Pib's Exchange

One of my very favorite stores around town is Pib's Exchange (see map) in Sugarhouse. It's a consignment (and sometimes costume) store. Don't be put off by anything when you first go in. Peruse the racks for a few minutes as you get a feel for the place. The items here range from punky t-shirts to vintage dresses to up-scale jeans, and there are always fabulous shoes in between.

The treasures here are totally worth digging for. I ALWAYS leave with something I have fallen in love with. At least 50% of the time I get a compliment on something I am wearing, it's from Pib's, and it was less than $15.

(At Pib's, I have found an Anthropologie cardigan (for $10), cute red flats (for $7), and a great Banana Republic skirt for ($13). Items shown are similar.)

Pib's is also a buy sell and trade store, which means - you can bring in your old clothes and walk away with new ones. (It's actually a little more difficult than that. They buy depending on season, age, brand, condition, style, size, and supply & demand). According to their MySpace, if they are able to take your clothes they will give you 30% in cash of what they can sell them for or 55% in store credit to get other clothes. So, bring in your clothes and see what you can get.

Pib's Exchange
1147 Ashton Ave, SLC
Phone: 801-484-7996
Hours: M-F 11-9, SAT 11-8, SUN 1-5

Check them out! If you have been there, tell us what you think.

Happy Shopping!


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