This Week {No. 47}

My favorite snap shots from this week:

kids at the pumpkin patch | day 4 hair in a top knot
one year in our house | trying to pick the perfect chartreuse

Here are some links for your weekend:
b u y

these perfect black booties
this fabulous plaid pencil skirt
this perfect crew neck sweater
these minty earrings
these leather boots (on sale)
these fleece tights

 c o v e t
 this rad floral wellies
this beautiful statement necklace (on sale)
 this amazing patchwork leather dress

m a k e
 this tee shirt to market bag

 t h i s   w e e k e n d
 Steve will be out of town, so I naturally have taken on another home project to keep myself busy.
I can't wait to show it to you!


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