Spied: Huarache Flats

Just yesterday, I was evaluating my closet (deciding what I should put in the boutique) and I decided that I needed 2 specific things to fill in the gaps of my shoe collection: a grey pair or flats and a coral pair of flats.

Lo and behold:

Vinyl Huarache Flat - Forever 21 - $17.80

What do you think? As spring approaches what do you need to fill the gaps in your closet? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. Cute and bargain prices! Fabulous! Also I think it's fabulous that coral shoes are a wardrobe necessity!


  2. I definitely feel a need to fill the gaps in my wardrobe. For instance, I think I need more embellished tees, a pair of metallic flat sandals, another cardigan, and a pair of black shorts. ...And maybe a few more things? Hmmm... this might be too much fun to think about.

    I love these flats, especially in coral. Coral is one of my favorite colors.


  3. these are pretty cute, I've never tried shoes on from forever21, are they comfy?
    I'm missing a lot for my wardrobe...like cardigans, boyfriend jeans, sandals...and lots of great jewelry, let's face it, I'm never satisfied...

  4. i need those in coral. great find!

  5. I love both of these. Especially the coral. My closet has been telling me it needs a navy floral vintage-inspired dress... Still in the search of the perfect one. If you can point me in the right direction maybe my closet would stop yelling at me. It's quite persistent.


  6. i love those shoes! great find madeline. ill take them in red please:)


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