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I wanted to share something a little different today. I love to post on clothes, shoes, and accessories, and of course ideas for the home, but what about that part of your body above the shoulders- The Face.

I saw this "how to" makeup and have been dieing to try it- realsimple.com. I love a natural look, and it looks great on anybody...Very fresh, especially great with that summer tan. From:

What You Want:
Dazzling golden liner that sparkles subtly.

How to Get the Look: Try Metallic Eyeliner

1.Start with a neutral shadow that's one or two shades lighter than your skin. Dust on the lids up to the brows.

2. Line the upper lashes with a brown eye pencil. This gives you a guide to follow when you apply the gold liner on top. The brown liner will also soften the metallic effect. ( A little secret that I learned: Line the inside of your upper eye under your eye lashes, as well as the the line of your upper part of your eye lashes (lining both sides). Don't put eye liner on your lower. This will make your eyes stand out like crazy. Add a little mascara and your set!)

3. Apply gold pencil liner. Choose a shimmery yellow gold; it will flatter most skin tones. "Stay away from formulations with chunky glitter particles, which often appear too sparkly," says New York City makeup artist Carlo Longo. ( If you don't want to use the metallic liner, use metallic eye shadow and brush a little above your eye to your crease)

4.When the emphasis is on the eyes, wear neutral makeup on the rest of the face. "Less is more with this look," says Longo. ( Use a little soft pink blush for a more natural look. A girls gotta have a just a little color on those cheeks)


What do you think? Any tips you have tried?
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  1. ooh i like this - i'm going to give this a try!


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