Maternity Deals

I have heard from many a friend and sister-in-law that good deals on Maternity clothes are very hard to find. Apart from the deals I am posting today, I suggest you go check out a Ross or TJ Maxx. These stores are of course hit and miss, but when you hit a great deal on something you love, it's such a great feeling. On to the deals...

This Open Cardigan ($12.50) is actually from Forever 21 and is not technically maternity wear:

I have 2 friends that have a similar top, one is wearing it at 7 months pregnant and one is not pregnant. It's incredibly versatile. For a maternity top cross it in front and pull around both sides to tie it in the back. Or of course you can wear it open.

The next few things are Old Navy bargains:

Maternity Pieced 3/4 Sleeve Sweater $12.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Satin Puff-Sleeve Top $9.99 (orig. $24.50)

Maternity Smocked Cross-Front Tops $7.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Crepe Pleated Tops $14.99 (orig. $29.50)

Maternity Low-Rise Flared Cords $19.99 (orig. $32.50)

Maternity Tie-Waist Top $15.00 (orig. $24.50)

Not all Old Navy's have an in-store Maternity section. The Online Store Locator also allows you to search specifically for stores with maternity sections. Incidentally the stores in the Sake Lake area with Maternity Sections are Gateway, Fort Union, and Jordan Landing.

Thanks for looking, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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