Our Life: On Getting Sick

A funny thing can happen when you get sick. You can all the sudden remember how debilitating just not feeling good can be.

Tate and I came down with fevers and terrible sore throats and general malaise over last weekend. At first I was convinced I had strep - I've had it before and the symptoms were a dead ringer. I dragged Tate to the pediatrician in the morning and somehow managed to wait 97 minutes at my doctor's office all while getting sicker and sicker. We both failed the rapid strep test but I was undeterred. Give me my antibiotics! And my doctor obliged. Unfortunately, I just didn't feel better.

I laid in bed for days. I wore the same pair of pajamas for more consecutive days than I should admit. Tate and I napped most of the days away. And every morning I woke up thinking is this what dying feels like? I have to be dying. 

Tate was incredibly sweet. He cuddled with me, held my hand constantly, and woke up more often than I can count to tell me he loved me in his sleep. I think I forgot in the craziness of having a colicky baby exactly how connected Tate and I used to be. As terrible as being sick was, it was a great reminder that Tate and I go way back.

On the fifth day of fever, Tate woke up acting like a crazy delirious person and I realized his fever had topped out at 104 and I panicked. After prayers and debate and a cool bath (which was effective but one of the most unpleasant things I have ever had to do as a parent, following close behind holding your kid down for stitches) and another dose of ibuprofen that stupid fever broke and we finally got some sleep.

On Friday we went to the doctor again and the doctor started talking about mono. My heart sunk into my feet. Mono brings a legendary lingering exhaustion - I don't have time for that - no one has time for that ish. Tate had some blood drawn (like a fracking champion - he didn't even bat an eye) to explore that possibility. Thank goodness we don't have mono. It was viral infection and possibly one of the worst things I have ever caught (I've felt worse, but since migraines aren't contagious, that's a different animal). 

I had days where I woke up, got dressed and then I realized I just didn't have anything but laying in bed in me. Today was the first day I got up in the morning, behaved like a civilized human and didn't collapse into a heap before 7:00. Thank goodness we are on summer vacation and Steve was home with us all week last week, because he took over in every way.

All this is to say, I am not abandoning this blog for the summer like I did last year. I'm sticking around. And many many many thanks to Mary for being the only steady thing about uber chic for the last little while. That girl is the Meredith to my Christina, wait, I'm not sure who is who in that scenario, but I'm just saying she's my person.

The end. And goodnight.


  1. So glad you're feeling better! I saw the mono news and was about to send you some well-wishes and then saw the no-more-mono news- so yay! Being sick sucks.

  2. A hundred hugs to all of you! I'm SO SO glad you're feeling better, and of course I love being your person. You're mine, too. <3 <3

  3. being sick is the worst! Glad you're feeling better!


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