Blog Love: Freshly Picked

Sometimes I am reading a blog and I think, "Other people should know about this!" I usually add it to my blog roll, but I don't think that has the 'shout it from the rooftop' effect I am going for. So, occassionally, I'll share a blog that is tickling my fancy.

First up, Freshly Picked:

I have been reading this blog for about a year, and it just keeps getting better. Yesterday Susan posted a tutorial for taking in the waistband on jeans:

I have never been so excited about a DIY in my life. I often buy pants that fit wonderfully through the hips and thighs and gap like crazy at the waist (if you are an hour glass or pear shape, you know what I am talking about).

She also posted a tutorial for a simple elastic skirt with pockets a few weeks ago. As well as pointing readers to a tutorial to add pockets to any skirt or dress, freaking fantastic.

And to top it off, she's quite funny.

Have any of you been following Freshly Picked? Any new blog loves you want to share with the rest of us? Leave a comment!

PSSST: J.Crew 30% off Final Sale

{As seen on JCA}

The deal is good ends Monday. So, if you have been stalking something in J.Crew's Final Sale, now is your chance to pounce!

Friday Wishlist: Graphic Flower Tee

There is one pretty continuous theme running through my wishlist posts. I am so over winter. And believe me, I know I am not the only one. But, I have a wish for this to be my last lingering winter (as it doesn't really feel like spring here until, oh mid-May). So here is another find that I would love to run around in this spring.

Graphic Flower Tee - Banana Republic - $45.00

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Spied: Huarache Flats

Just yesterday, I was evaluating my closet (deciding what I should put in the boutique) and I decided that I needed 2 specific things to fill in the gaps of my shoe collection: a grey pair or flats and a coral pair of flats.

Lo and behold:

Vinyl Huarache Flat - Forever 21 - $17.80

What do you think? As spring approaches what do you need to fill the gaps in your closet? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Sponsor Über-Chic for Cheap

Über-Chic for Cheap has openings for sponsors starting in the month of March!

Email for rates and discounts.

DownEast Basics: New Arrivals

So, something has occurred to me. Running two blogs is twice as hard as running one. What have I gotten myself into? haha. Truthfully, I am so in love with the idea of the boutique, I know it's not going anywhere. Have you guys seen that we have 45 43 things in the shop and 5 6 things have sold? It's all so fantastic. Still, all this blogging is making me sleepy.

Enough about me. On to the post:

I have been very impressed with DownEast Basics lately. Their spring roll out is no exception. Here are a few things I wouldn't mind getting my little hands on:

Satin & Bead Necklace - $14.99
Fancy Tee - $16.99
Top Tier Skirt - $34.99 {I had my hands on one of these from last season at the Warehouse, but opted not to get it, and now I am trying to figure out why?}
Multi-Strand Pearls - $8.99

What are your thoughts on DownEast Basics? The spring arrivals? The awesomeness of the boutique? (kidding). Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Reader Request: Clothing tips for London & Paris

I received this request from Aubrey a few weeks ago,

In the middle of March I'll be traveling to London and Paris for a school trip for 10 days, and was wondering if you had any advice on packing/outfits to take, etc. Our leaders have advised us to wear tennis shoes and lots of layers because the weather in that region can be unpredictable.

Do you have any advice for avoiding tennis shoes yet still remaining casual, comfy and cute? We're going to be doing a lot of walking so I will need a dependable shoe that won't kill my feet. Also I don't want to look bulky in a winter coat with layers so do you have any advice on how to layer outfits in a comfortable way?

And do you have any advice on packing? I don't want to bring too much with me because I'd like to bring tons of souvenirs back :-) Haha, so I was just wondering if you had any advice on traveling fashionably...

There is a quite a bit in there. First I'll start with what I found out about the weather in London in Paris in March.

According to, Paris in March remains somewhat chilly, with temperatures hovering at around 45 degrees F on average. It's a good idea to pack clothes that you can layer in case an unusually cool or warm day sneaks up on you. You can bring light cotton shirts and pants in hopes of sun, but also pack a few sweaters, warm socks, a scarf and a spring coat.

March can be a wet month, and Paris is well-known for its erratic and sudden downpours. So make sure to pack an umbrella that can withstand strong rain and wind.

Make sure to pack a good pair of waterproof shoes. Rain during a March trip to Paris is likely, and you don't want to ruin your excursions with sloshy shoes and cold, wet socks.

London has similar temperatures and would do well with similar packing strategies.

So, I think one important thing to make sure to have is a heavy weight sweater. These are great for layering on cool days or to wear under a spring coat for extra warmth.

1 - Cardigan Jacket - American Eagle - $24.46 (Orig. $49.50)
{I was able to get this in Navy Heather at the outlet for $7.50 (and I love it), I think the B&M stores have much deeper discounts on these clearance racks, so check them out!}
2 - Warm Knit Cardigan - American Eagle - $20.99 (Orig. $49.50)
3 - Shawl Collar Skinny Cardigan - American Eagle - $20.99 (Orig. $39.99)

For footwear, I think the best option for cool, rainy days and walking through the city is a flat leather boot. I have a pair of these, and they are infinitely versatile and super comfortable.

1 - Stanton Boot - Alloy $19.99 (Orig. $39.90)
2 - Mina Flat Boot - Ann Taylor - $49.99 (Orig. $245.00)
3 - Alexis Moto Western Boot - Endless - $49.95

Also, make sure to check out clearance racks at department stores and places like TJ Maxx (where I found my Steve Madden's for $50). Now is the best time to get a great deal on boots.

Just make sure the items you bring are good for mixing and matching outfits.

I will be the first to admit I am not a great packer. I bring 6 pairs of jeans and 20 shirts to Alaska for 6 weeks and end up wearing 20% of what I brought. But the ladies at Academichic know a thing or two about packing to mix and match on a trip. Read a few of their tips here: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

What do you all think of the tips? Do you guys have any other tips to share? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Spied: Get Gorgeous Skirt

In the spring and summer time, I am a big fan of wearing skirts. They are cool and put together. I spotted this today, and thought it just screams warm weather (which I am absolutely dying in anticipation to enjoy):

Get Gorgeous Skirt - Down East Basics - $ 24.99 (Orig. $29.99)

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: J.Crew Stretch Pencil Skirt

You all may remember this Shade straight skirt, as I did a product review and and gave one away a few weeks ago, but it just occurred to me that it's a dead ringer for this J.Crew find (and the Shade skirt has been recently further discounted):

Stretch Double-Serge Pencil Skirt - J.Crew - $98.00
Straight Skirt - Shade - $21.99 (Orig. $38.50)

I eyed the skirt for months before I received mine, and am loving it. It's a classic piece that I am sure I will use for years to come!

What do you think of the look? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

PS - A bunch of items were added to the boutique this weekend, and I am still hoping for more! There were even a few sales... exciting stuff. Make sure to check it out, and if you have stuff to add to the site, please don't hesitate, the more the better! XOXO

Spied: Watercolor Racerback Tank

I spied this Old Navy Deal of the week, and I thought "Hey, I have seen that before."

Watercolor Racerback Tank - $6.00 (Orig. $12.50) - Deal of the week, so this price is good for 7 days...

As seen on the daily fashion chronicles of Kendi last week:

{Kendi Everyday}

There are several color and pattern options, and the price is quite fabulous. My favorite pattern is the blue and grey stripe (also sported by Kendi). According to online reviews this fits on the drapey side of things, so you might want to order down a size.

What do you all think? Leave a comment!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Über Chic Boutique is Open

So, after the positive feedback I got yesterday, I decided to open the Über Chic Boutique ASAP.

The guidelines for submissions are already listed. So, start cleaning out your closets, ladies! I will post a few items of my own this weekend.

If you use Google Reader, I suggest adding this to your feeds so you can keep on top of what is being added at all times.

Make sure to check back, this site won't work without all of you!

I have an idea!

So, I have been rolling an idea around in my head for a few weeks, and decided I should ask you all what you think of it.

I was totally inspired by Elaine's new blog, SHOP clothed much. She lists items that the is tired of from her closet and people can email her and make an offer on it. No more standing awkwardly at the consignment store counter while they decide that your jacket is an inch too short or that those pants came out 2 years ago (gasp) and that they won't buy them.

I was thinking it would be awesome to do a collective shop online with this same idea. I know I have a pile of things, I am over, but that someone else might like to have. It seems like a win-win. I would open it up for other people who would like to list a few items. I will still have to hammer out the guidelines of the site, but I just want to see what you all think of it.

So leave a comment, or vote on the poll to the right.

Inspired: Anthro Look {Pressed Lace}

Hands down, my favorite part of the Anthropologie website is the outfit section. They update it often, utilizing new arrivals and interesting styling. I found this outfit and it immediately caught my attention:

(ringing in at a mere $842)

I found a few pieces that I think echo the feel:

H81 Bold Stripe Cardigan - Forever 21 - $24.90 {Add some lace for a really similar feel - I think this would be a VERY simple DIY that offers a lot of impact}
AB Studio Ruffled Asymmetrical Tank - Kohl's - $24.99 (Orig. $42.00) {Here's another pick, with a more subtle color and sleeves, but it's got a drop waist, just $9.99}
Side Flower Drape Necklace - Forever 21 - $12.80
Mossimo Strappy Wedge Sandals - Target - $19.99
Levi's Denim Leggings - Kohl's - $31.99 {I am also liking Old Navy's full length skinny dress pants for $29.50}
TOTAL: $114.67

What do you think of the inspiration look? How about my picks? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Community Knowledge: Tall Sizes

Recently, I received this message from Coral:

I am reluctant to order things online because I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit me in stores. You've mentioned ordering tall at Old Navy and I was wondering if the sleeves on long sleeved items are longer? I have ape arms and have SUCH a hard time finding cute things that fit. Like cardigans.

Any ideas for clothing brands that have LONG sleeves? (Preferably affordable, of course.) I don't even have a coat that fits me well!

I will be the first to admit, I am not an expert on this as I am 5'-2".

I have read feedback at from taller individuals saying that the tall sizing offers a longer torso as well as longer sleeves.

(Go to fit guide here. You can compare measurements to the traditional sizes there.)

Do you guys know of any other sources of apparel that offers tall sizing or at least that seem to have long sleeves?

Leave your wisdom below.

Spied: Striped Ruffled Tanks

I wonder when I am going to tire of these stripes that have burst on the scene this spring season. Not yet.

Ruffled U-Neck Tanks - Old Navy - $14.50

You may notice a resemblance between this and the maternity top I posted last week. I was so happy to see this in the Women's section!

Also, when did scoop necks become U-Necks? Did the apparel industry just decide that they are so similar to V-Necks they should be named similarly? Did I miss it, or did this new term just come on the scene?

What do you think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Reader Request: Accesorizing a Formal

Recently, I received this request from Anjali,

I'm attending our graduate school formal event, basically grown-up prom, next month and need help finding accessories to my dress. I bought this dress from white house black market and want to wear green/turquoise/gold accessories to match a bracelet I have, but am having trouble finding sophisticated looking jewelry to match.

Ottoman Dress with Bow - White House Black Market - $49.99 (Orig. $150.00) - excellent find, Anjali!

Here is what I came up with to accessorize her beautiful dress:

Jeweled Teardrop Earrings - Forever 21 - $5.80
Sparkling Jewel Bangle - Forever 21 - $6.80
Flowers Clutch with Rose - Endless - $20.00

What do you all think of the picks? Any tips for accessorizing for a formal event? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Friday Wishlist: Flower Appliqué Tee

I have a thing for J.Crew embellished tees. I have caught myself looking at this one quite a few times.

I love that it's graphic and dimensional, and that it so clearly says spring is on its way. Here is a close up of the detail:

Usually I look at these things and think I could do that, but I could not do this. It's just too intricate and fantastic.

Appliqué Flower Art Tee - J.Crew - $78.00

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment!

I hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend!

PS- President's Day is chock full of fantastic sales. Hit up Chloe's new blog, See Chloe Shop to read about some of them!

Spied: Patent Bow Belt

Yesterday, I made my own bow belt out of ribbon for my sewing project extraordinaire. I love what I made, but it was hard and time consuming! I saw this belt a few days ago, but decided that I really wanted I ribbon belt to mimic the original feel of the project. If I had it to do over again, I think I might have just bought this. It's too cute and you can't beat the price.

Patent Bow Belt - $5.80 - Forever 21

What do you think? Something you would wear? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

I Could Do That: Anthro Free Flow Tank

As soon as I saw the tutorial for the DIY ruffle front shirt at Tea Rose Home, I knew I wanted to make one. Then, I saw the Anthropologie Free Flow Tank, and decided I could utilize that technique to make a similar shirt.

{Free Flow Tank - $78, the chloe conspiracy}

I am in the throws of the project now, and will share more details on how I did it and maybe even a picture of me in my shirt when it's done. We'll see.

Anything you guys are craving to make yourselves this week? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Sewing!

Old Navy Extra Deals and Steals {seriously good}

If you decide to order anything from the last Old Navy maternity post you should know that Old Navy is offering free shipping on maternity (+ kid + baby) orders over $50. Use code "ONGIVE50".

Also, Use code "ONSAVE20" to take 20% off your purchase of $100+ in Women's (or Men's!) clothing, or use code "ONGET30" for 30% off one adult item, or cardholders can use "ONGET40" for 40% off one adult item and "thankyou" for an additional $10 off that. Holy Smokes.

As far as online deals go, these are awesome. Ruffle neck cardigan (for $8.55 + shipping!) here I come (as they don't seem to be coming in store).

{via the chloe conspiracy}

Happy Online Shopping!

Old Navy: Maternity Sale

This week, Old Navy is offering up to 40% off their Maternity styles (the deal ends Feb. 18). I found a few things I would totally wear if I happened to be pregnant:

1 - Rope-Belt Jersey Top - $12.50 (Orig. $16.50)
2 - Ruffle-Neck Top - $8.50 (Orig. $16.50) {similar to this top that I own in 2 colors, and love}
3 - Jersey V-Neck Tunic - $10.00 (Orig. $16.50)
4 - Graphic Gauze Tee - $10.00 (Orig. $14.50)
5 - Lightweight Button-Front Cardigan - $20.00 (Orig. $24.50) {this color is amazing, and if you need a maternity cardigan, this is definitely my pick}
6 - Ruffled Scoop Neck Tank - $10.00 (Orig. $14.50) {a little nautical with a little embellishment, ever so slightly reminiscent of this}

What do you think of the picks? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: J.Crew Camp Cardigan

A few weeks ago, J.Crew sent out this email introducing their new Camp Cardigan, with sleeves inspired by a men's camp shirt.

Old Navy has come out with a similar cardigan in Jersey (instead of J.Crew's lightweight Merino-Linen):

Camp Cardigan - J.Crew
Roll-Sleeve Jersey Boyfriend Cardigan - Old Navy

What do you think of the look? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

And the Winner is.....

I was so pleased be able to host a Shade Clothing Straight Skirt Giveaway this week. Thank you for all your comments and such, it was so fun! The winner is lucky number 81,


A quick note about the giveaway comments. I am actually pretty sure this doesn't apply to those of you who read everyday, because you are all fabulous. But I had a few readers submit WAY more comments than I allowed without following the rules. I want you to know, that it doesn't help your cause. If I give you 6 chances to enter, use them and follow the rules, otherwise comments will be deleted.

End Rant.

A big thank you to all of you for participating. It was, as usual, a blast!

Tulle Donates 50% to Haiti Relief

I got this email yesterday from Tulle:

Apparently, Tulle always donates 5% of their profits to charity (which is awesome). But, this weekend they are dontaing 50% of their profits to Haiti Relief. So, in my mind it's an awesome deal because I want to donate to Haiti anyway. So, this way I get something cute and money is going to a good cause, win - win.

Here are a few picks (yes, you have seen some of them before):

1 - Solid Rayon Drawstring Tank - $20.00 (Orig. $50.00)
2 - Square Cotton Tulip Skirt - $26.00 (Orig. $65.00)
3 - Chambray High Waisted Trousers - $34.00 (Orig. $68.00)
4 - Striped Twill Pencil Skirt - $22.00 (Orig. $55.00)
5 - Novelty Double Breasted Jacket - $26.00 (Orig. $65)
6 - Square Cotton Bow Top - $21.20 (Orig. $53.00)

I think I will take the plunge on either 2 or 4... which would you choose? Is this deal enough to make you want to buy this weekend?

Thanks for reading,

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Friday Wishlist: Flurry Vermillion Blouse

This season the nautical trend is everywhere, and so is the color red. I saw this, and I think it's retro heaven:

Vermillion Flurry Blouse - Anthropologie - $128.00

I am not sure if I could carry this color of red with my complexion, but I would sure try!

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment?

Oh! And don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less: J.Crew Sequined Starland Tank

Sequins have been everywhere this year. Usually sequins remain holiday fair, and as soon as spring lines come out the sequins drop off. According to my, uh, one source about what actually goes down the runways, sequins and metallics will stay in vogue through spring. Hooray for sparkly things. I, personally, like the idea lighter colored sequins and metallics for spring.

A few weeks ago, American Eagle came out with this tank (I saw it blogged about here and here), and yesterday I noticed a similar find at J.Crew.

Sequined Starland Tank - J.Crew
AE Sequin Cami - American Eagle

They are a little different in shape, but the American Eagle top's chiffon trim is a nice touch.

What do you think of sequins and metallics for spring? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

Shade Giveaway + BOGO

Shade sent me a straight skirt to review! I have had my eye on this skirt for weeks, and am so excited to finally have one. Below, is how I would wear it.

(pockets, kick pleat, pleats, and general awesomeness)

{Skirt (free), Old Navy Tank ($10), J.Crew Factory Cardi ($20), Charlotte Russe Necklace ($8), Payless kitten heels ($12)}

This skirt is such a great addition to my wardrobe. I love that it has pockets and pleating at the front. My other favorite thing is that it has a kick pleat rather than a slit in the back, giving range of motion without everyone in the world seeing your mid-thigh - fabulous! It's available in three colors: grey (shown), black, and the beautiful peacock blue.

I am so excited to give away a straight skirt to one of you lucky readers!

{Straight Skirt - $29.99-$38.50)}

Here are the rules:

EACH entry must be notified in the form of a comment on the blog. The winner will be determined by giving each entry a number and using to select the winning number.

Anyone can enter (including you, anonymous readers). Just comment below with your first and last name and a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

-Leave a comment telling me your favorite item at Shade.
-If you are a follower of my blog, comment to let me know.
-If you are a follower of the shade blog, Your Life in Shade, comment to let me know.
-Post about the giveaway on your blog and send me your link, and leave a comment.
-Facebook about the giveaway and leave a comment.
-Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment.

The Giveaway ends on Sunday, February 7, at Midnight (Mountain Standard Time).

Also, this week Shade is offering a Buy One Get One 50% off deal!

The promo is good through Mon. Feb. 8. So, if you are thinking about it, don't hesitate to take the plunge!

Thanks for reading and good luck!
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