Spied: Plaid Pixie Pants

We are having family pictures taken today. I've been scrambling all weekend to figure out what we are all wearing and I stumbled on these pants online last night. If only I had my act together last week - I would have snatched them up! I just love plaid when the weather gets cooler.

Pixie Plaid Ankle Pants | $34 | Old Navy

Tis the season for all things tartan. Here are a few more favorite plaid finds (under $40!):

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  1. These pants were totally not online last week, I looked for them when I placed an order because I saw that they had them in plus size, but not regular. Anyway, I am totally ordering them with my SuperCash today! Love it! Thanks!
    Also ordering these because they reminded me of some I saw at Kate Spade a while back:
    The Pixie in Windowpane


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