Bargain Basement: Zenni Optical

Would you believe that the glasses picured above are all under $10?

A friend told me about an online store, Zenni Optical, that sells complete glasses (meaning frame plus prescription lenses) starting at $8. Naturally, this sounds too good to be true, but I checked it out all the same.

Now, I'm not going to tell you that you can get designer frames (read: no Versace, DKNY, or Calvin Klein), but you can find some pretty good-looking basic frames for not a lot of monetary commitment.

So check it out. I have not yet ordered from this site and I can't tell you much about their service, but I did peruse their policies and I was pretty impressed with what they had to offer.


  1. what!!! i am so there. i am a prescription glasses WHORE. no joke. i own 5 pairs, all with the same Rx. THANK YOU x 100 for this post!

  2. Hey there - found your blog via a link on Already Pretty :) and thought it might be useful to say that I've ordered from Zenni Optical twice now, and found them to be excellent, well worth a try.

    Their glasses are of perfectly adequate quality (I've tended to buy the ones that are about $12 and under), and in particular the chunky plastic frames I've had from them are just as good as ones I've had from Specsavers that cost £75 (I'm in the UK), but for more like £10!

    I'm glad I've found them as it means I can have a 'wardrobe' of glasses rather than just one pair - at the moment I have 4 pairs all from them (one with virtually no frame for professional situations, two kinds of chunky purple glasses which I wear most days, and one pair of sunglasses).

  3. I've also ordered 4 pairs of glasses from them, and I highly recommend the company - they may not be the highest quality, but they are great prices!

  4. That's crazy!!! I spent $110 on my glasses that I hardly wear... I wish I knew about this website a few months ago!!!!

  5. I am so glad to hear that people have had good experiences with them! I like to think I've given a good tip. :D

  6. I am really quite excited about this. I always agonize about getting the right pair, and always wonder if another would have been better. And I am not even usually buying designer frames. $10, that literally makes me giddy.

    Awesome tip!


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