This Week {No. 45}

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Simone's birthday.

How funny is that scrunched up face? 
She does that when we tell her to smile and it kills me dead.

Here are some links for your weekend:

b u y
this perfect ponte blazer
these bright statement earrings
these rad ankle boots
this cozy sweater
this floral panel top (similar to this DIY)

c o v e t
this drop dead dress
these boots (now 25% off!)
this amazing embroidered blouse
these rad earrings (on sale)
this floral cropped sweatshirt

d o
avoid the ponytail dent

r e a d
this engaging fantasy novel

w a t c h
this show - preferably this moment on repeat

t h i s   w e e k e n d
will be jam packed with shopping, friends, family, and lounging in my pjs.
what are you up to?


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