Wear to Work

I have assembled a 'wear to work' outfit for those of us who need to dress it up for the 9 to 5. (Or for anyone who wants to look amazing! ha)

Cardigan from Old Navy. Available in Yellow, Red, Aqua, Sage, Black, Grey, and White. $8.99 (orig. $17.50). Find it here.

Blouse from Wet Seal. It's available in Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Ivory. It's not actually on sale (shocker!) but, it's ridiculously cute and regularly priced at $22.50. (See below for free shipping code.) Find it here. 20% off entire Wet Seal site TONIGHT only!

Necklace from Forever 21. Available in Yellow, Teal, Black, and White. It's just $4.80- Find it here.

Forever 21 pants - This heathered trouser is offered in Brown, Carcoal, Dark Grey, and Black and is regularly priced at $15.50. Find it here.

These pumps are from Wet Seal are just $5.00! This pump is available in other colors, but for $22.50. By using the coupon code 1107WLCE you can be able to get free shipping. Find it here. 20% off entire Wet Seal site TONIGHT only! If you order these shoes tonight you can get them delivered to your house for $4.27 (including tax)!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Well I had no idea Miss Madeline that you were such a fashion guru... in the know how, anyhow... love the blog...


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