One of my favorite forms of excercise as of late is Yoga. I started going to an intro class at Centered City Yoga about 2 years ago. I haven't been recently, but I like to think I'll get motivated and go back soon. My favorite part of the intro class at Centered City? It's FREE, that's right not a penny. And, they let you come back again and again. I don't know a better deal than doing something for free. Of course, if you are going to yoga, you have to have something to wear right? Onto the clothes:

Crew Neck Tee from Old Navy *$4.00 w/ discount from $8.00 (orig. $12.50)

Yoga Pants from Old Navy *$4.99 w/ discount from $9.99 (orig. $19.50)

Yoga Mat from eSportsonline $13.59 (at Centered City, they have mats for your use, but it is really nice to own your own)

According to the schedule on their website, they are offering FREE intro classes on Saturday at 11:40 AM and on Sunday at 5:30 PM, so go check it out!

Centered City Yoga
918 E. 900 S.
Salt Lake City

*the 50% off discount at Old Navy is only valid thru Feb. 1. Use coupon code HALFOFF at checkout.*

DIY: Home Edition

My next post is something maybe some of you have heard of, but I hope to give an idea on how to do it most frugally. My sister-in-law told me about mixing lightweight fabric with starch and applying it to walls years ago. I have implemented this in dorm rooms, and my latest apartment. I was reminded about it at this post from Apartment Therapy.

{picture from AT}

To Install Fabric Wallpaper (Linit Craft Ideas):

1. Wash the wall to remove any dirt or film.
2. Measure from the floor to the ceiling and add a couple extra inches. Cut the fabric accordingly. If fabric has a design, be sure to match the design before cutting the next panel as when using wallpaper.
3. Pour starch into a clean pan or spray on if using stiffener (see Tip section if using spray stiffener). Apply starch to the top half of the wall with a sponge, paint roller or spray on if using spray stiffener.
4. Smooth fabric into place at the top of the wall, leaving about one inch to be trimmed later. Use push pins to hold the fabric temporarily in place. Apply more starch going down the wall as needed until you get to the floor, leave approximately one inch overlap at floor level.
5. Apply starch to the top of the fabric, brushing and smoothing the fabric in place to remove bubbles and wrinkles. Be sure the starch penetrates the fabric evenly.
6. Work your way down the panel, continuing to sponge or spray starch onto the wall, smoothing the fabric, and applying more starch.
7. Position the second panel, matching the design along the edge. Repeat steps.
8. Around windows and doors, leave a one inch overlap as with the ceiling and floor.
9. Fabric overlap should be cut when the fabric is completely dry. It will then cut clean and easily and any shrinkage will have occurred before you trim.

Here is my before & after:

The first picture was before we moved in (our manager's were kind enough to make sure that we had fresh paint and new carpet). My main concern was that wood panelling. I used 2 king sized flat sheets (of 2 different colors for the 2 sections). I think this is a good idea because a basic sheet is the cheapest fabric you can buy, and because if you buy a solid sheet, there are no patterns to match up. I used Sta-Flo liquid starch that you can buy for less than $3 at Wal/K/Tar/Shopmart.

Also, even though I like the picture posted on Apartment Therapy's website, I wouldn't recommend using fabric in the kitchen! It will get dirty fast.

Well, that's all for now. I hope some of you can use this idea in your rental or home. Thanks for reading,

Happy Crafting!

Old Navy In Store Clearance Reductions

I was in Old Navy yesterday (the Gateway location), and I was informed that today they were reducing all of their adult clearance items (sans maternity wear) by another 50%! They have some amazing stuff in both the men's and women's departments. I was able to get my husband several pairs of slacks for $10 yesterday, which would be $5 today. Also, if you have purchased clearance items in the last week at Old Navy, take your receipt in and they can price adjust it for you and give you a refund!

I'll be back tomorrow with a regular post, but in the mean time,

Happy Shopping!

American Eagle Clearance

American Eagle isn't a store I shop at a lot. I think that's because part of my personal code includes a clause that states that I cannot spend more than $40 dollars on much of anything, let alone on heavily distressed denim. Having said that, they do have stuff that's a little less casual, and they are having a sale. Also, I have a coupon to get 20% off your entire order (Coupon Code: 49164172) Find more coupon codes at Dealigg.

Here are some of my favorites:

Belted Pea Coat w/ discount $39.96 from $49.95 (orig. $119.50)

White Out Sweater w/ discount $15.96 from $19.95 (orig. $49.50)

Ruffle Pocket Cardigan w/ discount $9.56 from $11.95 (orig. $29.50)

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Weekend Round-Up

Quick post before the weekend-

First, I want to give a shout out to the ladies of Stuff Under Twenty. They linked to Uber-Chic in this post earlier this week. They have such a great site, that has become a daily (most often more than daily) read of mine. Make sure to check it out!

Next, Delia's is having a 15% sale. Here are some of my favorite things:

Low Rise Sailor Flare w/ discount $12.75 from $14.99 (orig. $39.50)

Sonja Plaid Blazer w/ discount $25.49 from $29.99 (orig. $59.50)

Cassidy Capelet w/ discount $25.49 from $29.99 (orig. $59.50)

Rachel Dress w/ discount $12.75 from $14.99 (orig. $44.50)

Thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!

One Outfit

V Overlap Top at Pink Ice for $22.99

Slim Leg Jean at the 15 Dollar Store $15.00 (orig. $40.00)

Drop Chain Necklace at Forever 21 for $11.80

Gold Kitten Heel at Payless Shoe Source for $12.99 (orig. $22.99) - Also Available in black, and you can get free shipping to the closest store to you. I have these shoes, and I can't think of an occasion that wouldn't wear them to, the gym perhaps?

That's all for now. I hope to be back in a few days, thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Overtime City

So, I am currently visiting a little place called Overtime City. It's very busy, and makes me tired. I won't have time to make very many posts this week. I may squeeze one in here someday. But, that day is not today.

Thanks for reading anyway!

Inauguration Day

In, honor of Inauguration Day, I am taking the day off. While many enjoyed a peaceful Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I worked 14 hours. So, go watch a piece of history unfold while I take a break.

Check out yesterday's post, as most of you were enjoying your time away from the web, I think many missed it.

I'll be back soon with another post.

DIY: Tote Bag

Today's DIY post was inspired by an item I saw on this post from YHO before Christmas. I saw this tote bag from Frosty Darling , and thought it was SO CUTE. But, I also thought it was a canvas tote for $35! So, I decided I would figure out how to do that for myself. And then, I really got in over my head because I decided to make one for every lady in my family for Christmas (and if you know both sides of my family, you realize that's alot of ladies {as a side note, if you are related to me, and don't have yours yet, it's coming.... eventually.... maybe it will be a St. Patty's Day present :) } end rant).

So, this is what I came up with. I decided to Monogram the bag, because I don't know why. Maybe because I fell in love with the free font, A Yummy Apology. Download that here.

I ordered my canvas totes from Cheap Totes. I got them for $.99 per bag. I did have to pay $10 shipping for my 15 bags, so it worked out to about $1.67 a bag. You can also find these totes at your local craft store, or even possibly at your closest Wal/K/Tar/Shopmart for less than $5. While at the store make sure to pick up some iron transfer sheets meant for the inkjet printer.

Then take the image you want to use ( I am supplying two that I designed for your use ) and add the monogram if you want it. Before printing to the iron-transfer sheet, make sure to read the directions carefully, as many of these will have you mirror your image prior to the print.

I would reccomend ironing your bag to remove wrinkles before applying the transfer. As you are ironing the image, make sure to get the corners thoroughly with heat, but don't over iron as it will cause the transfer to start to darken. I waited until the sheet was completely cooled to remove the paper backing. I also found it helpful to cut a small corner of the paper backing off with a razor blade before trying to peel the backing off.

With any luck, at the end of this you will have a fun bag ready for spring (if only, right?)

If any of you decide to do this, please let me know, and send your pics along to share (to uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com). And if you find another use for the bird images, I would love to hear about it!

Thanks, for reading and,

Happy Crafting!

More Weekend Words

First, I could write an epic love song to these boots. It would be beautiful and we would love each other until the end of time.

I found them at this post on Stuff Under Twenty. They are $15.01 (orig. $80!) at Buckle. Usually, Buckle and I have a tumultuous relationship, but if they are selling things like this, I am willing to send them a card admitting all my past mistakes. Buy these here.
Next, Take an EXTRA 50% off Old Navy Clearance! For 4 DAYS ONLY--online and in stores.
Don't miss your chance to save even more on already low prices, now through January 19.
(Coupon Code: EXTRA50 at checkout)

Shop Old Navy Clearance

Happy Shopping!

Weekend Round-Up

Tis the weekend. I don't have time to make a lengthy post. But, I will share a few tidbits.

The J.Crew's sale of the season is still going on. See this post for some of my favorites. They are offering an extra 20% off if you buy before Midnight on Sunday. (Coupon Code: EXTRA20)

Also, I just found a new blog that is full if great deals (as well as inspiration on putting outfits together). It's called Fashion Under $100. The basic premise is that she takes a picture of a celebrity and deconstructs the outfit and tells you how to buy it for less than $100. This often includes accesories such as bags, jewelry, and sunglasses, so the deals are pretty amazing.

Check it out, have a happy weekend, and as always,

Happy shopping!

Wet Seal: Amazing Sale

Wet Seal is having a crazy-good sale! Do your legs get cold? (Mine either.) But if they did, you could get leg warmers for just $1. Not too mention a bunch of other great stuff for $10. And that free shipping code is STILL WORKING! (I know it because I used it this afternoon to buy myself a shirt). Coupon Code: 1107WLCE

I don't know what it is with me and ruffly shirts, maybe I have been watching too much Seinfeld, or maybe I just really want people to mistake me for a pirate. Whatever it is, you can get them here for amazing deals.

Smock Banded Chiffon Top $10 (orig. $22.50) Available in White, Blue, and Purple. (You might remember this shirt from this post a few weeks ago.)

High Waist O-Buckle Pencil Skirt $10 (orig. $21.50)

Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top $10 (orig. $24.50) Available in White, Grey, and Black. (We all know how much I love grey.... grey and ruffled, it's like my own personal heaven.... buy this shirt, buy it now.)

Peep Toe Heel $10 (orig. $22.50) Available in Brown, Mustard, and White.

Tie Side Knee Boot $10 (orig. $39.50)

Point Toe Flat $10 (orig. $19.50) - Everyone can use red pointed flats, I have some and love them more than most of my shoes combined.

Don't miss out on these deals, these items are bound to move fast. Shop Wet Seal. And don't forget to get Free Shipping! Coupon Code: 1107WLCE

Happy Shopping!

Down East Warehouse

One of my favorite brands is Down East Basics (as I am sure you have noticed by my many references to them in past posts). My new favorite place to buy their products on the cheap is the Down East Warehouse Store. This store isn't listed, well, anywhere that I can find. I happened upon it on an outing to Wal-Mart.

They have basic shirts here for $3 or 2 for $5! The colors here haven't sold as well at other stores and end up here. Also, they have dresses for $10, and fashion belts for $1. They also have damaged American Eagle goods, and monogrammed items that have been returned at insane savings.

P.S. There are no fitting rooms available (just a full-length mirror) so wear a fitted top to make trying things on a little easier and more accurate.

The building is located just south of Wal-Mart.

Down East Warehouse
365 West Hope Avenue (roughly 1410 South)
Salt Lake City

Find a map here.

If any of you have been here, or have a chance to check it out, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Band of Annuals and Western Ensemble

{image from BOA}

My favorite local band is called Band of Annuals. For nearly four years "perennial favorites from the Beehive state,"- Band of Annuals have been bringing "that devastating combo of heartbreaking alt-country earnestness and perfect pop-hook craftsmanship" to stages across America ... The cry of a pedal-steel, vocal harmonies reminiscent of past classics, heartfelt lyrics, musical chemistry that can only come with time...sounding both familiar and new, polished and raw, Band of Annuals"...prove to be standout students of the gospel of grace and space."

-Rick Cornell, No Depression

You can listen to their stuff at their Myspace page, or you can go see them live. They are playing this Thursday (Jan. 16) at the Urban Lounge at 9 PM for just $7! Or, you can go see them at Kilby Court on Friday, January 30th at 7 PM also for just $7. A concert for just $7, that's amazing if you ask me. Info on both shows here.

And if you are going to a show may as well western it up for the outing. Here are two outfits for the night on the town:

Plaid Shirt from Forever 21, $13.50

Grey Stretch Twill Skinny Pant from the 15 Dollar Store, $15.00 (orig. $52.00)

Black Suede Pointed Toe Lace Up Low Heel Boots from AMI, $7.99 (orig. $27.99)

Rainbow Plaid Shirt from Forever 21, $15.80

Stretch Contrast Stitch Skinny Jeans from the 15 Dollar Store, $15.00 (orig. $55.00)

Tan Slouch Ruched Cowboy Stack Heel Boots from AMI, $7.99 (orig. $45.99)

You can buy two tickets to a show and one of these outfit for around $50! Hopefully, you all have a chance to check this band out, and maybe I will see you at a show!

Thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Skinny Pants

I found a tutorial on crafting your own skinny pants from flared pants on What the Craft (via this say YES! to Hoboken post from December). The tutorial can be found here. It's pretty basic sewing (so, it's right up my alley). In fact, I even tried this one out:

These stretch cords were about to become my next contribution to the DI, because they had fallen out of my wardrobe rotation. I thought it was a shame to give them up (they are so comfortable, I could sleep in them). When I remembered this idea, I thought I would give it a whirl.

Anyway, if you have a pair of pants that you might want to keep but you dont like the fit on the legs, this is an easy fix. It's like a new pair of pants for free, and what is a better deal than free?

If any of you complete this project, drop me a line with your pictures at uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Maternity Deals

I have heard from many a friend and sister-in-law that good deals on Maternity clothes are very hard to find. Apart from the deals I am posting today, I suggest you go check out a Ross or TJ Maxx. These stores are of course hit and miss, but when you hit a great deal on something you love, it's such a great feeling. On to the deals...

This Open Cardigan ($12.50) is actually from Forever 21 and is not technically maternity wear:

I have 2 friends that have a similar top, one is wearing it at 7 months pregnant and one is not pregnant. It's incredibly versatile. For a maternity top cross it in front and pull around both sides to tie it in the back. Or of course you can wear it open.

The next few things are Old Navy bargains:

Maternity Pieced 3/4 Sleeve Sweater $12.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Satin Puff-Sleeve Top $9.99 (orig. $24.50)

Maternity Smocked Cross-Front Tops $7.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Crepe Pleated Tops $14.99 (orig. $29.50)

Maternity Low-Rise Flared Cords $19.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Tie-Waist Top $15.00 (orig. $24.50)

Not all Old Navy's have an in-store Maternity section. The Online Store Locator also allows you to search specifically for stores with maternity sections. Incidentally the stores in the Sake Lake area with Maternity Sections are Gateway, Fort Union, and Jordan Landing.

Thanks for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

J.Crew Clearance Round-Up

I read an article today that many retailers are getting nervous that they won't be able to clean out their winter clothes in time for the spring lines. In their panic they are continuing to slash prices. (YAY!)

J.Crew is a store that I don't usually shop at because of the high prices, but I have found some high quality, good deals:

Matilda Dress: $39.99 (orig. $148.00)

City-Fit Watson Pant $39.99 (orig. $79.50) *They, also have these in yellow (or British Khaki, as they call it) for $19.99*

Luxe Knit Gathered Tee $29.99 (orig. $58.00)

Merino Lea Cardigan $29.99 (orig. $88.00) *In 8 colors!*

City-fit Madison Stretch Chino $19.99 (orig. $75.00)

Luxe Knit Top $9.99 (orig. $58.00)

Find a J.Crew Store near you.

Thanks for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Pib's Exchange

One of my very favorite stores around town is Pib's Exchange (see map) in Sugarhouse. It's a consignment (and sometimes costume) store. Don't be put off by anything when you first go in. Peruse the racks for a few minutes as you get a feel for the place. The items here range from punky t-shirts to vintage dresses to up-scale jeans, and there are always fabulous shoes in between.

The treasures here are totally worth digging for. I ALWAYS leave with something I have fallen in love with. At least 50% of the time I get a compliment on something I am wearing, it's from Pib's, and it was less than $15.

(At Pib's, I have found an Anthropologie cardigan (for $10), cute red flats (for $7), and a great Banana Republic skirt for ($13). Items shown are similar.)

Pib's is also a buy sell and trade store, which means - you can bring in your old clothes and walk away with new ones. (It's actually a little more difficult than that. They buy depending on season, age, brand, condition, style, size, and supply & demand). According to their MySpace, if they are able to take your clothes they will give you 30% in cash of what they can sell them for or 55% in store credit to get other clothes. So, bring in your clothes and see what you can get.

Pib's Exchange
1147 Ashton Ave, SLC
Phone: 801-484-7996
Hours: M-F 11-9, SAT 11-8, SUN 1-5

Check them out! If you have been there, tell us what you think.

Happy Shopping!

Embellish Line Dress

This dress, which is from Pink Ice is just $19.99 (orig. $34.99), was posted on Stuff Under Twenty.

It could be ready for winter if you put a Down East Basic Long Sleeve Tee underneath. Pair that with skinny jeans and an embellished flat, ta dah! Cute outfit for any occasion.

Stuff Under Twenty is my new favorite blog. They say they are

"Two twenty-somethings finding stuff under $20 for the rest of us."

They find a lot of good deals on great stuff! Go check them out.

One Outfit - $52

Here's an ensemble on a budget (as always):

Satin Jacket from Forever 21 is part of F21's Fabulous Finds and is always just $14.50

Skinny Jeans also a fab find from F21 and are a mere $12.50

Sequined Bow Tie Top from Charlotte Russe on sale for $9.99 (orig. $19.99)

Buckled Heels from Pink Ice now $14.99 (orig. $22.99) *(According to the website, these run slightly narrow, they recommend a 1/2 size up)*

Find more Fabulous Finds from F21 here (new items added often).

Thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!

DIY: Maternity Pants

So, I went to see "Nick and Norah's Infinate Playlist" at the dollar theatre the other day (incidentally it was just ok for me). As I watched Michael Cera's awkwardness, I longed for "Juno" (one of my favorite movies of 2007). As I was thinking about Juno, I got to pondering Bren (the stepmom) converting Juno's jeans into maternity pants. I am not incubating a fetus, but when I do I don't want to pay $60 for a pair of jeans that I might wear for 3 months! So, in my search for instructions I found these two tutorials. The first is at and the other is at sewchic. (I love the idea of the tutorial of using an unexpected color for the band, because lets face it navy blue fabric doesn't look like denim anyway!)

(Picture courtesy of post)

They say (and I whole heartedly agree) that you should purchase a pair of jeans that fit through your legs and bum at your local consignment/thrift/discount store, and use a T-Shirt for the band. Apparently your total costs for this project could add up to less than $10 (depending on the price of the jeans). So, spend less than an hour with your sewing machine, and get the best pair of maternity jeans a girl could have!

Do you have any tips for maternity clothes (buying, making, or altering)? Leave a comment or drop me a line at uberchicforcheap at gmail dot com.

Thanks for looking and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Steve & Barry's

Steve & Barry's is a bargain shopper's paradise.

"Steve & Barry’s has remained committed to its founding principle – to offer shoppers the highest quality merchandise at astonishing low prices. It does so by eliminating costs wherever it can without compromising production quality."

Unfortunately, the economy has hit this low cost retailer hard. They filed for bankruptcy in July. Luckily, they are not closing the Murray, UT store (5546 Van Winkle Expressway), but they are closing 100 stores around the country (see which ones). They are liquidating much of their inventory at every store with amazing savings for everyone. Considering the store tries to keep all items under $10, any discount would make the deal incredible.

My favorite line is the BITTEN™ collection by Sarah Jessica Parker. She has such a fun style and her pieces are great. At SJP's BITTEN™ website, she says,

"It is every woman's inalienable right to have a pulled-together stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live."

It's like she is pulling thoughts directly out of my head (except she is much more eloquent). Here are a few keylooks from the site:

You can't buy online, so head down to Steve & Barry's and do me proud!

Find a Steve and Barry's near you.

Happy Shopping!

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