Mervyn's is Closing it's Doors

The Department store Mervyn's is closing it's doors. After filing for bankruptcy in July, the store announced they would only stay open through the holidays. Going out of business sales are an excellent place to find great deals (60% off or more!). So, head over to your local Mervyn's and do me proud.

PS- Rumor has it that Forever 21 (a personal favorite of über-chic) has acquired some of Mervyn's stores. So, sometime soon we could all have some Forever 21 near and dear to us.

Happy shopping!


  1. I took the girls there yesterday and got some great deals! According to the receipt I saved $403.67. I would never pay full price for any of it though, so that is a little misleading.

  2. That's great! That happens to me all the time... but it's still nice to know that we got a deal (even though it's my code to buy much of anything full price).

  3. I am so glad that you are doing this site! This will help me alot! Great ideas! Thanks


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