Spied: Striped Ruffled Tanks

I wonder when I am going to tire of these stripes that have burst on the scene this spring season. Not yet.

Ruffled U-Neck Tanks - Old Navy - $14.50

You may notice a resemblance between this and the maternity top I posted last week. I was so happy to see this in the Women's section!

Also, when did scoop necks become U-Necks? Did the apparel industry just decide that they are so similar to V-Necks they should be named similarly? Did I miss it, or did this new term just come on the scene?

What do you think? Leave a comment!

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  1. i think it's a deeper dip than the scoop neck, isn't it? more like the deep v, but shaped as a u :0) who knew fashion was so alphabetical?

    i love old navy's tanks. always have. afforable, layerable, dress upable and downable :) is this available in solids too?

  2. Hi Madeline,
    LOVE the Old Navy. I just went in the other day to fnd all the clearance half off! I normaly buy all my clothes at the DI but I could not resist. I got two big bags of stuff for only $100!
    Second Hand Chicks

  3. U-neck is much deeper and a little narrower than a scoop neck.

    Cute top! Great find.


  4. @ Heidi Jo-

    Yes, it comes in solids too! I just was drawn to the stripes.

    @ Kelly-

    50% off of Clearance is my favorite time at Old Navy! I am glad you found some good stuff!

    And I think you guys are right. More narrow, and slightly lower than a scoop neck. Good call!

  5. I don't think I'll ever tire of stripes either!


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