What are you wearing on New Years?

Do you have a New Year's obligation and nothing to wear? Here are some ideas. You may notice that not everything is on clearance (and no, the sky is not falling), it's just hard to find fabulous holiday digs on clearance. I did my best to find pieces at regularly low prices. Hopefully we'll all be stepping out in style for a night on the town.

The Purple Smocked Cardigan is from Go Jane. Now $16.80 (orig. $20.99). Find it here. (Right now, Go Jane is offering free Ground Shipping on orders of $50 or more.)

This Sequined Tank is also from Forever 21. And it's also $19.80. Find it here.

The Silk/Cotton Sequined Cardigan is from Ann Taylor. It's $39.44 (orig. $99.00). Find it here.

The Ruched Satin Pencil Skirt is from Forever 21. It's $19.80. Find it here. (Picture to right shows the back of the skirt)

The Satin Bow Heels are from Charlotte Russe. They are now $12.49 (orig. $24.99) Find it here. (Right now Charlotte Russe is offering free ground shipping on orders of three items or more.)

You can pair the sequined tank with the smocked cardigan, and if you tuck the tank into the skirt, you can create slim silhouette. Or you can pair the skirt with just the sequined cardigan.

As maybe you have noticed, I am loving all things grey and purple this season, and I think the colors I have here work wonderfully for a party setting.

Thanks again for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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