.com/shoes-boots-51329camel.html

Thanks for looking and I will try to make another post soon!

Thanks so much for your request.

I will evaluate your request and let you know if I have time for it as soon as I can!


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