A Picture Is Worth {No. 16}

By fashion contributor Mary.

If there's one quality I value in an outfit (after being flattering and being affordable), it is being easy. With four kids and a busy schedule, I can't emphasize too many times how little thought I want to spend on getting dressed. I love to spend time shopping, but once the clothes are actually in my closet, I want ensembles that basically put themselves together.

This week's inspiring image is simple in its basic components (white top + pencil skirt + flat sandals), but the details of each item make it interesting. The floral pattern, sleeve detail, and delicate gold accessories bring everything together to look effortlessly cool.

Here's my version for less than $135:

bangles, $4.99 || sandals, $29.99 || tee, $29.95 || skirt, $35 || pendant, $5.80 || clutch, $26.98

o p t i o n s
sandals: one || two || three || four || five
skirt: $17.80 || $26 || $28.58 || $49.07 || $66.69

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