Look for Less: J.Crew Sequined Starland Tank

Sequins have been everywhere this year. Usually sequins remain holiday fair, and as soon as spring lines come out the sequins drop off. According to my, uh, one source about what actually goes down the runways, sequins and metallics will stay in vogue through spring. Hooray for sparkly things. I, personally, like the idea lighter colored sequins and metallics for spring.

A few weeks ago, American Eagle came out with this tank (I saw it blogged about here and here), and yesterday I noticed a similar find at J.Crew.

Sequined Starland Tank - J.Crew
AE Sequin Cami - American Eagle

They are a little different in shape, but the American Eagle top's chiffon trim is a nice touch.

What do you think of sequins and metallics for spring? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

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  1. Nice! I agree with Heidi Jo (above), I actually prefer the AE tank - at least when looking at the photos side by side :-)

  2. They are both cute and I would definitely wear pastel sequins in the spring!

  3. I must agree that I actually do like the shape of the AE tank more.

  4. I'm with the others. I actually like the AE tank better. Good find!

  5. I like these tops because the sequins are more subtle. I love sequins and rhinestones, but I hate looking like a disco ball!


  6. oooh! really pretty! i just started following you. feel free to check me out too: the little violet dress

  7. The AE one looks great -- but I already bought 2 sequin tanks from Ann Taylor Loft last winter and 1 from Chico's for around $60 each. I will definitely wear them in the spring and summer under a blazer or cardigan!

  8. I saw the AE one in the store, and almost bought it but they didn't have my size. H&M had a similar creamy colored one a while back too! Very cute.

    Wanderlusting Fool

  9. I would definitely wear pastel sequins in the spring!

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