A Picture Is Worth {No. 27}

By fashion contributor Mary.

I think this week's inspiration image is just so adorable. I love the subtle combination of prints (polka dots always read fun to me), and that shade of yellow is my favorite. It's all incredibly down-to-earth and wearable, something that I feel like I could pull out of my closet and put on tomorrow, while still being sophisticated.

Here is my version for just under $116:

sweater, $28 || tank, $19.97 || skirt, $24.99 || belt, $12.97 || wedges, $29.70

o p t i o n s
sweater: one || two || three || four

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  1. I love the mixing of those colors! Great combo!

  2. How funny, your inspiration pic is/was a kindergarten teacher at my daughter's school. Looks like she's a pretty cool blogger chick. She always did dress super awesome.


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