I thought I would give you two outfits today seeing that there hasn't been much blogging the past week. I really like this look. Very fun and flirty for fall. You can do this with any dress or jumper and you can add a cardigan and or a belt with it if you like.

I am definitely a boot girl so any outfit I can put together with my boots is a plus for me. :)

The outfit comes in around: $65

1. Forever21 Dress : $22.80
2. Walmart Leggings : $8.00
3. Old Navy Boots : $34.50

What do you think? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.

The Look for Less

I liked this Look from Jcrew and tried to create an outfit that was a similar but (obviously) not the same. This way you can see it in two different lights.

The outfit comes in around: $ 65

1. Old Navy cardigan :$14.50
2. Forever 21 tank :$17.80
3. Old Navy sandal :$15.00
4. Forever 21 skirt: $17.80

What do you think? Leave a comment.

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Weekend Roundup

DSW – "1-shoe-3" deal
Spend $49, get $10 off
Spend $74, get $15 off
Spend $99, get $25 off
Through July 27

– buy 2 get 1 free
Mix and match any item, even clearance!
Through July 28
– get an extra 10% off your order when you buy a BrightSide Tee

DownEast – 30% off clearance items
Code: LEAD30
Through July 26

Old Navy – Free shipping when you spend $75 or more
Code: FREE75

Gap – V-neck Sweaters only $25 (cotton/cashmere blend)

Have you heard about another killer deal? Leave a comment!

Summer Set

Nothing screams summer quite like eyelet lace and seersucker. With this inspiration in mind, I set out to find an outfit to share with you.

I first saw these seersucker pants in the j.jill catalog at my Mom's house and fell in love with them immediately, but they were $79.99. Imagine my glee when I looked at their website and found them $30 cheaper!

So here's my outfit. Inspired by breezy summer fabrics, and under $100.

Seersucker Pants - j.jill - $49.99 (originally $79.99)
Eyelet Top - F21 - $14.50
Cardigan - Pink Ice - $14.99
Sandals - Go Jane - $7.99
Sunglasses - F21 - $6.80
Fishie Pendant Necklace - F21 - $4.80

Grand Total: $99.47

I know the pants are a bit of a splurge, but in a neutral shade and in a classic summery fabric, they're a sound investment. I love yellow and navy together, and the belt can go over the cardigan (or under, if you're kickin' it old-school). And no summer look would be complete without sunglasses and sandals. (Especially if those sunglasses happen to be rose-colored -- Ooh la la!)

Let me know what you think!

Weekend Roundup

Here's what's going on this weekend:

FamousFootwear.com is having a Buy One Pair, Get the Second Half Off sale through September 19. They have quite a few styles under $20. Plus, if you use the promo code JULY15 at checkout, you can get an extra %15 off your order (coupon good only through Sunday, July 19). As if that wasn't enough they're also offering free ground shipping on your order! I love a good shoe sale!

Gap.com is having a summer clearance sale. 4 days only get an extra 25% off sale items July 16-July 19. Enter code SALE25 at checkout.

Have a deal to share? Leave a comment!

Happy Shopping!

Down East

I saw this on Facebook this morning:

Apparently they will have jewelry from 2 different name brand companies. As well as a Home Accessory Sale, Special Occasion Dresses, Gift Bags, Drawings, Demonstrations, Prizes, Treats, Fun, Etc.! Go check it out! (I wish I were!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, so kind of you all to remember (tee hee).

Thanks to Elaine over at Clothed Much for tagging me for Six Little Things that Make Me Happy. I will get to it as soon as I can!

Also, everyone must marvel at how clever A. from Academichic is. I want to steal this outfit in its entirety from her. (If you aren't reading Academchic, you should be.)

And chicibella is still doing her series on Fashion Trends with staying power, so don't miss the end!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Look for Less

Margot, from JCPenney sent along this look for less from their American Living collection. While I am not a fan of the original outfit on Katy Perry, I do love the American Living version. I love the navy/white combination for a really summery look. And let's be honest, what is better on a hot summer day than a comfortable t-shirt dress. Throw on some funky jewelry and you're all set! Here are my picks:The Prep in me loves pearls with the classic navy and white, so I'm loving these fatty pearl studs ($2.80, F21) with the nautically inspired pearl and gold ring ($3.80, F21) and these light gold bangles ($5.80, F21).

What do you think? Are you digging the preppy white and navy look or are you so over the nautical look on someone you're sure has never even been on a boat?

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is Madeline's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the uber chic-est girl we know!!!

Feel free to leave a comment and wish our birthday girl greetings out there in Alaska.

Weekend Roundup

It seems like everyone is having a summer sale this week so if you find a great one, please leave a comment and share it! Here's a few deals from emails I've gotten recently:

I was at Target earlier this week and it seemed like everything was on clearance! They had some great shoes on sale that I love and I got a couple pairs for my baby girl. Every aisle had an end cap of sale items.

Old Navy is also having a summer clearance. Save an additional 15% your order of $75 with code SAVENOW at checkout.

Banana Republic is having a Mystery Savings Event valid online only.To find out your savings enter promo code D6MTLM261NBD at checkout. Your mystery money will be revealed and deducted from your Banana Republic purchase.

Don't forget about the free chocolate Fridays here.

Do any of you have any deals to share? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!

Feelin' Blousy

Outfit: Around $75

A little pricier then what I wanted but I think these crop pants are so dang cute I couldn't help it. For the past little while I have really come to love light washed jeans with neutrals. I think with a summer tan it looks so pretty on the skin (you probably already noticed from my "Ah-Natural" Make-up post). I think these colors, or outfit, are a great transition into fall as well.

1. Dainty Flower Woven Top: $18.90
2. Chambray cargo crop pant: $39.99
3. Tera Gladiator Sandals: $15.80

What do you think of the outfit? Post a comment:)

Thanks for reading.

Bargain Basement: Zenni Optical

Would you believe that the glasses picured above are all under $10?

A friend told me about an online store, Zenni Optical, that sells complete glasses (meaning frame plus prescription lenses) starting at $8. Naturally, this sounds too good to be true, but I checked it out all the same.

Now, I'm not going to tell you that you can get designer frames (read: no Versace, DKNY, or Calvin Klein), but you can find some pretty good-looking basic frames for not a lot of monetary commitment.

So check it out. I have not yet ordered from this site and I can't tell you much about their service, but I did peruse their policies and I was pretty impressed with what they had to offer.


Hey Everybody!

Unfortunately, this post isn't about the color salmon (athough you can read this old post about coral), it's about fishies.

We finally have our website up to sell the fish we are catching here in Alaska. It's called Tustumena Salmon, and I would love if you would check it out. If you know someone who likes fish send them our way!

I hope everything is going swimmingly for each and every one of you.

Ah- Natural

I wanted to share something a little different today. I love to post on clothes, shoes, and accessories, and of course ideas for the home, but what about that part of your body above the shoulders- The Face.

I saw this "how to" makeup and have been dieing to try it- realsimple.com. I love a natural look, and it looks great on anybody...Very fresh, especially great with that summer tan. From:

What You Want:
Dazzling golden liner that sparkles subtly.

How to Get the Look: Try Metallic Eyeliner

1.Start with a neutral shadow that's one or two shades lighter than your skin. Dust on the lids up to the brows.

2. Line the upper lashes with a brown eye pencil. This gives you a guide to follow when you apply the gold liner on top. The brown liner will also soften the metallic effect. ( A little secret that I learned: Line the inside of your upper eye under your eye lashes, as well as the the line of your upper part of your eye lashes (lining both sides). Don't put eye liner on your lower. This will make your eyes stand out like crazy. Add a little mascara and your set!)

3. Apply gold pencil liner. Choose a shimmery yellow gold; it will flatter most skin tones. "Stay away from formulations with chunky glitter particles, which often appear too sparkly," says New York City makeup artist Carlo Longo. ( If you don't want to use the metallic liner, use metallic eye shadow and brush a little above your eye to your crease)

4.When the emphasis is on the eyes, wear neutral makeup on the rest of the face. "Less is more with this look," says Longo. ( Use a little soft pink blush for a more natural look. A girls gotta have a just a little color on those cheeks)


What do you think? Any tips you have tried?
Post a Comment:)

Thanks for reading.

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