Giveaway: Sheinside Summer Vacation

Today I am stoked to offer a giveaway from Sheinside. They sent me a few summery goodies and I'm head over heels.

old navy polka dot shorts - $10 | similar here | and here
payless woven sandals - $12 | similar here | and here

Sheinside has generously offered a chance to win two selections from their summer collection.

To enter:
1) Register on Sheinside.
2) Like the Sheinside Facebook Page
3) Leave a comment under this post using your email address (the same as used for signing up)

The giveaway ends on Sunday, July 13 at 10 pm.

Good luck!

This Week {No. 41}

These pictures are obviously not from this week but because I almost died had a nasty virus, I never had a chance to post them.We road tripped across Northern and Central California and had an amazing time.

Monterey | Hiking at Stout Grove
Swimming at the pool | Misty Morning in Klamath 
Hiking at Donner State Park | Drive Thru Redwood
Redwood National Park | Monterey Beach

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

b  u  y
this breezy Anthro dress (on sale!)
this bold necklace
these adorable printed trousers
these sweet sandals
this pintucked silk blouse (great price)

d  o
this simple contouring tutorial

r  e  a  d
this interesting novel

t  h  i  s    w  e  e  k  e  n  d
we are heading to a few family get togethers &
finally taking advantage of the our new grass.
what are you up to?

Hello: Anne B | The Made Collection

Sarah of Anne B designs was kind enough to send me one of her beautiful foldover clutches to coincide with the launch of her indiegogo campaign and I just can't get enough of it.

foldover clutch c/o anne b designs
coral ponte blazer c/o sheinside
anthro blouse | $39
asos pants | $40
thrifted gold heels | $6

Here are the fundraiser campaign details

a b o u t   s a r a h

I grew-up in Virginia Beach, Virginia taking dance lessons, piano lessons, attending various art schools, participated in church and school choirs, and picked up sewing along the way.

I'm practically a self-taught seamstress, initially out of frustration with tacky clothes and bags. I found that I enjoyed desiging bags the most because I found have them fit my personal taste and style. Then I began to consult with friends to design bags that fit their personal needs, taste, and style as well. I loved seeing how excited they got realizing they were essentially the designer—I just made the sketches and final product.

Fast forward to 2014, after many years and many fails, I've developed anne b (middle name + last initial) into an authentic handbag brand that has expereinced international sales and creditable local media recognition.

(Additional background - I graduated from Brigham Young Univeristy in Provo, Utah receiving a BA in Communications - Advertising and minor in Dance in 2012. I served a mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in San Diego, California from 2007-2009.)

m y    p r o j e c t

I believe that in our modern world, sewing has become a lost art. As a self taught seamstress, I want to help change that. That’s why I'm using Indiegogo to help raise funds to start a sewing school here where I live in Salt Lake City called, called Made.

This school will be set up like a gym—where anyone can buy a membership, take individual classes, or bring in their own projects. It doesn’t matter if they have advanced sewing skills or if they've never even touched a sewing machine, anyone can come and learn stitching, mending, alterations, clothing construction, accessories, or home decor. Whatever you want to make — we’ll make it happen.

t h e    M A D E    i n s p i r a t i o n

I was first inspired to create this school while volunteering in Uganda last summer with HELP International. While there, I taught women and children skills like sewing, paper bead making, and marketing. Seeing how quickly they picked up these skills and their creativity was truly inspiring. When I got back to the States I knew I wanted to bring that same spirit of teaching, creativity, and innovation to the people around me.

p l e d g e    r e w a r d s

To show my appreciation for the support of Made, backers will receive a bag from a special collection under my label anne b appropriately called - The MADE Collection. These cosmetic bags and folded clutches are made from 100% leather, bold kona cotton prints, bright colored lining, leather trimmed pockets, and durable brass zippers.

In staying true to the initial inspiration for this project, I have worked with local LDS and Catholic refugee services to identify skilled seamstresses who will then manufacture the bags and will be employeed through donations to this project. I will provide personal training and mentoring for the refugees to ensure quality craftsmanship.

The remaining funds will go directly to the Made school to help pay for sewing machines, rental space, sewings tools and materials, and promoting throughout the valley.

t h e    k i c k e r

I strongly believe that everyone has a spark of innovation and creativity in them no matter who or where they are. By supporting Made, you can help others realize their potential and maybe even help it come alive in you!

d e l i v e r a b l e s

The campaign goal is $10,000 by July 25. Once we hit $7,500, men's dopp kits will be available for pre-order.

Our goal is to fulfill all orders 4-6 weeks after they're placed. If by chance there is a delay, we will keep everyone posted on the progress of their item.


Please check out her campaign and join me tonight at the Made Workshop. Find the details here.

Campaign -
Shop -
IG @annebsarah
FB /annebdesigns
Twitter @annebdesigns
Tumblr -
YouTube - Instructional Videos


A Picture Is Worth {No. 18}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I love this week's look. It's sweet without being cutesy, simple but not boring, on trend but not too trendy. My husband described it as "affluent librarian," but I think that only speaks to its sophistication - with a color like mint in the mix, this outfit is anything but stuffy.

I've put together my own version for less than $150:

shirt, $34.50 || blazer, $64.99 || pants, $9.95 || pumps, $39.99

o p t i o n s
pumps: one || two || three || four + my favorites

P.S. I think the image originally came from this shop (as a product photo or a lookbook image, maybe?), but it can no longer be found there.

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Our Life: On Getting Sick

A funny thing can happen when you get sick. You can all the sudden remember how debilitating just not feeling good can be.

Tate and I came down with fevers and terrible sore throats and general malaise over last weekend. At first I was convinced I had strep - I've had it before and the symptoms were a dead ringer. I dragged Tate to the pediatrician in the morning and somehow managed to wait 97 minutes at my doctor's office all while getting sicker and sicker. We both failed the rapid strep test but I was undeterred. Give me my antibiotics! And my doctor obliged. Unfortunately, I just didn't feel better.

I laid in bed for days. I wore the same pair of pajamas for more consecutive days than I should admit. Tate and I napped most of the days away. And every morning I woke up thinking is this what dying feels like? I have to be dying. 

Tate was incredibly sweet. He cuddled with me, held my hand constantly, and woke up more often than I can count to tell me he loved me in his sleep. I think I forgot in the craziness of having a colicky baby exactly how connected Tate and I used to be. As terrible as being sick was, it was a great reminder that Tate and I go way back.

On the fifth day of fever, Tate woke up acting like a crazy delirious person and I realized his fever had topped out at 104 and I panicked. After prayers and debate and a cool bath (which was effective but one of the most unpleasant things I have ever had to do as a parent, following close behind holding your kid down for stitches) and another dose of ibuprofen that stupid fever broke and we finally got some sleep.

On Friday we went to the doctor again and the doctor started talking about mono. My heart sunk into my feet. Mono brings a legendary lingering exhaustion - I don't have time for that - no one has time for that ish. Tate had some blood drawn (like a fracking champion - he didn't even bat an eye) to explore that possibility. Thank goodness we don't have mono. It was viral infection and possibly one of the worst things I have ever caught (I've felt worse, but since migraines aren't contagious, that's a different animal). 

I had days where I woke up, got dressed and then I realized I just didn't have anything but laying in bed in me. Today was the first day I got up in the morning, behaved like a civilized human and didn't collapse into a heap before 7:00. Thank goodness we are on summer vacation and Steve was home with us all week last week, because he took over in every way.

All this is to say, I am not abandoning this blog for the summer like I did last year. I'm sticking around. And many many many thanks to Mary for being the only steady thing about uber chic for the last little while. That girl is the Meredith to my Christina, wait, I'm not sure who is who in that scenario, but I'm just saying she's my person.

The end. And goodnight.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 17}

By fashion contributor Mary.

This week's inspiration image is such a sweet and simple summer outfit. I think the cat eye makeup brings a bit of edge to her look, and I love it as a way to show off one of the beautiful floral tees that Madeline featured last week.

Here's my version for under $115:

hat, $12.80 || necklace, $24 || tee, $25.99 || skirt, $24.95 || bag, $19.99 || flats, $7

o p t i o n s
skirt: one || two || three || four
You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

A Picture Is Worth {No. 16}

By fashion contributor Mary.

If there's one quality I value in an outfit (after being flattering and being affordable), it is being easy. With four kids and a busy schedule, I can't emphasize too many times how little thought I want to spend on getting dressed. I love to spend time shopping, but once the clothes are actually in my closet, I want ensembles that basically put themselves together.

This week's inspiring image is simple in its basic components (white top + pencil skirt + flat sandals), but the details of each item make it interesting. The floral pattern, sleeve detail, and delicate gold accessories bring everything together to look effortlessly cool.

Here's my version for less than $135:

bangles, $4.99 || sandals, $29.99 || tee, $29.95 || skirt, $35 || pendant, $5.80 || clutch, $26.98

o p t i o n s
sandals: one || two || three || four || five
skirt: $17.80 || $26 || $28.58 || $49.07 || $66.69

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Spied: One Shoulder One Piece

Tis the season to buy 12 swimsuits because you can't choose just one. Right? Or is that just me? I saw this beautiful one piece and my immediate reaction was to buy it. So, I'll share it with you instead.

Here are a few other great options under $40:

Go Get It: H&M {No. 11}

H&M always has such great options. I am constantly surprised at the awesome accessories and blouses. And I just love that they have knee length skirts almost all the time. Here are a few of my favorite things in stock right now.

1 | Slim-fit Jeans | $20
2 | Pleated Skirt | $50
3 | Short Necklace | $18
4 | Pleated Skirt | $35
5 | Satin Blouse | $18
6 | Pencil Skirt | $35
7 | Knit Top | $15
8 | Patterned Maxi Dress | $40
9 | Jersey Top | $10

Must Have: Knee Length Skirts

Forever 21 is really hit and miss on their skirt lengths. Sometimes I have a hard time finding one I would wear - but right now? They have tons of options:

1 | Rustic Romance A-Line Skirt | $27.80
2 | Floral Print Pencil Skirt | $17.80
3 | Blocked Stripe Midi Skirt | $17.80
4 | Accordion Lace Paneled Midi Skirt | $24.80
5 | Tropical Pleated Midi Skirt | $22.80
6 | Woven A-Line Skirt | $14.80
7 | Button-Front Midi Skirt | $17.80
8 | Lace-Trimmed Skirt | $19.80
9 | Athletic-Inspired Pencil Skirt | $11 (Orig. $15.80)
10 | Buttoned Floral Midi Skirt | $24.80
11 | Vibrant Tribal Print Skirt | $17.80
12 | Island Print A-Line Skirt | $22.80

A Picture Is Worth {No. 15}

This summer crop tops seem to be everywhere. But as someone who has no interest in baring my stomach, I was happy to let the trend pass me by. Until I saw this outfit. It manages to take a trend I associate with someone much younger than I and pulls it into seriously sophisticated territory.

Here's my version, for under $130.

crop top, $16 || jeans, $10 || blouse, $25 || bag, $25 || bracelet, $9 || sunglasses, $5 || shoes, $21

Spied: Sleek Striped Flats

I love how stripes can be used as a neutral. They add interest without pulling too much attention from the rest of what you are wearing. I think these flats would add just enough to basically any outfit.

Sleek Striped Flats | $19.80 | Forever 21

Also available in suede & leather look.

Sale: J.Crew {30-50% Off}

J.Crew is offering 30% off their sale section (with final sale items at 50% off!) It's taking all my self control not to buy it all up. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1 | merino baseball sweater in scallop intarsia |$49 (Orig. $89)
2 | silk dress in antique floral | $56 (Orig. $188)
3 | piped silk tee | $49 (Orig. $98)
4 | o-ring braided belt | $23 (Orig. $42)
5 | drapey crepe pencil skirt | $42 (Orig. $120)
6 | airy summer straw hat | $18 (Orig. $33)
7 | embroidered buttoned top | $49 (Orig. $89)
8 | tiered dress in blurred floral | $56 (Orig. $118)
9 | embroidered merino sweater | $25 (Orig. $89)
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