Must Have: Graphic Sweaters

It's sweater season, and y'all know how much I love a graphic sweater. Here are some of my favorites:

1 | Striped Polar Bear Sweater | $20
2 | Roaring Lion Graphic Sweater | $23
3 | Grey Wool Blend Dog Graphic Crewneck Sweater |$34
4 | Porcupine Graphic French Terry Sweatshirt | $45
5 | Puppy Holiday Sweater | $20
6 | Shaggy Sheep Sweater | $23
7 | French Bulldog-Print Sweatshirt | $35 (Orig. $60)
8 | Patterned Long Sleeve Sweater | $30 (Orig. $59)
9 | Tommy Hilfiger Camera-Print Sweater | $40 (Orig. $80)

A Picture Is Worth {No. 28}

By fashion contributor Mary.

One of my favorite fall trends is mixing plaids. This week's inspiration image is a great example of just how awesome it can look:

Here's my more affordable version, all for under $175:

sunglasses, $5.80 || scarf, $10.90 || coat, $37.80 || tee, $12 || bag, $22.90 || jeans, $48 || boots, $35

o p t i o n s
scarf: one || two || three || four || five || six
tee: from Old Navy || from Forever 21 || from Express || from LOFT

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Inspired: J.Crew Factory Looks for Fall

Some of my favorite fashion comes at the transition of seasons. I love how cozy a sweater feels after the leaves begin to fall and how great a new pair of boots are just as it starts to snow. I am getting jazzed for cold weather fashion. After two long years in the land without seasons, I am still excited that I actually get to experience fall and winter. Don't take the seasons for granted, kids.

I am especially loving that toggle coat, printed dress, and fabulous gold cap toe pumps.

J.Crew Factory is offering 25% off everything right now. 
Here are a few of my favorite things right now (all under $50):

Make sure to enter EXTRA25 at checkout to get the discount! 

Spied: Plaid Pixie Pants

We are having family pictures taken today. I've been scrambling all weekend to figure out what we are all wearing and I stumbled on these pants online last night. If only I had my act together last week - I would have snatched them up! I just love plaid when the weather gets cooler.

Pixie Plaid Ankle Pants | $34 | Old Navy

Tis the season for all things tartan. Here are a few more favorite plaid finds (under $40!):

Sale: J.Crew {40% Off Sale}

J.Crew is currently offering an extra 40% off sale right now - which makes almost everything a good deal. Here are my favorite finds (all under $40!):

1 | patch-pocket skirt in stretch cotton | $38.99 (orig. $110)
2 | 83 football tee | $17.99 (orig. $45)
3 | gold heart sweatshirt | $26.99 (orig. $68)
4 | gingham utility shirt | $35.99 (orig. $88)
5 | featherweight merino wool v-neck sweater | $29.99 (orig. $89.50)
6 | stretch toothpick jean in pitch black wash | $35.99 (orig. $115)
7 | zip-back surf pencil skirt | $23.99 (orig. $98)
8 | sheer-sleeve sweatshirt | $23.99 (orig. $68)
9 | dangling teardrops earrings | $11.99 (orig. $58)

This Week {No. 47}

My favorite snap shots from this week:

kids at the pumpkin patch | day 4 hair in a top knot
one year in our house | trying to pick the perfect chartreuse

Here are some links for your weekend:
b u y

these perfect black booties
this fabulous plaid pencil skirt
this perfect crew neck sweater
these minty earrings
these leather boots (on sale)
these fleece tights

 c o v e t
 this rad floral wellies
this beautiful statement necklace (on sale)
 this amazing patchwork leather dress

m a k e
 this tee shirt to market bag

 t h i s   w e e k e n d
 Steve will be out of town, so I naturally have taken on another home project to keep myself busy.
I can't wait to show it to you!

Must Have: Forever 21 Knee Length Skirts

Forever 21 is really hit and miss when it comes to knee length skirts and dresses. Luckily they have a great selection right now and all of them are under $20!

I don't know about you but I think that mirrored floral skirt is the bee's knees.

Spied: Quilted Edge to Edge Jacket

Cropped jackets are on of my favorite things right now. I love the proportion of the three-quarter sleeve and shorter length and the texture of this jacket is amazing.

Here are a few other great quilted jackets

Instagram Closet Sale

I am selling another round of clothes from my closet. 
I have things from J.Crew, Anthropologie and more. 

You can find the sale here:

If you are interested in something but don't have an instagram account, don't hesitate to email me.

This Week {No. 46}

Here are a few snapshots from this week:

Simone in her favorite spot | new boots and old leaves
waiting at the train | Tate asking me 20 questions after work

Here are some links for your weekend:

b u y 
these rad leather leggings

c o v e t
m a k e
t h i s   w e e k e n d
hoping to head to dinner with friends & do something cliche.
Pumpkin patch? Apple picking? Hayride?

Must Have: Camel

Camel is having a moment right now. It's been years since I have worn or wanted to wear camel but all the sudden I'm all heart eye emoji over it. It's warm, classic and chic. Here are my favorite finds under $50:

Spied: Ponte Elbow Sleeve Dress with Pockets

I stumbled on this dress (on sale) and just had to share. It's an absolute perfect fall layering piece.Throw on some black tights and booties and you are good to go.

I think my favorite thing about the dress is that it has pockets. Speaking of women's fashion and pockets, I read this piece and thought it was really fascinating.

If you are desperate for a good dress with pockets, here are a few other options (under $25!):

Inspired: J.Crew Factory for Fall {+30% Off!}

I am starting to think I might like J.Crew Factory more than I like J.Crew. For the umpteenth month in a row, J.Crew Factory's outfits are speaking to me way more than J.Crew's looks. These have me so excited for sweaters, vests, boots, tights and jackets.

J.Crew Factory is currently offering an extra 35% off select items using code MORE.
Here are my favorite finds:

This Week {No. 45}

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Simone's birthday.

How funny is that scrunched up face? 
She does that when we tell her to smile and it kills me dead.

Here are some links for your weekend:

b u y
this perfect ponte blazer
these bright statement earrings
these rad ankle boots
this cozy sweater
this floral panel top (similar to this DIY)

c o v e t
this drop dead dress
these boots (now 25% off!)
this amazing embroidered blouse
these rad earrings (on sale)
this floral cropped sweatshirt

d o
avoid the ponytail dent

r e a d
this engaging fantasy novel

w a t c h
this show - preferably this moment on repeat

t h i s   w e e k e n d
will be jam packed with shopping, friends, family, and lounging in my pjs.
what are you up to?

Must Have: Asos Midi Dresses {Under $50}

Nothing makes me feel quite as polished and put together as a dress and heels. I am always on the hunt for the perfect dress and I always find a great selection at ASOS. Here are my favorite finds all under $50:

A Picture Is Worth {No. 27}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I think this week's inspiration image is just so adorable. I love the subtle combination of prints (polka dots always read fun to me), and that shade of yellow is my favorite. It's all incredibly down-to-earth and wearable, something that I feel like I could pull out of my closet and put on tomorrow, while still being sophisticated.

Here is my version for just under $116:

sweater, $28 || tank, $19.97 || skirt, $24.99 || belt, $12.97 || wedges, $29.70

o p t i o n s
sweater: one || two || three || four

You can follow Mary on Pinterest here and Madeline on Pinterest here.

Spied: Stripe Panel Skirt

Several months ago, when I had just had a baby but I still looked pregnant, I got rid of a lot of my skirts thinking that I would never fit into them again. (At the time I could only fit into my husband's t-shirts and maternity yoga pants, so my clothing prospects looked pretty bleak.)

Fast forward to today, and I have almost nothing to wear to church. Every week I look in my closet and hope some new, appropriate, nursing-friendly outfit has found its way inside, but I end up cycling through the same one skirt and one maxi dress I own Sunday after Sunday. It's safe to say that it wouldn't hurt for me to have a few more skirts in my wardrobe.

I found this one (on sale!) and absolutely love it. The pattern is flattering and interesting, the colors are incredibly versatile, and overall it feels fresh.

Here are a few more skirts I wouldn't mind owning, all under $50:
midi vintage skirt || woven midi skirt in crepe || full skirt in indigo

Is it something you would wear? I almost never wear skirts or dresses during the week, so I have a hard time spending money on them, but tell me this - how many church outfits do you own? How many would you like to own? For me, two is most definitely not enough.

By fashion contributor Mary.

This Week {No. 44}

I snagged this sweater on sale and I l-o-v-e it. 
And it felt like Christmas when I buttoned these favorite pre-baby jeans (now on sale!)
Also, I wear these earrings almost every day.

Here are a few links for your weekend.

b u y
 these sweet patterned pants
these rad earrings
this perfect waffle sweater (great for this favorite DIY)
this fall-ready midi dress
these great flats (on sale)

c o v e t
m a k e

r e a d
this blog - it might be my favorite thing on the internet (and I'm so stoked about the latest project!)
this quick and heartfelt novel

t h i s  w e e k e n d
I am headed to a girls' night away from Simone for the first time on Friday(!!!)
Then we are going to have a birthday party for Simone on Saturday.
What are you up to?

Sale: J.Crew {Extra 30% Off and Free Shipping!}

J.Crew is offering an extra 30% off their sale section right now. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of cozy sweaters they have that would be perfect for fall. Here are my favorite finds.

1 | Linen tee in fantastique | $21 (Orig. $43)
2 | Sequin dot tee | $35 (Orig. $60)
3 | Merino wool Tippi sweater | $28 (Orig. $80)
4 | Paneled sweatshirt in surf stripe | $35 (Orig. $78)
5 | Shaky disc earrings | $35 (Orig $75)
6 | Oui mon cheri sweatshirt | $21 (Orig. $65)
7 | Garden floral ruched bandeau tank | $28 (Orig. $92)
8 | Merino wool asymmetrical zip sweater | $49 (Orig. $90)
9 | Sweatshirt tee | $21 (Orig. $40)

I am loving the graphic sweatshirt and earrings. And I know it's late in the year for swimsuits but they are the best deals. Here are a few others I love (one | two | three).

Don't forget to enter SHOPFORFALL at checkout to receieve the extra discount. And you get free shipping if you order before midnight tonight!

Anything you have to have?

Our Life: Simone Turns One

Today is our sweet Simone's first birthday. I am overjoyed. It's amazing how one year with a baby can feel like an eternity. How is it that her sweet face and funny laugh have been with us for such a short time? She fills up such a large place in my heart - it's hard to put it in words.

I love you to the moon and back, Simi.

May this next year be filled with just as much love and happiness.

Inspired: Messy Braids

The weather is getting cooler, my kids are in preschool, and all of it gives me back-to-school flashbacks. I'm inspired by old episodes of Felicity - leather backpacks and chunky sweaters and most of all, messy braids. Here are a few images that capture that feeling perfectly:

{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }

What about you? What are you doing with your hair this fall?

By fashion contributor Mary.

Must Have: Ankle Boots

Every fall, without fail, the first purchase I am itching to make is a new pair of boots (or three). This year I am still head over heels for the ankle boot. Here are a few of my favorite finds all for less than $50!
1 | Dolce Vita Rodge Womens Leather Fashion Ankle Boots | $24 (Orig. $190) {leather!}
2 | Holt Leather & Suede Ankle Boots | $50 (Orig. $100)
3 | Dana Buchman Women's Ankle Boots | $43 (Orig. $89)
4 | Wallis Cream Western Ankle Boot | $35 (Orig. $70)
5 | Candie's Ankle Boots | $30 (Orig. $70)
6 | Heeled Beige Ankle Boots | $50
7 | Slip On Ankle Boots | $35
8 | Silence + Noise Pull-On Leather Ankle Boot | $50 (Orig. $89){leather!}
9 | Sonoma Life + Style Ankle Boots | $45 (Orig. $75)

I think 5, 6, & 8 are my favorites. Do you have a favorite?

This Week {No. 43}

This shot of my babes is definitely my favorite of the week:

Here are a few links for your weekend:

b u y
this polka dot baseball sweater (for $16!)
this preppy bomber jacket
this pretty floral print pencil skirt
this optimistic canvas tote
these rad printed loafers

c o v e t
this beautiful sweater
this stunning laser-cut sheath dress
this dreamy silk dress
this striped blazer

d o
make these cute camp pennants (I'm thinking of adding one to a gallery wall)
add heart-shaped elbow patches to a sweater (from the archives)

r e a d

t h i s   w e e k e n d
I will be spending the weekend getting ready for Simone's first birthday.
I still can't believe she'll be one next week. What are you up to?

Spied: ASOS Duffle Coat

Even though the weather here is far from cool (summer in North Carolina often lasts well into October), I have my eye on this adorable toggle coat. I can't get over the color, which is just gorgeous. And it's on sale for less than $50!

And just for the record, here's what I'd love to wear with it:

By fashion contributor Mary.
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