Inspired: Ruche Bridal

Did you hear that Ruche has released a brand new bridal line? It's vintage inspired and budget friendly to boot. I was excited to find a few modest dresses. It got me thinking about what I would wear now if I were getting married. It would be something like this:

Audrey Tea Length Dress - $249.00
Ever Thine Taupe Fascinator - $42.99
Vintage Brooch Bouquet - Simply Bloom Photography
Romantic Soles Expo - $27.99

What about you? If you were getting married today, what would you want to wear? How different would it be from what you wore? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Oh I adore that dress!!! I would totally wear something like that if we had a do over on our wedding. :)

  2. I totally love that dress! I only got married two 1/2 years ago so I still love my dress- it was traditional, but I do love a cute little tea length dress when I see one!

  3. Darling. I'm loving what they have, and it's all so inexpensive! If modesty were no issue, I love the Tiffany dress. The Camilla Mae is also darling. My wedding would be completely different if I did it over now. (and probably much more expensive, so it's a good thing I'm already married!)


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