House Tour: 625 West

I promised to post a house tour months ago. And then the house sale got complicated. Super complicated. And I just couldn't find the mental energy to post about our house that had "sold so quickly" when the entire thing seemed to be crumbling under my feet. It only took 5 good offers and 3 different contracts to get this house sold.

I loved this house so much but by the end of it, I couldn't even look at it anymore. The process of selling it began to feel like an active betrayal. "I loved you so much! I put my blood sweat and tears into you. Why are you doing this to me!?" Which sounds completely insane. But that's the thing, you guys. Selling a house makes me insane. They can pull my corpse out of the next house when I am dead and gone.

So, many months later, here is the house tour. There were many projects I hoped to complete and didn't get to, but I am incredibly proud of the things we accomplished.

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