Snapshots II


I can't stop experimenting with that two strand twist. 
Pretty sure my hair is going to look like this all summer.

If I ever wonder where Tate is, he is staring at Steve's guitar. It's adorbs.

I hung this grouping in the dining room last week after we installed a new pendant.

I thrifted hot pink polka dotted and floral pants. Steve thinks I am nuts, I think I'm awesome. 
Now I just need to skinny em up.

Tate has started smiling for the camera. While not wearing pants.

I started working for my old architecture from home a few weeks ago. It's been such a blessing for our family and I am really enjoying flexing my architectural brain power again.

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  1. Unrelated to this post, but I bought that Downeast Basics reporter dress you featured a while back and I love it. I noticed you weren't using the sash it came with ( I also like it better with a belt), so I wanted to pass on a suggestion of what I did with my unused sash... I sewed the ends together for a quick and easy summer-weight circle scarf. delish and free!

  2. OHH! I'm excited to see the pants once skinnied!


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