Spied: Stripe Panel Skirt

Several months ago, when I had just had a baby but I still looked pregnant, I got rid of a lot of my skirts thinking that I would never fit into them again. (At the time I could only fit into my husband's t-shirts and maternity yoga pants, so my clothing prospects looked pretty bleak.)

Fast forward to today, and I have almost nothing to wear to church. Every week I look in my closet and hope some new, appropriate, nursing-friendly outfit has found its way inside, but I end up cycling through the same one skirt and one maxi dress I own Sunday after Sunday. It's safe to say that it wouldn't hurt for me to have a few more skirts in my wardrobe.

I found this one (on sale!) and absolutely love it. The pattern is flattering and interesting, the colors are incredibly versatile, and overall it feels fresh.

Here are a few more skirts I wouldn't mind owning, all under $50:
midi vintage skirt || woven midi skirt in crepe || full skirt in indigo

Is it something you would wear? I almost never wear skirts or dresses during the week, so I have a hard time spending money on them, but tell me this - how many church outfits do you own? How many would you like to own? For me, two is most definitely not enough.

By fashion contributor Mary.

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  1. Texas taught me to wear skirts on a regular basis. I wear skirts from May until September and this sweet skirt is fabulous. Great find!


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