Reader Request: Accesorizing a Formal

Recently, I received this request from Anjali,

I'm attending our graduate school formal event, basically grown-up prom, next month and need help finding accessories to my dress. I bought this dress from white house black market and want to wear green/turquoise/gold accessories to match a bracelet I have, but am having trouble finding sophisticated looking jewelry to match.

Ottoman Dress with Bow - White House Black Market - $49.99 (Orig. $150.00) - excellent find, Anjali!

Here is what I came up with to accessorize her beautiful dress:

Jeweled Teardrop Earrings - Forever 21 - $5.80
Sparkling Jewel Bangle - Forever 21 - $6.80
Flowers Clutch with Rose - Endless - $20.00

What do you all think of the picks? Any tips for accessorizing for a formal event? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I adore the earrings you chose!
    I think it's good to keep accessories simple and elegant for formal events.

  2. I really like the accessories you picked as they really bring life to the black dress.


  3. I love White House Black Market. Chic, beautiful construction...and their sales are to get giddy over....$50 down from 150 is pretty usual. Great accessories too!


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