Wish List: Italian Ballet Flats

I wish I could dress like this. Every day.

What's on your wish list right now?

Babble Posts

I write for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

Check out 25 style picks for moms this spring.

Did you see this video of Tate hysterically laughing while playing peekaboo? Too funny.

I tried to take photos of Tate on a mirror. It was a fail, but we got some cute shots in the process.

Did you see Baby Gap's Easter collection? It's adorable.

I am missing my prebaby body. What do you miss about your body?

Steve decided to match up Tate with another little boy around the same age as if they were boxers.

Tate will still fall asleep on my chest. It totally melts my heart.

Gap Baby Easter Collection

I did a round up of all my favorite pieces of Gap Baby's latest collection at Babble this morning.

on the boy

on the girl

Trend: Statement Necklace

As the weather heats up, it's time to rethink wardrobe choices. As you all know, layering cardigans is a crutch tool that I implemented for years to make my outfits feel more dynamic. And boy, did it make me rethink everything when I moved somewhere far too hot to consider wearing any more clothing than absolutely necessary.

Enter the statement necklace. They are a fantastic option for adding a lot of dimension to an outfit without compromising your heat management. Plus they are pretty.

Here are my favorite picks: 

1 - Pearlescent Flower Necklace - Forever 21 - $12.80
2 - Double-Band Collar Necklace - Charlotte Russe - $9.50
3 - a.n.a® Bib Necklace, Large Flower - JCPenney - $8.00
4 - Knotted Mesh Tube Necklace - Charlotte Russe - $8.50
5 - Coral & Goldtone Bib Necklace - JCPenney - $16.00
6 - Hammered-Plate Collar Necklace - Charlotte Russe - $9.50
7 - Color Craze® Yellow Woven Necklace - JCPenney - $12.00
8 - Liz Claiborne Necklace, Gold/Silver - JCPenney - $16.00
9 - Tubular Bib Necklace - Forever 21 - $10.80

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Any tips for dressing well in the heat you can impart?

Spied: Brushstroke Scoopneck Dress

With the weather heating up, I have got skirts and dresses on the mind. Stumbled on this sweet number and thought I would share:

Brushstroke Scoopneck Dress - $34.99 (Orig. $74.50)

What do you think?

Inspired: Watermellon Jolly Rancher

I first saw this outfit on Pinterest, and had a heck of a time tracking down the original source, but I am so glad I did. (A lovely blog called Late Afternoon). Check it out:

Here is my best budget take:

Striped Woven Top - Forever 21 - $17.80 (also a good option)
F0003 Square Sunglasses - Forever 21 - $5.80
Elegant Muse Collar Necklace - Charlotte Russe - $9.50
Pleat-y Woman Green Maxi Skirt - LuLu's - $39.00
Double Buckle Messenger - Forever 21 - $19.80
Gabriella Rocha Gerozza Pumps - $29.95 (Orig. $39.00)

I am desperate to recreate this look. What do you think?

Sale: Anthropologie

Here are my favorite things on sale at Anthropologie right now.

Ombre Polka Scarf - $29.95 (Orig. $58.00)
High-Flying Top - $29.95 (Orig. $58.00)
Cast Chroma A-Line Skirt - $39.95 (Orig. $158.00)
Frayed Pleats Skirt - $19.95 (Orig. $138.00)

I think the skirts are both adorable and especially good deals. What do you think?

Springy Nursing Friendly Styles

{Floral Surplice DressSnakeskin Surplice Dress | Charmeuse 3/4-Tab Sleeve Top}

Today, I have a round up of my favorite breastfeeding friendly styles for spring at Babble.

I included a lot of great modest tops and dresses (with great sale finds, and nothing over $50)

Click here to see them.

Snapshots II


I can't stop experimenting with that two strand twist. 
Pretty sure my hair is going to look like this all summer.

If I ever wonder where Tate is, he is staring at Steve's guitar. It's adorbs.

I hung this grouping in the dining room last week after we installed a new pendant.

I thrifted hot pink polka dotted and floral pants. Steve thinks I am nuts, I think I'm awesome. 
Now I just need to skinny em up.

Tate has started smiling for the camera. While not wearing pants.

I started working for my old architecture from home a few weeks ago. It's been such a blessing for our family and I am really enjoying flexing my architectural brain power again.

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Babble Posts

I write for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

Tate has learned to say mama, and I was lucky enough to catch it on video.

White noise has become our sleep time schedule saver. Have you ever tried it? Here are the best white noise products, websites and apps. Check them out!

Tate came down with a fever then a rash. Turned out to be fifth disease. Click through to read about symptoms and treatment.

What do you get when you take 3 t-shirts, a pair of scissors and a piece of yarn? A quick and easy DIY baby wrap. Click through for the super simple tutorial.

Tate has uneven hair and my husband and I disagree about cutting it.

Tate has gotten a new walker and a whole lot of attitude. Let him tell you all about it.

Spied: Braided Mid-Wedge Sandal

I went on a bit of a spree at Old Navy the other day. They had an insane amount of clearance and basic tees were buy one get one free. It got a little crazy. One of the things I wanted to get, but didn't (mostly just because they weren't on sale) were these rad shoes:

Braided Mid-Wedge Sandal - Old Navy - $24.94

I love the braided detail and modest wedge. I lean toward the camel leather, but think the yellow is pretty striking. If I were buying, I think that color might win me over.

What do you think? Something you would buy?

PS - I bought this maxi skirt, and am super glad I did.

Inspired: Ruche Bridal

Did you hear that Ruche has released a brand new bridal line? It's vintage inspired and budget friendly to boot. I was excited to find a few modest dresses. It got me thinking about what I would wear now if I were getting married. It would be something like this:

Audrey Tea Length Dress - $249.00
Ever Thine Taupe Fascinator - $42.99
Vintage Brooch Bouquet - Simply Bloom Photography
Romantic Soles Expo - $27.99

What about you? If you were getting married today, what would you want to wear? How different would it be from what you wore? Leave your thoughts below.

Look for Less: Anthropologie Patagonia Maxi Skirt

Maybe I am going overboard on the maxi skirt thing. But I have to admit, I am completely addicted. After bringing home this skirt last week, you would be hard pressed to find me on a day where I wasn't wearing it. Which has me on the prowl for a few more options.

As soon as I saw this Anthro skirt, I wanted it. Imagine my excitement at finding this budget option:

Patagonia Maxi Skirt - Anthropologie - $88.00 {Sold Out}
Apt 9 Striped A-Line Maxi Skirt - Kohls - $24.00 (Orig. $48.00) {Also available in this fabulous pink}

I definitely prefer the Antho color palette, but think the shape of the budget option is really elegant. I am seriously considering buying it. In both stripes and solids.

What do you think? Something you would wear?

Spied: Asos Tea Dress in 40s Floral Print

If you think finding knee length skirts is difficult, you'll find knee length dresses as elusive as the holy grail. I stumbled on this beauty and fell in love with it. The color, the pattern, the shape. Be still my heart.

Tea Dress in 40s Floral Print - ASOS - $25.07 (Orig. $62.67)

What do you think? Something you would wear?

Look for Less: J.Crew {Tangerine + Blush}

I am kind of enamored with tangerine tango, Pantone's color of the year. Which, I am sure, is why this outfit caught my eye.

{J.Crew Collection}

Here is my take for less:

V-Neck Jumper - Mango - $19.99
Rib-Knit Trim Camp Shirt - Old Navy - $15.00 (Orig. $24.94)
Patent Leather Watch Strap - J.Crew - $10.00 (Orig. $16.50)
Color Scheme Bangles - Forever 21 - $3.80
Skinny Cargo Pants - Forever 21 - $22.90
Sam & Libby Anistacia Heel - $10.29 (Orig. $34.30)
total: $81.98

What do you think? Would you wear something like this?

Refashioned: Floral Panel Tee

I have been working on this little project for longer than I would like. I was inspired by Lizzie who was inspired by this rad Anthro tee. I used an old black tee that I never wore and a floral top that never fit me right. I am sort of in love with how it turned. Click here for the tutorial at cotton & curls.

refashioned top | tutorial
old navy grey jeans (skinnied by me) - $8 | similar here | similar here | and here | plus size
payless pumps - $7 | similar here | and here
hair | tutorial

Have you refashioned anything lately? Leave a link so we can all check it out! 

Spied: Chiffon Maxi Skirt

This weekend I took a rare shopping trip at Old Navy. I scoured the clearance rack finding lots of things I wanted in the wrong sizes. That is until I stumbled on this skirt.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt - Old Navy - $17.99 (Orig. $36.94)

This may have not normally been something that I would go for. But, I remembered how much I loved this outfit I found on pinterest.

It's not an exact match, but has a similar feel.

What do you think? Something you would wear?

Refashion: DIY Anthropologie Hummingbird Tank

Some of my long-time readers may remember my DIY version of the Anthro Hidden Hummingbird Tank. 
It's one of my very favorite projects.

PS - I tried my hand at this hair style. What do you think?

Have you refashioned anything lately? Leave a link so we can all check it out!

Sale: Gap 30% Off

Gap is currently offering 30% off your entire purchase. Here are my favorite picks:

1 - Striped Mohair Sweater - $20.99 (Orig. $44.95)
2 - Modern Bomber Jacket - $24.49 (Orig. $89.95)
3 - Double-V Sweater - $10.49 (Orig. $49.95)
4 - Drawstring-Waist Henley Top -13.99 (Orig. $59.95)
5 - Rain Boots - $27.99 - (Orig. $49.95)
6 - Striped Woven T - $27.99 - (Orig. $49.95)

Anything you are interested in? Leave your thoughts below.

Trend: Knee Length Skirts

For me, wearing skirts to the knee isn't a trend, it's a way of life. Which is why I am always excited to spot a skirt that doesn't flash too much of my leg at the mall. Much like the dress I posted on last week, I was surprised to find so many options at Forever 21.

1 - Pleated Skirt w/ Belt - $13.50
2 - Striped Skirt w/ Belt - $10.80
3 - Buttoned Front Skirt - $24.80*
4 - Pleated Daisy Skirt w/ Belt - $22.80
5 - Striped A-Line Skirt - $17.80
6 - Colorblock Pleats Skirt - $22.80

I think they are all great in way or another, but that button front tomato red number is my absolute favorite. Which is your favorite?

Look For Less: Neon Cap Toe Flats

Cap toe flats are cute. Cap toe flats in neon are adorable.

Elizabeth Pointy Flats
- Ann Taylor - $158
Lucky Ballerina Flat - Alloy - $24.90

I don't often say this, but I think I like the less expensive option more. What do you think? Something you would wear this spring? Leave your thoughts below.

Hair Inspiration: Braids

Ever since last week's hair tutorial post, I have become a little obsessed with braids. They are pretty freaking awesome. Especially when used creatively.

What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?

Follow my hair inspiration board on pinterest.

Spied: Jersey Maxi Skirt

It took me a long time, but I have come full circle on maxi skirts and dresses. It has something to do with the weather where I live, but I also really like the idea of not having to shave my legs every day in the summer. I seriously hate shaving my legs.

Jersey Maxi Skirt - Old Navy - $24.94

I think the bold color and slim silhouette make this rather chic.

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.
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